Almaguin Highlands Digital Collections
Over, Through, Up, & Down
Not exactly what I had in mind. But these people have decided to go over the land to get to another body of water, called a portage. The canoers are walking up a log chute in to make their journey a little easier.
This is more what I had in mind! Magentawan and the area around Magnetawan has many winding rivers. So when driving around the area you are going to cross over a bridge eventually. This bridge is crossing the Distress River.
Similar in appearance to the Distress River Bridge. This is the Knoepfli Bridge in the winter. It is probably a warm day because people are watching the chunks of ice going under the bridge.
Not all vehicles want to pass over the bridge, some vehicles need to travel through the bridge. At the Midlothian Road going into Magnetawan there is a swing bridge. In this image the Steamer Armour is about to pass through the bridge.
The swing bridge would more often than not be seen like this. At this time the road is still made of dirt. The bridge was operated by the Millar family. Their home can be seen behind the bridge.
In this picture the bridge can be seen swinging on its pier. The bridge is about a third away of the way into the Magnetawan River.
This image is from a little further in the future. The road leading to the bridge is now paved. The wooden bridge has been replaced by one of iron. The Millar's home can still be seen behind the bridge.
A little further away from the village of Magnetawan. This is a picture of a raging Magnetawan River running under a bridge near Parry Sound.
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