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Family Home on the Brook's Farm 
still imagecirca 1930, Black and white photograph of a large white house with a porch. The house is located on the property that was own Larry Brooks. On the left side of photograph there is a automobile sitting in the driveway. On the left side of photograph there is a large pine tree.
Cooking on a open campfire 
still imagecirca 1930, Black and white photograph of of two pails hung over an open fire. The buckets sitting on the top of the thick sticks is boiling away something. The whole scene is located in the forest thick with trees.
Part of the Brooks Farm 
still imagecirca 1930, Black and white photograph of a sandy area near the Brook's farm. In the background there appears to be a snow covered lake and a raising hill behind that.
House located near Brook Farm 
still imagecirca 1930, More in the background of this photograph is a dark coloured farm home. The building is two stories high and a car is pack on the left side of the photograph. The road in front part of the appears to be a very wet dirt road that covered a car in mud.
Brook's Falls 
still imagecirca 1930, Black and white photograph of Brook's Falls, located on the property owned by Larry Brooks. There is a a wooden bridge crossing over the waterway. Along waterfall sides there are trees growing out of the rocks.
St.John's Anglican Church, Eagle Lake, circa 1900 
still image1904 St.John's Anglican Church, Eagle Lake, Lot 21, Con 9Reverend P.J. Kelly first presided over this church,which was built in 1904.
Chalmers United Church Choir, 1952 
still image1952 The Chalmers United Church choir members standing in the choir loft of their church.The first two rows contain the choir's women members, who are dressed in choir gowns and holding their hymn books. The third row contains the choir's male members, dressed in formal attire. The Reverend is standing...
South River Gospel Hall 
still image A large group of people standing outside of a white building in the snow. 'Gospel Hall' is written above the doorway.The Gospel hall was built in 1900. The first services were held in 1885 at the Holditch boarding house.'HATH LAID ON HIM INIQUITY OF US ALL' and 'GOSPEL HALL'
South River Gospel Hall, circa 1950 
still imagecirca 1970 The South River Gospel Hall in the Summer circa 1950.The original Gospel Hall was built in 1900.'BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD WHICH TAKETH AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD'
Two Women in a Buggy 
still image1900 Black and white photograph of two women sitting in a buggy, circa 1900.The frame construction of a barn-raising is directly behind them.
Family in Front of Homestead, circa 1900 
still image1900 Black and white photograph of family posed in front of their homestead, South River area, circa 1900.Might be old Harrison home, Magnetawan 1902, across from old school beside old Orange hall; or "Old Man Egger's," Wattenwyl.
Maeck's Mill, Deer Lake, circa 1900 
still image1900 Black and white photograph of two workers placing lumber at Maeck's Mill, Deer Lake, circa 1900. Man with crooked pipe standing on lumber is Otto Maeck, man standing on ground is Eugene Maeck. This mill was sold to George Pinkerton Sr. and Joe Roubotton and moved to Pickeral Lake. Bill Tough later...
Hunters in Front of Log House
still image1900 Black and white photograph of four male hunters, with rifles, standing in front of log house. Possibly the Maeck's or Brunner's house; from left to right the men might be: Otto Maeck (holding a 12 gauge shotgun), Eugene Maeck, Walter Mclaren and Norman Mclaren. The log house could be a hunting...
Log House 
still imagecirca 1890 Black and white photograph of three people standing in front of a log house. Two of the people are standing in front of the log house's door. These people are an elderly man and woman, possibly a husband and wife. They are dressed like farmers. The third person is a man who is dressed formally...
Two Men in a Buggy 
still imagecirca 1890 Black and white picture of two men in a buggy drawn by two horses, one horse is black and one is white. They are both dressed in their Sunday best. The buggy has four seats, two in the front and two in the back, the two men are sitting in the front seats. They are sitting in an open field...
School Photograph 
still imagecirca 1900 Black and white picture of a school class. The teacher is on the upper right side. The class is either sitting or standing in three rows. They're outside a brick building with a window in the middle of the wall.The school is S.S. # 2, Lot 11, Con 3, Lount Township (Watterwyl). The people in...
Evangelical United Brethren Church, Rye Congregation, circa 1900
still image1900 Black and white photograph of the log Evangelical United Brethren Church, Rye Congregation. The pioneer missionaries of the Parry Sound District used the old Nipissing Road to begin ministering in the 1870s. Until the construction of this church in 1894, the minister would live with members of the...
Group Photograph, Wattenwyl, circa 1900
still imagecomment1900, Black and white photograph of men and women in formal dress. This photograph was taken in the Wattenwyl area, circa 1900. The people possibly are (middle row): Alex Schneider, Mary Minor, Henry Minor. The back row is Charlie Maeck, Mrs.Charlie Maeck, Fred Hoffman, Mrs. Otto Maeck, Otto Maeck,...
Yoke of Oxen, South River Area, circa 1900
still image1900 Black and white photograph of two oxen drawing wagon. In the wagon is a woman holding a baby, a girl and a boy. To the left of the oxen is a man dressed in a suit holding a crop/whip. Behind them is a log house with a fence going around it. Few families in the South River area had oxen at this...
Railway Coal Depot, circa 1910 
still imagecirca 1910 Black and white picture of three men on an elevated platform next to the railroad. Behind this building is a water tank, on the far end of the railyard. On the elevated platform there is one or two rail cars. This was used to load coal on to railway cars.This place was called the coal chute. ...
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