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  circa 1930  Black and white photograph of five people sitting in a canoe on the Deer River. The banks of the river are lined with trees. The McAmmonds had two cabins on their property that they would rent out in the summer to tourists and hunters in the winter. On the back of the photograph, "Tourists at...
  1999, p. 20  Twenty page calendar of historical images from Whitestone Township. Images include: local businesses, riverboats, homes, the lumber industry, local streets & railroads. The calendar runs from July 1999 - December 2000.
  circa 1920  Black and white photograph of a white motor boat anchored in a lake. In the background there is a hill with a forest on it.
  1922  Black and white photograph of Dr. Cullen with his friends and family in a boat named 'Rebecca.' The boat is just being pushed off from the dock. There is a jet of water coming out of the side of the boat. Everyone in the group is wearing a hat.
  circa 1910  A black and white photograph of Edmund Kelly and possibly his relatives sitting in a boat. They are traveling down the Magnetawan River. The wooden bridge and piers possible indicates the picture was taken 1910.
  1920  A Black and white photograph of the Ojibway cabin, which was originally owned by Dr. Cullen. The cabin is nestled in a forest at the base of a large hill. The cabin appears to be two stories. The cabin is close to the lake. To the left of the cabin there is a large white boat. The picture was...
  circa 1925  A black and white photograph of three boats in the 'Bang and Go Back Race'. The picture was taken from the cockpit of a boat and most of that boat's bow can be seen. There are two boats in front of this boat one close and one further away. In the close boat the back of two people can be seen. ...
  2002  Black and white photograph of a ferry, likely a car ferry, on the Magnetawan River. The shore where the photographer was standing can be seen in the bottom of the image. There is a town on a hill on the far side of the image. This town is likely Burk's Falls.
  2002  Black and white postcard of the Armour in the wharf at Burk's Falls during the winter. There is snow covering the dock, the boats, and the village. In the background of the image, behind the Armour, there is another unidentified boat. The village in the background is Burk's Falls. On the boat...
  2002  Black and white photograph of two women waiting on a dock with two black dogs. The women are waiting for the Wanita riverboat to come into dock. On the boat there are people on the top deck of the boat. On the side of the boat there is man standing near a door. He is likely a deckhand who is...
  2002  Black and white photograph of the Glenda out on the river. There are many people on the top deck. The river pictured is likely the Magnetawan. The boat is flying an unidentifiable flag.
  2002  Black and white photograph of a lighthouse in the Magnetawan River. The lighthouse is in the middle of the river as a warning marker. It marks a tight turn in the river. The lighthouse pictured is still in existence and can be seen alongside hwy 520 between Burk's Falls and Magnetawan.
  2002  Black and white photographic postcard. The image is of the wharf in Burk's Falls in the winter. There are three vessels in the water, which are covered in snow. Behind the wharf is a tree lined hill with a few buildings. At the bottom in the centre 'Burk's Falls Wharf, "The Fleet," ' is...
  2002  Black and white photograph of the Wenonah(right) passing the Wanita(left) on the Magnetawan River, near Burk's Falls. A barn can be seen on the shore. In the foreground logs can be seen in the river.
  2002  Black and white photograph of the Armour coming around a corner of the Magnetawan River and coming towards the foreground of the picture. There are trees lining both sides of the river, it is not clear where on the river this photograph was taken.
  2002  Black and white photograph of the Wanita landing at a dock on the Magnetawan. There are three or four people on the dock. There are no structures around the dock. However, there is a path running alongside the water.
  2002  Black and white photograph of an unidentified boat passing the through the Ahmic Harbour. There are buildings of Ahmic on the shore on a hill.
  2002  Colour painted postcard of a wooden bridge and river near Katrine. There are woods lining the river, a white canoe and a white boat are also pictured going under the bridge. In the top right corner "NORTH BRIDGE AT KATRINE" is written in red.
  2002  Black and white photograph of the Glenda at dock. This is likely the wharf at Burk's Falls. The ship has no people on it. There are no people on the dock. There is a village behind the boat on the opposite shore.
  2002  Black and white photographic post card of a boat at dock. The name of the boat is unknown. The upper deck of the boat is full of people. There is a man on the dock helping to cast off. There are two people on the dock watching the boat and a third person walking towards a car. In the upper...
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