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Horse Team Pulling a Funerary Cart, circa 1910
ImageMysteries:  2003  Black and white photograph of a driver taking a horse drawn hearse out for a drive. There is no body in the hearse. There is an unidentified person standing on the left. At the bottom of the image there is a caption which reads 'This team of horses not only pulled the hearse, but also a fire...
Hunters Arriving in Burk's Falls, Newspaper Clipping
ImageMysteries:  2003  Black and white photograph of hunters getting off the train in Burk's Falls and walking to the wharf so they can get boats to their winter hunting camps.
Knight's Mill, Burk's Falls, circa 1920
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of the Knight Brother's Lumber Mill. There is a bridge with a railroad track running close to the site. The factory's smokestack is billowing smoke. A caption at the bottom reads 'Knight's Mill, Burk's Falls Ontario.'
Staff of Burk's Falls Public School, 1902
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of four women and a man. This photograph appear to have been taken in a taken in a studio setting. The persons pictured were the staff of the Burk's Falls public school in 1902. The man is holding an open book, it is possibly a Bible. One woman is sitting beside him...
A Boom of Logs, Burk's Falls, 1900
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of two loggers, Harry Hewitt and Harry Philips, standing on logs in the river. There are logs on the river as far as the eye can see. A handwritten note at the bottom of the picture reads 'A boom of logs Burk's Falls, Ont. 1900.' A caption added to the picture reads...
A Horse Race at Burk's Falls, circa 1910
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of a group of horses racing. Behind them there is a group of people on the outside of the track. There are buildings behind the crowd. The village of Burk's Falls is off in the distance.
Newspaper Article on the Opening of Time Capsule from 1950 in Burk's Falls.
ImageMysteries:  2003  Black and white newspaper clipping detailing a time capsule from the 1950s and the opening of the capsule in 2000. The image appears to be from the burying of the time capsule.
Tip-Toff Cottage, Burk's Falls, circa 1905.
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of the wooden Tip-Toff Cottage. The cottage appears to be a home in the village of Burk's Falls. There is a wooden sidewalk running in front of the building, there is also a wooden fence to left of the building. An added caption at the bottom of the image reads...
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Burks Falls Ontario, 1881-1981 
TextImage  1981, pp. 1-14  This is a black and white booklet that celebrates the history of the first 100 years of the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, in Burks Falls, 1881-1981. The booklet is entirely text based and includes no photographs. It includes a short history of the church in Burk's Falls, information on its...
Memories in Video of Glen Reid and Friends - The Heritage River Concert 
Video  19951026  Two hour country, bluegrass & folk concert featuring 'Glen Reid & Friends.' The concert took place in a church in Burk's Falls on October 26, 1996. Part II - Rowing and Flowing, Part III - Lifeline to the Heartland & Here-I-A, Part IV - If I Were a Blackbird & Hard Rock Miner, Part V - Little...
Flume with Many Leaks at Knight's Plant, circa 1915
Image  2002  Black and white photograph of the flume near the Knight Brother's factory. The flume is full of leaks. There is a building on top of the flume.
The Vanishing Heritage Series - Steam and Smoke 
Video  2008  A DVD titled 'Vanishing Heritage Series - Steam and Smoke.' It features interviews and lectures about the history of Burk's Falls. Areas covered include - the steamboat era, the lumber industry, the tannery, the fire and the reconstruction. Part I - The Steamboat era with sections by Bill...
Tweedsmuir Village Histories: Chalmers Women's Institute 
ImageText  circa 1979  This is a Tweedsmuir history (scrapbook) of the Burk's Falls area, collected by the Chalmers Women's Institute. The scrapbook is comprised of newspaper clippings taken from local newspapers. It also has both black and colour photographs of local personalities. The topics covered include local...
The Vanishing Heritage Series - Beyond Steam and Smoke 
Video  2008  A DVD titled 'Vanishing Heritage Series - Beyond Steam and Smoke.' It features interviews and lectures about the history of Burk's Falls. Areas covered include - the reconstruction after the fire, Algonquin Park, The Burk's Falls Arrow Part I - Out of the Ashes, 16mm film: The Last Steam Train,...
A Book of Remembrance Burk's Falls, Ryerson & Armour 
ImageText  circa 2000  This booklet is currently housed in a binder. This project was put together by a patron of the Burk's Falls, Armour & Ryerson Library. It includes the names of the soldiers who served from in WWI and WWII from the area. The binder is divided into two sections, WWI and WWII. For each solider...
Burk's Falls: Its Story and Heritage 
ImageText  1994  This is a walking tour pamphlet that examines the history and heritage of Burk's Falls. It lists and describes the village's heritage buildings, with a map on the back cover that shows where the buildings are located. There are both historic residences and businesses listed. The front cover of...
The Boats of Burk's Falls 
Video  circa 2004  An elderly man from the Burk's Falls area is interviewed and gives a slide show of various boats that sailed in the area in the early twentieth century. This video has been edited in order to be placed online, the original video is held by the Burk's Falls, Armour & Ryerson Public Library.
The Hotel Central, Burk's Falls, 1953
ImageComments:  2003  Black and white photograph of the Hotel Central in Burk's Falls. There is a restaurant attached to the hotel, called The Central Grill. Along the bottom 'The Hotel Central in 1953, owned and operated by the Fells for many years' was added to the image by Roger Simmons.
Pete the Bear on Bike, circa 1960
ImageComments:  2003  Black and white photograph of a bear, Pete, on a bicycle. Besides Pete is a man who appears to be his trainer. They seem to be out in the middle of nowhere in an area of trees and rolling hills. The caption at the bottom of the image reads 'Pete the Bear (1948 - 1979) Shown here with Allen...
Half-Frozen Falls, Burk's Falls, circa 1900 
ImageComments:  2002  Black and white photographic postcard of the flume at Burk's Falls in the winter. The water on the flume has become frozen. Buildings in the village can be seen above the flume. At the bottom in the centre 'Burks Falls, Ont. "The Falls" ' is written in black
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