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First Red Rock School Students (~1920) 
Image  circa 1920,   School located approximately 3 miles from the present town site.
First Red Rock School (1920) 
Image  1920,   Red Rock School was located approximately 3 miles from the present town site.
Schreiber High School Enrollment Package for 1968-1969 School Letters 
Object    These letters were given to graduates from Schreiber High School. They were part of an enrolment package that also included a beany hat and an itinerary of the commencement ceremony.
Schreiber High School Enrollment Package for 1968-1969 Beany Hat 
Object    This beany was given to graduates from Schreiber High School. Yellow and green were the school's official colours. It was part of an enrolment package that also included school letters and an itinerary of the commencement ceremony. Condition: Excellent
The Spectator Pamphlet - Schreiber Continuation School 
ImageText  1945  Pamphlet produced by the Schreiber Continuation School for recent graduates. Pamphlet includes articles written by staff and students, as well as advertisements for local businesses. Condition: Excellent
School Desk 
Object    Children's wooden school desk. There is a dip in the top of the wood were students would place their writing utensils, as well as a hole in the corner meant for an ink jar. Desk storage is underneath the seat, as opposed to today's school desks which have storage underneath the desks.
Strathcona Plaque 1 
Object    Plaque reads: "Strathcona No.2201 Schreiber Continuation School C.C. 1951 No.2201 Schreiber Continuation School C.C. 1952 No.2201 Schreiber Continuation School C.C. 1954"
Strathcona Plaque 2 
Object    Plaque reads: "No.2201 Schreiber Continuation School C.C. 1958 No.2201 Schreiber Continuation School C.C. 1965"
MVP Senior Girl Basketball Player Plaque 
Object  1971  Wooden plaque with metal nameplates of the "most valuable player" for girl's basketball at the Schreiber High School. Presented Annually by the Newspaper Club M.Nesbitt 1966-67 Janice Fournier 1967-1068 Nancy Lapenski 1968-69 Carol Webb 1970-71
House League President's Shield Plaque 
Object  1968  Wooden plaque with metal nameplates awarded to a student who demonstrated leadership abilities. Presented Annually by Mrs. J.A. Bobka for Outstanding Leadership D. Pellegrino 1966-67 K. Searles 1967-68
Monarch Looseleaf Notebook 
Object    Black leather school workbook with the gold-coloured inscription "Monarch Loose Leaf Note Book". Includes handwritten notes.
Lake Superior Board of Education Badge 
Object    Circular embroidered badge with the Lake Superior Board of Education Logo.
Class Photograph 
ImageMysteries:    Black and white class photograph.
Photograph of Schreiber High School 
Image    Colour photograph of Schreiber High School, which later became the Schreiber campus of Lake Superior High School. The building is now the location of Schreiber's municipal centre.
Class Photograph 
Image  1962  Colour photograph of the Schreiber Public School's Grade 2/3 class of 1962-63.
Convocation Booklets 
ObjectText  1990  Various booklets given to guests at high school graduation ceremonies.
Schreiber Continuation School Championship Badge 
Object  1953  Yellow and green emblem issued by the Schreiber Continuation School to celebrate their championship status in 1953.
Schreiber Continuation School 1959 Badge 
Object  1959  Schreiber Continuation school emblem for the year of 1959. Logo depicts an owl (the mascot) and uses the official colours, yellow and green.
Schreiber High School Badge 
Object    Schreiber High School emblem in the official colours of yellow and green. The logo depicts a mascot of an owl with the motto "Potest Fieri".
1988 Calender of 1987 NWOSSA Male Volleyball Champs 
Image  1988  Lake Superior High School's 1987 male volleyball team poses for a group photo celebrating their NWOSSA Championship status.
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