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Flooding of the Rivers
Flooding on the Magnetawan and Deer Rivers 1922

In 1922 the Deer and Magnetawan River experienced a flooding of the water basin. This picture is taken on the McAmmond Farm. The two log cabins in the photograph are sitting on the edge of the rising river.

This picture was taken in the same area of Deer River, as the one above. The water's white caps show the fast paced nature of the river water. Only one of McAmmond's log cabins is visible in this photograph.

This photograph shows the Deer River can be seen at the Moore farm. The water levels are rising up the river banks. The speed of the water is also visible as the river eddies and splash down the river.

This photograph shows an unfortunate scene of a log cabin that is half submerged in the river water. The cabin contents are likely to be saturated beyond use. The birch and spruce trees in the photo are also flooded half way up their trucks.

In this photograph the water levels are rising up to the fields of the McAmmond Farm. The water is almost at the doorstep of the cabins sitting behind a fence.

This photograph is of the same area as the previous photograph. The water level is really close the porch of the cabin. Beside the log cabin it can been seen that a shed of some sort is almost totally submerged in the river.

The Magnetawan River shown in this photograph and is overflowing to the point were trees are almost completely submerged.

In this picture of Deer River in the 1930s. In comparison to the previous pictures, the water level in this picture is at a normal level. The water under the bridge appears to be fairly fast moving. Four people and a dog sitting on a foot bridge. On the right side of the photograph the river bank features a number of large rocks and a few fallen trees. On the left side of the photograph, the river is framed by a thick tree-line.

This photograph was taken circa 1930 on the Deer River. It is another photograph that can help provide an image of what the river looks like during normal times.
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