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Up & Down
One of the unique features of Magnetawan's waterfront is its lock. The locks were built from 1885 - 1886. Locks are important for waterways because it allows vessels to reach not only different waterways but also different water ways at different elevations.
The boats would enter the either end of the lock. After this the boat could be let out and could continue along there way. In this picture the steamer Armour is coming into the lock.
Here we have the Magnetawan Lock closed, filled, and ready for the next ship. It is likely that there is a boat coming into the lock to go down to Magnetawan out of frame.
Here is the steamer Armour in the locks and the doors are about to be opened by the man in the middle. The Armour is likely going out on the high side.
This is another picture of the Magnetawan lock full and ready for a boat on the high water side. This picture has a white shack on the right of the lock for the people running the lock in poor weather or for doing paperwork.
This picture has a group of people standing on the top of a full Magnetawan lock. It looks like the people in the centre are getting their picture taken by the group of people on the right. The white piece of wood is the arm that opens and closes the doors of the lock.
Steamer Armour above the Locks Magnetawan, Ont.
Steamer Armour above the Locks Magnetawan, Ont. Details
Once through the locks the boats were free to travel down the waterway above the lock near Magnetawan.
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