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The Armour with its Deck Loaded with People, circa 1920
Image  2003  Colour painted postcard of a the steamboat Armour with its deck loaded with people. The Armour is going down the Magnetawan River. The ship looks to be leaving the village of Burk's Falls. On the side of the boat 'ARMOUR' is painted.
The Armour Going Down the Magnetawan River, circa 1920
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of the Armour traveling down the Magnetawan River. There are many people can be seen on the top deck of the vessel. The picture was taken from the shore, causing the Armour to be framed by trees.
Wooden Dam at Burk's Falls, circa 1930
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of a wooden dam with one of its slices open letting water out. On the far side of the image there is a ramp leading up to the the middle of the structure. On top of the dam are two men. One of the men is Ernie Warner. There is a church in the background on the right...
Coming into Burk's Falls in the Early Days, circa 1900
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of the road leading into Burk's Falls. There is a river on the left side of the road. Across the river on the opposite shore are more buildings, which are likely homes. Down the road there are other buildings, which are either homes or small businesses. There is a...
The Armour, view from the Stern, circa 1940
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of the steamship Armour on the river. The river pictured is likely the Magnetawan. The picture was taken from another vessel in the water or from the land with a wide angle lenses. There are people on the top deck of the Armour. People can be seen in the bridge of...
Knights' Lumber Mill in Winter, Burk's Falls, circa 1920
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of the Knight Brother's Lumber Mill. The buildings are covered in snow. On the right side of the picture is a half-frozen river. Amongst the buildings are a few railroad cars. The caption at the bottom of the image 'Knights' Mill, Burk's Falls' was added by Roger...
The Steamer Armour at Young's Wharf, circa 1930
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of at the steamboat Armour at Young's Wharf. Young's Wharf is located on Ahmic Lake near Magnetawan. There are no people visible on the boat. There are two unidentified people visible on the dock. In the upper right corner 'Steamer Armour at Young's Wharf, Ahmic...
The Steamer Wanita Returning Upstream, circa 1920
Image  2003  Colour painted postcard of the steamer Wanita going down a river with smoke coming out of its smokestack. There is a forest on the left side of the picture. On the side of the boat 'Wanit..' is painted. The caption at the bottom of the picture is 'The steamer Wanita running upstream. This...
A Boom of Logs, Burk's Falls, 1900
Image  2003  Black and white photograph of two loggers, Harry Hewitt and Harry Philips, standing on logs in the river. There are logs on the river as far as the eye can see. A handwritten note at the bottom of the picture reads 'A boom of logs Burk's Falls, Ont. 1900.' A caption added to the picture reads...
Flume with Many Leaks at Knight's Plant, circa 1915
Image  2002  Black and white photograph of the flume near the Knight Brother's factory. The flume is full of leaks. There is a building on top of the flume.
The Boats of Burk's Falls 
Video  circa 2004  An elderly man from the Burk's Falls area is interviewed and gives a slide show of various boats that sailed in the area in the early twentieth century. This video has been edited in order to be placed online, the original video is held by the Burk's Falls, Armour & Ryerson Public Library.
Boat and River Seen from Swing Bridge, circa 1923 
ImageMysteries:  2002  Black and white photograph of a boat coming down a forested river. This river is likely the Magnetawan. There are boats docked on either side of the river. This picture is taken from the swing bridge. There is a brown stain on the photograph in the middle near the bottom.
The Kamigamog Steamer, circa 1923
ImageComments:  2002  Black and white photograph of the steamer Kamigamog. The vessel is traveling down a river, likely the Magnetawan. On the decks there are many people looking out. The name of the boat is hanging from the top deck of the boat. On the side of the boat "KAMIGAMOG" is painted.
Heebner's Boat No. 2,  Lake Cecebe, circa 1929 
ImageComments:  2002  Black and white photograph of a boat in the middle of the river, likely the Magnetawan. This looks like a fishing or pleasure boat.
Half-Frozen Falls, Burk's Falls, circa 1900 
ImageComments:  2002  Black and white photographic postcard of the flume at Burk's Falls in the winter. The water on the flume has become frozen. Buildings in the village can be seen above the flume. At the bottom in the centre 'Burks Falls, Ont. "The Falls" ' is written in black
Painting of the Steamship Armour, circa 1907
ImageComments:  2002  Photograph of a painting of the steamboat Armour. The image was taken from the shore and some rocks, shrubs, and dirt can be seen. There is a raft of people going out to the Armour which is in the river. There are some people on the deck of the Armour. On the opposite shore is a forest on a...
The Armour at the Magnetawan Wharf, circa 1919
ImageComments:  2002  Black and white photograph of the village of Magnetawan Harbour. The steamer Armour is the boat in the harbour. On the right side are buildings along the river. In the background there is a truck going over a bridge.
Two Men on the Steamboat Mike, circa 1926.
ImageComments:Mysteries:  2002  A black and white photograph of two men on the tugboat Mike. No shore is visible in the picture and it is not clear where exactly this picture was taken. The boat is riding low, so it may be caring a load. The boat gets its name from its first captain. The name of the boat "Mike"
Sunday School Picinic on the Dunbar's Paddle Boat, circa 1900
Image  circa 1905  Black and white photograph of James Dunbar's paddle wheel taking passengers to a Sunday School Picnic. The picture was taken on while the boat was on its way. The shore cannot be seen. Near the end of the boat is a man in a canoe. There are names of some of the passengers, the Dunbars, written...
Postcard of Early Morning South River, circa 1920 
ImageMysteries:  circa 1920  Black and white postcard of a river with trees at the bank and going into a forest on either side. There's a slight fog on the river. "Early Morning, South River, Ont."
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