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Groups of Young Skaters on Stony Lake, Early 1900s 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1905  Black and white photograph of six women posing for a picture while skating on Stony Lake. In the background of the image are two people without skates on, holding hockey sticks. Handwritten on the back of the photograph: "Village of Sundridge."
Wilson Brother's Mill, circa 1910
Image  circa 1910  Faded black and white photograph of the Wilson Brother's Lumber Mill in the winter. There is snow on the ground, buildings, and logs. The picture is focused on a log dump. There are at least four stacks of logs in the picture. Behind the the log piles is the lumber mill. There's a smokestack...
Group of Men at Hunt Camp, circa 1920s 
Image  circa 1920,   Black and white photograph of twelve men in the woods in the winter. The men are in four rows. Two men have bottles in their hands. One of them looks to be passed out. He's likely just pretending to be passed out for the photograph. On the reverse: "Hunting Camp 1920's Group Includes"...
Women's Institute Group Photograph Taken in the Winter 
Image  circa 1935,   Black and white photograph of a large group of women and children standing outside a wooden building in the winter. There is a repaired rip on the right side. This picture is a copy. Back row left to right: Mrs. Albert Lamb, Mrs. Harry May, Mrs. Wm Maloney, Mrs. Wm. Dunbar, Mrs. Johnny...
Woman and child in horse-drawn sleigh, circa 1935 
Image  circa 1935  Black and white photograph of a woman and child in a horse drawn sleigh in between a brick house and a conifer tree. The sleigh and horses are standing in snow. On the back of the picture 'Robb's, Quirts, Erven's, Thorn's, Grant's' is written. This picture was taken where there is a golf course...
Brunner House in Winter 
ImageMysteries:  2009  This black and white photograph is a reproduction by an unknown photographer. The photograph is of a snow covered house. The home at this time was owned by the Brunners. There's a fence stretching across the front of the house. There is a gap in the fence. It is unclear whether or not this...
Carroll Family at Eagle Lake, circa 1940 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1940  Black and white photograph of the Carroll family. It looks like there are three generations of the Carroll family in the picture. There is snow on the ground. There are trees in the background and a wooden building. Grandfather Martin Carroll, grand daughter Betty Carroll, great grand daughter...
En Route to the Standard Chemical Company Railroad, circa 1925 
Image  1925  Black and white photograph of a horse drawn sled with logs on it. There are a dozen or more logs on the sled. The man driving the horses is standing on the logs. There's no visible road. There's snow on the ground. There's a forest in the background. "En Route to S. C. Co. Railroad"
Moose at Camp, 1937 - 1938 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1937  Black and white photograph of a moose standing in the snow near a log in the forest. The moose doesn't have antlers. It was taken near a Standard Chemical Company lumber camp. "Moose from camp 1937-8"
Snow Covered Main Street, South River, circa 1910 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1910  Black and whites photograph of Main Street South River. There's snow on both sides of the street. There are two sets of car tracks running up the street. In the distance there is a group of women and children. The snow has not been cleared from the last snow fall. There's a store sign in the...
Two Horses Pulling a Sled with Three Children Riding, circa 1920 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1920  Black and white photograph of two horses drawing a lumber sled with three children on the sled. The driver's a man. There's a man standing beside the horses on the left. There's an old wooden building behind them.
Laurier School, circa 1920 
Image  circa 1920  Black and white photograph of a one room schoolhouse in the middle of snow with a forest in the background.
School Students Sitting in the Snow with their Teacher, circa 1920 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1920  Black and white photograph of a group of students, likely a class picture, sitting in the snow. The children are arranged in three rows. There's an adult on the right side, likely the teacher. There are a few buildings in the background on the left and right. There is a vertical crease in...
Standard Chemical company Lumber Camp, circa 1920 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1920  Black and white photograph of two men sawing through a log. They're standing on snow. There are two large stacks of logs behind them. In the background has a forest on a hill.
First Truck Loads After Tracks were Lifted, circa 1946 
Image  circa 1946  Black and white photograph of a truck pulling logs down a snow covered road in the forest. The driver side door's open. The front lights are on a rig that could have a plow attached. "First Truck Loads After Tracks Were Lifted C. 1946"
Standard Chemical Company Lumber Camp, 1939 
Image  1939  Black and white photograph of the lumber camp of the Standard Chemical Company train filled with large logs. There are six train cars. There's snow on the left side. There's a forest on the right side behind the train.
Log Train Ready to be Moved, circa 1920 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1920  Black and white photograph of a loaded log train in the window. There are four train cars with no locomotive. There's a forest on the right side. There are six to eight piles of logs ready to be loaded on to the next. "Log Train Ready"
The Memorial Arena 
Image  circa 1940  Black and white photograph of The South River Memorial Arena in the winter. The building looks like a long barn covered in metal sheets. There's a fence in front of the arena. There is also a telephone poll near the fence. Picture came from 'The History of South River' by Marg Harkness. This...
Cord Wood Yard, South River 
Image  circa 1940  Black and white photograph of the cord wood yard of the Standard Chemical Company, South River. The stacked logs seem to go on forever on the left side. There are various stacks of logs on the right side. In the distance there's a smoke stack from the Standard Chemical company factory. Picture...
South River High School in Winter, 1948 
Image  1948  Black and white photograph of the South River High School. The building has only one story. There's some snow on the ground. There's another building on the right side behind the school. There's also a sidewalk running in front of the school. Picture came from 'The History of South River' by...
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