Logging in Burk's Falls
The Lumber Mills of Burk's Falls

One of the destinations of the logs from the logging village was the Knight Brother's Lumber Mill. The factory is in a prime location. Its on the river, a spur of the railroad runs through the lumberyard, and there is a highway nearby.

Here's the a look at the rail yard in the Knight Brother's Factory in the winter. There are a few box cars in the rail yard. There are also a few piles of logs in the foreground.

The final resting place for the logs from the logging camp. To give an idea of scale in the lumberyard, in the foreground is a set of railroad tracks and a boxcar. The wood is up to the top of the car. On the right side of the picture is the main factory buildings.

This is the another angle of the Knight Brother's Factory. You can see the railroad tracks running through the lumberyard. At this time there is less lumber in the yard than the other picture.

There were other lumber mills in the area. This outfit is using a crane to hoist logs on to a conveyor belt and in to the mill itself. The building in the background looks to be a house. It may have been in the at one time, but at this time its probably being used as an office.

This was another of the local saw mill. This mill was owned by Dr. Partridge. The mill looks like its on the outskirts of a town, likely Burk's Falls.

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