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Zion United Church Sundridge 1886 - 1986
Text  1986  Seven page history of the local United Church's 100th anniversary. This short history includes a list of the church's past ministers, a history of the church in Sundridge, and information on the church's drive to get out of a school building into their own building.
Excerpt from "God's Country" by Rev. John Firman
Text  circa 1965  Two page excerpt from God's Country. The excerpt focuses on the Methodist Church in Sundridge. A lot of the history of the Methodist Church has been lost. The records of the church don't start until 1890. This excerpt covers the sparse material available up until 1930.
Faded Photograph of St. Paul's Church, Sundridge, circa 1915
Image  circa 1915  Black and white photograph of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Sundridge. The church is a wooden building. It has two chimneys, one over the entrance and one over the rectory. There is a fence running around the building. There is also a dirt road in front of the building and a wooden sidewalk in...
Hand Drawn Map of Sundridge, circa 1880 - 1890, with Typed Legend
Image  1973, p. 5  Two pencil hand-drawn maps of Sundridge Ontario and a legend for the maps. The maps have been done in pencil. It only has the main streets of Sundridge. The legend denotes the buildings on the main street as of 1973. The maps were on two pieces of 8.5" x 11" paper which were stitched together...
Village of Sundridge Map, Lots 21 - 25 Con. 10, Township of Strong
Image  November 16, 1957  Map of the village of Sundridge 1957. It includes all the main streets and secondary streets of Sundridge. The map shows the deed numbers of all the properties in the village.
The District of Parry Sound Map, "Vacationland Properties for Sale"
Image  circa 1975  Map of the district of Parry Sound by A. H. McKee Land & Resort Sales Co. The map was created to show vacation property in the area for sale. The ink on the map is purple.
Newspaper Clipping of a Map of Many Townships in the Sundridge Area
Image  circa 1985  Newspaper clipping made by a real estate company, Stan Darling Realtor Ltd. This map includes several townships in the Sundridge area. The front page of the map includes: Croft, Chapman, Spence, Ryerson, Montheith & McMurrich. The back of the map features: Strong, Joly, Armour, Proudfoot, Perry...
Map of Strong Township, Machar
ImageMysteries:  circa 1990  Photocopy of an early concession map for Strong Township. The township is divided into 14 x 30 plots. Lake Bernard is still Stony Lake at this time. Pool Lake and Lake Wallace are also shown. The main road Distress Road is in the middle of the map. The townships on all sides of Strong are...
Tales Of The Early Days 
Text  January, 1967  114 page history of the Village of Sundridge and surrounding areas. Each of the thirty-three sections was written by a different author.
Typed Copy of the Burk's Falls section from Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory, 1895 
Text  circa 1995  Two page typed copy of information from the Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory, 1895. This was published by The Might Directory Company of Toronto. Information in the document includes: the location of Burk's Falls, what kind of public buildings are in the area, the population, what...
History of The Grand Trunk Railway in Sundridge
Text  circa 1990  Four page history on the Grand Trunk Railway. This document focuses mainly on the impact of the railway on the Sundridge area. It covers the export and import of farm goods and how the the local business reacted to the railroad.
"Sundridge Centennial: A Tribute to the Village of Sundridge" Booklet, 1989
Text  1989  Fifty-six page booklet entitled "Sundridge Centennial: A Tribute to the Village of Sundridge." The booklet has photographs of the history of Sundridge and stories of the village's history. There are also many advertisements for local businesses in the booklet.
Aerial Photograph of Main Street and Highway 11, Sundridge, circa 1960
Image  circa 1960  Black and white aerial photograph of Sundridge and Lake Bernard. In the middle is the Main Street and Highway 11.
Aerial Photograph of Main Street and Highway 11, Sundridge, circa 1960
Image  circa 1960  Black and white aerial photograph of Sundridge Ontario during the 1960s. Lake Bernard is on the left of the photograph. In the middle of the image is the Main Street and Highway 11 is on the right side of the photograph.
Aerial Photograph of Sundridge, circa 1960 
Image  circa 1960  Black and white aerial photograph of Sundridge Ontario during the 1960s. A small portion of Lake Bernard can be seen in the upper left hand portion of the image. Hwy 11 can be seen on the right hand side of the photograph.
Aerial Photograph of Main Street and Highway 11, Sundridge, ON, circa 1960
Image  circa 1960  Black and white aerial photograph of Sundridge during the 1960s. Highway 11 is on the right side of the image, and the main street of Sundridge is the prominent road on the left side of the photograph.
Newspaper Clippings by Gillian Thomas, 1986-1987 
TextImageMysteries:  1986  A collection of 24 newspaper columns written by Gillian Thomas, the Sundridge correspondent for a local newspaper. The columns were written in 1986-1987, and appeared in various the weekend editions of the newspaper. The articles are generally topical in nature, dealing with local events in...
Growing Up at the Turn of the Century 
Text  19806, p. 24  History written by Ellen Sophia and Flynn Smith for the History Department of Alaguin Highlands School, South River. The text specifically details the early life in Lount The essay is kept in a yellow duo-tang. Township in East Parry Sound. There are pictures in the preface and a few maps in...
History Project: South River and Surrounding Townships, 1983 
Text  September 1983, 1-67  This is a history project about South River and its surrounding communities. The text is located within a orange duo-tang. The project begins with a general introduction of why, when, and how settlement began in South River and the surrounding townships. The project proceeds with 10 individual...
The Beginning of South River Incorporated 1907 
Text  March 8, 1982, p. 22  Historical Report in a blue duo-tang. It was originally written by Jamie Hall and Mark Kehae for a High School History project. It is twenty-two pages long with pictures. It includes the following topics: Early Buildings, Early Settlers, Churches and the Electric Company. All of these subjects...
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