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Weekend Getaways
Weekend Getaways
The Magnetawan River has become a place that people like to come and build a cottage or weekend house. The small town feel and the access to water make it ideal for people to come up from the city and spend a pleasant weekend. This cottage is built near the edge of the water for easy transportation of goods from the boat to the front door.
In what could be the same cottage a little further in time and a little further away. It is still nestled back in the forest but sill close to the water. However, the dock has grown out substantially and the cabin has gotten a make over. In the distance there a brand new boathouse can be seen.
Once inside, these early cottages there would have had a rustic look and feel of the pioneer spirit. There wouldn't have been indoor plumbing, running water, or air conditioning.
This is one of the more significant cottages on Ahmic Lake, near Magnetawan. This cottage was so large and so well known it ended up with a name, Carnshanagh. Carnshanagh was likely named after a village in Ireland.
Near Magnetawan there was a really popular cabin. This cabin had a tall diving tower. It had two levels of fun. It was so much fun that the kids couldn't stay off it!
This cabin has an interesting evolution. Right now on the dock there's a diving tower. However, for the people who owned this place a diving tower wasn't quite enough.
After a while the owners of the cabin, or perhaps new owners, complimented their diving tour by adding a substantial slide.
This was the cabin owned by a man name Dr. Cullen. On the stairs are a few of his friends. Like the earlier cabin this one has name. In this case the cabin is called Ojibway.
Now look at Ojibway from the water. The above picture would've been taken from at the left side of the cabin. The cottage has a rather substantial cabin along with a boathouse and a living space above the boathouse. The only way this cabin could be accessed would be by boat or a long hike.
This one is a little different. This was a boathouse owned by the Elfin family. The lower half of the cabin is for a boat and would've likely been used like a garage. The living space would have been on the roof where the people are sitting.
This compound was owned by the Hillard family. The builders of this cabin built it up on the rocks near the forest. It was likely built up their for the view. Or perhaps the exercise, because there's an up hill walk from the dock on the right side.
Being up north away from the light pollution in the city, Magnetawan made an ideal spot for stargazing. Here we see Dr. Kelly showing off his telescope on the top of his evening house.
Well, the cabins are nice in the summer but the owners may not know exactly what goes on in the off season.
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