Head, Clara and Maria Local History
Summer Fest August c.1985 
still imagemystery Picture taken from Mackey Boat Launching area
Lands & Forests Stonecliffe Building Gerry Tait in foreground
still imagemystery Lands & Forests Stonecliffe Building Gerry Tait in foreground Lands & Forests Stonecliffe Building Gerry Tait in foreground
Doris Donnelly, Elmer Donnelly, Joan Charbonneauand Joe Bouillon standing in front of Pat Collin's store
still imagemystery Picture of 4 youths standing in front of a vehicle in front of a store, wood pile on the side Pat Collin's store was beside McKechnie's HotelPat Collin's store beside McKechnie's Hotel - Doris Donnelly, Elmer Donnelly, Joan Charbonneau and Joe Bouillon
Pooney (Olive) Bertrand Second Interview 
video2006 Interview with life long Mackey resident.
Mary Borutski Second Video Interview 
video2006 Video Interview with former Stonecliffe resident.Max Borutsk, Game Warden, was Mary's husband.
G.J. Boudreau and Mrs. M. Donnelly Discuss the Changes in Mackey 
textmysteryUnknown Mrs. G.J. Boudreau with the assistance of Mrs. M. Donnelly give an account of the history of Mackey.Mrs. G.J. Boudreau [Ernie Boudreau's Mother] and Mrs. M. Donnelly [Bill Donnelly's grandmother] both lived in Mackey Station Ont. Unknown what year this document was written in. All spellings of...
Living with Animals 
still image Man in overalls feeding a donkey. Woman standing in the background. It looks as though they are under an enclosure. Believed to be Edmond Boudreau and Mrs Boudreau.
Ezillie and David Boudreau 
still image Ezillie and David Boudreau stand in front of a covered porch.
Doris and Elmer Donnelly, Mackey. 
still image Doris and Elmer stand next to a building and in front of an old car. A house is visible;e in the background.In the background Duncan Moore Residence, part of Rita Gallagher's home.
Bringing in the Hay 
still image Mickey Donnelly driving the team of horses who are pulling a wagon load of hay. Donnelly Farm. Note the steel wheeled wagon.
Demolition of Our Lady of the Snows Church 
still image19 Jul 2007 Levesque Brothers were awarded the contract to demolish Our Lady of the Snows. Their Hydraulic Excavator CAT 330B is tearing down the front steps of the Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Durand's Wedding, May 23. 1915 
still image23 May 1915 Mr and Mrs Joe Durand's Wedding Party.
Roman Catholic Church Deux Rivierés
still image St Lawrence Church.
The Dunlops of Deux Rivierés and Mackey c.1918
still imagecommentWinter 1918 Family poses in front of a building in the snow. In Photograph: Marion, Walter, Baby Dorothy, Francis, Emma (Cotam), Eddie, James H. and Tom Francis (Fanny) Legg - Father was station master at Deux Rivierés and Reeve. James Harold Dunlop - father was James - Magistrate and Reeve of Mackey.
Church at Deux Rivierés 
still imagelate 1950s Winter scene. St. Lawrence church surrounded by a cedar rail fence. The Ottawa river and the Laurentian Mountains are visible in the background.
Mr. Burton 
still imageprior to 1950 Ed Burton sits on logs that are protruding into the Ottawa River. The rapids are in the background and the dog is on the log next to Ed.
Getting People Across the Upper Ottawa River 
still image Seven children sit on the tub in winter. The Upper Ottawa River has not frozen.The Tub was used at Deux Rivierés to cross the Ottawa River by cable. An early cable-car.
Burton Inn 
still image1933 Burton Inn, Rooms and Meals. Photograph taken in the winter.Inn run by Arthur Burton
Train at Deux Rivierés 
still imagemystery Box cars on the railway tracks in the winter. The Laurentian hills on the Quebec side are visible in the background. The Ottawa River has not frozen over in the photograph.
Crossing the Upper Ottawa River 
still imagecommentmystery The shoreline in the background is littered with fallen trees. The Scow is on the Ottawa River, tied to the dock, with 11 men posing for the photograph. Due to the trees that are cut along the bank of the river, this photograph was likely taken at the end of the 1940s before the water levels of...
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