Riding the River
Amazing Adventures of the Armour Steamer

The Armour was a steamer which would run along the Magnetawan River for many decades. The steamer was built in 1906. Here we see the builders of the Armour stopping for a moment to pose for this shot.

Once on the water the Armour would function as a ferry. Here is an image of the Armour picking up people at the Magnetawan Wharf with the tugboat Theresa on the right. There are also logs from the local lumber industry along the shore.

Because of the local popularity of the Armour Steamship it was only a matter of time before someone portrayed the vessel in art. This is a painting of a group of people in a boat traveling to the the Armour while anchored in the river. There were many rural docks similar to this that would have been stops for the Armour.

Here is a picture of the Armour doing what it did best, ferrying people. The main deck is loaded bow to stern with people out for a day of fun along and around the Magnetawan.

The Armour could not spend all its time on the water. From time to time it would have to go into dry dock for repairs and maintenance.

The Armour coming into the Burk's Falls Wharf. There is a sailor hanging out of hole on the side ready to tie the boat to the dock. Following docking the people would depart the vessel.

Here we have people boarding the Armour. Some people have already boarded the steamer watching from the top deck. On the right side there is a wheel barrow with a pile of bricks. Whether or not this is going on the boat is lost to the ages.

The Armour again appears as a painting. This one has the Armour on a river in the wilderness charging off to its next destination.

Here is another image of the Armour out in the wilderness. For a change the photograph has been given a boarder of trees and forest floor from the picture being shot from the shore.

A mother and child wait for the Armour to arrive at the dock. The location of the dock is called Young's Landing. One of the places in the back country where the Armour would land.

Another wilderness port-of-call for the Armour. They're unloading supplies from the hold of the ship. Likely for some of the cottagers, hunters or others living in the forest.

The village of Burk's Falls' Wharf with the Armour in the dock. There is a bridge spanning the Magnetawan. With a factory and the rest of the village on the right side of the photo.

A group shot of a family on the deck of the Armour. Between the man on the left hold a boy and a woman the rail of the boat can be seen.

Another image of the Armour at dock. This time at Young's Wharf. The Armour is a bit of a ghost ship, with no one on the ship, the people are only on the dock.

As we leave the Armour we have this rare picture of the Armour's stern. They're still people on the ferry but not as many as in its heyday. This picture was taken from a boat trailing the Armour.

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