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Deux Rivières' Face Lifted By Hydro Dam 
TextImage  1952, 1, 6`  Article reprinted from the Globe and Mail, highlighting the changes in Deux Rivières brought on by the forced relocation of the city. The construction of the Swisha dam caused the water levels of the Ottawa River to rise. Buildings needed to be torn down and relocated. Though there was some...
Stanley McIsaac 
VideoImage    Video Interview taped in Chalk River Ontario. Stan describes what life was like growing up in Bissett Creek Ontario and shares information about his family.
Ramp Opened at Stonecliffe 
Text  North Renfrew Times, October 23 1970  North Renfrew Times reporting on the Government officials who attended the Mackey Boat ramp opening ceremonies.
Workers Employed by the Building of the Swisha Dam 
ImageMysteries:  1946  Men sitting at a picnic table inside a meal tent at a work camp for the Rapides-des-Joachims dam. These men were in charge of the cutting of the "slash". These men were in charge of cutting all the timber in preparation for the rising water levels caused by the building of the Swisha dam at Les...
Boissonneault Homestead, Deux Rivières 
Image  1950  Old Highway 17 cuts through this picture with a homestead turned business in the background. The Ottawa River can be seen behind the line of white pines. This was the Boissonneault homestead. It was also the local post office, grocer, and automobile service station. This picture was taken after...
Confirmation St. Lawrence Parish, Deux Rivières c.1958 
Image  1958  Photograph of a Priest, two woman and 2 young boys with the Ottawa River in the background Father J.K. O'Brien, Marg(nee Cotnam)Resmer, Margaret Howard (Teacher in Deux Rivières), Wayne Resmer, and Andy Boissonneault. Church service was held at St. Lawrence Parish.
Children After Confirmation St. Lawrence Parish, Deux Rivières 
ImageMysteries:  1958  Six children pose, two holding certificates, with the Ottawa River in the background. Priscilla Boissonneault, Candice Resmer, Bonnie Resmer, Wayne Resmer, Andy Boissonneault, Ivan Boissonneault.
View of Ottawa River from Boissonneault Home 
Image  1960  A cedar post fence in the foreground with heavy equipment. In the background a road leading down to the Ottawa River and the Laurentian mountains (on the Quebec side) are visible across the river.
Couple Poses on The Bridge to Swisha 
ImageMysteries:    Jeannette (Boudreau) and James (Jim) Charbonneau Standing on the Swisha bridge. Prior to the construction of a hydro-electric dam in 1950, the village site of Rapides-des-Joachims (Swisha) was not an island. The rising water flooded an old river bed from the north through Lake McConnell. (Source:...
Jean and Ferdie Boudreau's Laurentian View Cabins
Image    Two cabins set back from a dirt roadway. Fields stretch out behind the cabins to a tree line and the Ottawa River. Cabins located on the corner of Highway 17 and Boudreau Road
Ernie Boudreau
ImageMysteries:    A young Ernie Boudreau poses on a Pontiac which is parked on a stretch of highway 17 that overlooks the Ottawa River. The reflection of A fire tower can be seen on the hood of the car. The car belonged to Sam Clouthier.
Remembering the Past 
TextImage  North Renfrew Times, September 19, 1992  A plaque was unveiled in September to commemorate the historic role the Ottawa River and its rapids near Deux Rivieres played in our history. On hand for the unveiling were MP Len Hopkins, Reeve of Head Clara and Maria, Lita Therrien, and others interested in the river's history. ...
The "Swisha" Dam: A Powerful Force in the Valley 
TextImage  Mike Blore, The "Swisha" Dam: A Powerful Force in the Valley, North Renfrew Times, August 22, 1990, p. 11  The bottom of this article is missing Therefore some paragraphs are cut off.
Upstream Residents Cope with Low Levels
Text  North Renfrew Times, June 14, 1995  Upstream residents cope with low levels While water levels in the Deep River area continue to be higher than normal, water levels above the area's hydroelectric dam have been abnormally low. The release of water by the Des Joachims dam just before the Victoria Day weekend carried away ...
The Rapids of the Upper Ottawa River
TextImage  North Renfrew Times, September 23, 1992  Page 10 • The North Renfrew Times Golden Jubilee Supplement #4 • August 2,1995 Local canoeing conditions - three centuries ago The rapids of the Upper Ottawa River NRT, September 23, 1992 During the day, we have come up several difficult (rapids), where many persons have ...
Commemorating the Historic Rapids of the Upper Ottawa River
TextImage  North Renfrew Times, September 23, 1992  Original printing of this article. The rapids of the Upper Ottawa River article is a reprint.
Deux Rivières Boat Launch Ribbon 
ObjectImage  May 26, 1990  A piece of the Red Ribbon from the Deux Rivières boat ramp opening ceremony. Opening of Deux Rivieres Boat Ramp May 26, 1990.
Carnival Time Button, Stonecliffe ca.1993 
ObjectImageMysteries:  1993  Button design for the 1993 Stonecliffe winter carnival.
Stonecliffe Carnival 
ObjectImage  1984  Carnival Time. Stonecliffe Ontario. February 3 + 4 1984
Old Mackey's Park ca.1989 
ObjectImage  1989  This Button was created for the Grand Opening of Mackey Park. Mackey Park is situated where St. Narcissus Parish used to be located. The church was demolished in 1950 when the Des Joachims (Swisha) Dam rose the water level of the Ottawa River. The community of Mackey Station (now called Mackey)...
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