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Portraiture of Sundridge
Citizens Captured on Film

Like other pictures in this section this picture is a memento of four friends and a moment in their lives. These women lived in Sundridge around 1890. Going from left to right: Aggie Buchanan, Harriet MacChristie, Lettie Poole and Jenny Christie.

Here is the Harrison family capturing an important moment in their lives, the birth of their daughter Alice. Their daughter is so important that only her name was written on the back of the image.

The Smith family photograph. This picture was taken around 1900. Again, the child is so important that only her name is known. The girl's name is Agnus and would later marry a McIntyre. If you look closely the family is sitting on a bear skin rug.

The Kemps were one of the early pioneer settlers in the Sundridge area. In this group shot we see the Kemps outside of their log cabin in their Sunday best for the photograph.

Unlike some of the other photographs, this photo includes a list of names of the people pictured. Back row - Mrs. Frank Abar - nee - Alice Kemp, Cassey Strang, Aulie Kemp, Jack Wood, Mrs. Jack Woods - nee Arthnse Kemp,? Jim Strang, John Woods Sec Row - Elanor Abar, Rev. Spears, George Kemp, Carrie Kemp, Mother Strang Kemp, Father Strang Kemp, Mrs. & Mr. William Kemp First Row - ? Strang, Jim Kemp, Bill Kemp Jr. Strang House.

A group of three girls, all wearing a similar blouses and with similar hairstyles. Their names from left to right: Mrs. E. Prior, Mrs. B. Jones and Mrs. McGirr. The reason for the similar dress could be for school, church, or a wedding.

The names and relationships are going to get a little complicated so bear with me. Starting on the left is Harriet MacChristie and Mrs. Minnie Malloy. These two are sisters and their maiden name was Abor. Next them is either Mrs. Little or Mrs. Hill. Then on the right is Mrs. W. Hannaford, who is the resident of the house seen in the background. The house was located in Pevensey.

A picture of an early Strong Council. There are seven men in the image. Three in the back John B. Duke, A. Church & Thomas Brimacombe. Three in the front George Cottrell, Reeve William Hall Trees & Jan Prior. One in the middle Thomas Hornibrook.

Portrait photograph of four men from the Phillips family. They alternate between sitting and standing. They are all wearing three-piece suits with ties. From left to right the names of of the men are: Hugh Phillips, Matthew Phillips, Tom Phillips & Johnathan Phillips.

Three generations of the Tripp family. On the left is the grandfather, Hiram Tripp. Next to him are his two sons, Willie & Jonnie. On the knee of Willie is Carol, Hiram's grandson.

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