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Bagpipe Band Marching in the Loyal Orange Lodge, Dunchurch,  July 12th, 1958 
Image  July 12, 1958  Black and white photograph of bagpipers marching in a Loyal Orange Lodge parade in Dunchurch. They are marching on a dirt road in front of a house with a white picket fence.
Art Buchanan's Store with a Crowd, Dunchurch, circa 1900
Image  circa 1900  Black and white photograph of Buchanan's store in Dunchurch. In front of the store there is a large crowd in the street. The crowd includes many horse and carts or carriages. In the distance the steeple of the United Church can be seen. Along the bottom on the front of the picture, "BUCHANAN'S...
Burk's Falls Ont. West Side of Town
Image  19070410  Colour illustrated postcard of the village of Burk's Falls from the west side of town. In the foreground there's a factory with lumber in its yard, possibly the Knight Brother's Factory. Behind the factory is the Magnetawan River. Across the river are houses. On the back of the postcard is a...
Magnetawan from a Distance, 1938
Image  1938  Black and white photograph of farmland leading to the village of Magnetawan in the distance. The picture was taken from a group of rocks. The Magnetawan river can be seen between the field and buildings. On the front of the picture at the bottom, '1938,' is handwritten in blue ink. On the back...
View from the Locks, Magnetawan, circa 1920 
Image  circa 1920  Black and white photographic postcard of a boat, possibly the Armour, entering the lock at Magnetawan. Across the river is the village of Magnetawan. Many houses and businesses can be seen. On the front of the photograph along th bottom, "VIEW FROM THE LOCKS, MAGNETAWAN, ONTARIO," is typed by...
Birds Eye View of Magnetawan, 1960 
Image  1960  Colour aerial photograph of Magnetawan in 1960. The swing bridge can be seen crossing the Magnetawan River. Main street and a portion of the village can be seen on the left hand side of the photograph.
The Armour Pulling into the Boat Lock, circa 1905 
Image  circa 1905  Black and white photograph of the Armour steamship coming up to the locks in Magnetawan. In the background the village can be seen. The Armour is entering at the low end of the lock. Once inside it will be raised and then it will continue its trip.
Closed Magnetawan Locks, circa 1920 
Image  circa 1920  Black and white photograph of the closed Magnetawan Locks. A portion of the village can be seen in the distance. On the back of the photograph, 'MAG LOCKS.,' is handwritten in pencil.
View of the Village of Magnetawan, 1918 
Image  1918  Black and white photograph of the village of Magnetawan in 1918. The picture shows the rock leading into the village and the various wooden buildings in the village. There is a large white wooden church on the right. On the left is a white bridge crossing the Magnetawan River. The river can be...
The Skating Rink, bottom of Biddy Street, Magnetawan, 1934 
Image  1934  Black and white photograph of the skating rink in Magnetawan in 1934. The rink has no one skating on it. The rink is bordered by a wooden fence. Behind the rink is the village with many shops and homes. At the top of the photograph, 'The skating rink at the bottom of Biddy Street Tommy...
Magnetawan Lock, 1890 
Image  1890  A black and white photograph of the top of the Magnetawan locks. The photo shows the lock full of water. In the background shows buildings along the water in the village.
Looking Back with the Magnetawan Women's Institute 
TextImage  circa 1995  Two-hundred-sixty-six page history of the village of Magnetawan. Written by the Magnetawan Women's Institute.
Burk's Falls and the Magnetawan River, circa 1890 
ImageMysteries:  2002  Black and white photograph of Burk's Falls. The photograph was taken from a distance. The river and both shores can be seen in the photograph. On the close side of the river is a dockyard. On the river is an unidentified Steamboat. On the far side of the river there are a number of buildings,...
Boats in Winter Quarters, Burk's Falls, Ontario, circa 1917. 
Image  2002  Black and white postcard of the Armour in the wharf at Burk's Falls during the winter. There is snow covering the dock, the boats, and the village. In the background of the image, behind the Armour, there is another unidentified boat. The village in the background is Burk's Falls. On the boat...
Three Men on the Steamboat Mike, circa 1919. 
Image  2002  Black and white photograph of three men on the tugboat Mike. They are on the river away from any dock. In the background there is a village on the hill. This town is likely Burk's Falls. The river in the photograph is likely the Magnetawan. The name of the boat "MIKE."
The Armour Entering the Locks,circa 1923. 
Image  2002  Black and white photograph of the Armour entering a lock near Magnetawan. The lock is made out of stone. A few people can be seen on the bow of the boat.
The Armour Steamer, Burk's Falls, circa 1908
Image  2002  Black and white photographic postcard of the steamboat Armour. The vessel is leaving a village, which is most likely Burk's Falls. There are still a few buildings on the hill behind the boat. There are people on the upper deck of the boat. There is an opening on the side of the boat with a...
The Wenonah with Wanita at the Burk's Falls Warf, circa 1899 
Image  2002  Black and white photograph of the Wenonah(right) passing the Wanita(left) on the Magnetawan River, near Burk's Falls. A barn can be seen on the shore. In the foreground logs can be seen in the river.
The Armour Coming into Dock, circa 1911 
Image  2002  Black and white photograph of the steamship Armour coming into the dock at Burk's Falls. There is a person coming out of a hole on the side of the Armour to tie the boat to the dock. On the opposite shore on the hills are houses and some forests.
Docked Wanita with People on Deck, circa 1914
Image  2002  Black and white photograph of the Wanita in the Burk's Falls Wharf. A group of people can be seen on the upper deck of the ship. In the background of the photograph buildings can be seen behind the vessel. On the side of the boat '...ANITA' is written.
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