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Joseph AND Edward AND Cullingworth AND April AND 29, AND 1843-March AND 29, AND 1916 AND sits AND in AND the AND centre AND of AND his AND family. AND Mary AND Ann AND Joyce AND Cullingworth AND March AND 11, AND 1863-March AND 14, AND 1932 AND sits AND centre AND left. AND Standing AND behind AND her AND is AND their AND second AND oldest AND son, AND Clare AND Edward, AND 1897-1933. AND Standing AND centre AND back AND is AND their AND oldest AND daughter, AND Ruth AND Irene, AND 1898-1971 AND my AND grandmother. AND Standing AND right AND is AND the AND oldest AND son, AND George AND Richard, AND 1894-1961. AND Seated AND in AND front AND are AND Allan AND Joyce, AND 1901-1961 AND and AND youngest AND child, AND Hazel AND Vera, AND 1903-1971
  • J.E Cullingworth Family ca1914
        ...Joseph Edward Cullingworth (April 29, 1843-March 29, 1916) sits...
      ...Joseph Edward Cullingworth (April 29, 1843-March 29, 1916) sits...
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