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128 Durham Street 
Image  ca.1960  Shown here is the stone structure found on the north side of the property on the corner of Durham and Orr St. This building is about 84' long and is constructed of unfinished, uncut rubble stone. It is believed to have been used as a barracks during the War of 1812. The land had been owned by the...
106 Bagot Street 
Image  ca.1970  This beautiful Greek Revival Cottage was built around the 1850's by William H. Floyd.
293 George Street 
Image  ca.1970  This Greek revival cottage shows up on the 1874 town map but its date of construction is still uncertain. It is likely to have been built around the late 1850s, early 1860s since this style was popular at this time.
Image  ca. 1960  364 George Street In the 1840's, Thomas Dumble and his son, John Henry, surveyors, came to Canada to be part of a joint commission to settle the Maine - New Brunswick boundary dispute. Afterwards, the family settled in Cobourg and in 1857 Thomas Dumble built this imposing house called Dromore. The...
363 George Street 
Image  ca.1970  This Ontario Gothic cottage was built by John Cullingford (local druggist) in 1856. He also conducted his business from this building.
Reynar Home 
Image  ca.1970  77 Havelock Street This solid square house was built in 1876. It was as a wedding present for Dr. Alfred Reynar, professor of English literature at Victoria College, and his bride, Ida Hayden, from her parents.
80 Havelock Street 
Image  ca.1970  This stately Victorian house was constructed completed in 1880 by William Bond, a contractor and builder. It is graced with the unusual features of elaborate stone quoins, and stone lintels with worked keystone, over each window.
Chatterton Residence 
Image  ca1970  50 Havelock St. This fine brick residence was built this in 1851 by R. D. Chatterton, who came to Cobourg about 1830, and was the first editor of the Cobourg Star, which began publishing in 1831. Its proportions, massing, and detail give it a decidedly English flavor.
Cedar Hedge 
Image  1970  465 George Street In 1854, James Crossen, proprietor of the Cobourg Car Works married Margaret Hayden, sister of John Hayden. Both were children of Reverend William Hayden, who was instrumental in the development of the Congregational Church in Canada. Originally known as Cedar Hedge, Crossen...
Image  ca.1970  447 George Street Originally built in 1870 by James Crossen for his son William, this large vernacular Victorian house was just south of Cedar Hedge. William remodelled it in 1895 which then made it a fine example of the Queen Anne Style. In 1910 the addition was added to the south and the inside...
The Poplars 
Image  ca.1970  18 Spencer St. E. In 1815, Loyalist John Kelly Spencer purchased 160 acres in what is now the centre of Cobourg from the son of Eluid Nickerson, Cobourg's first settler. He subdivided it and in 1827 built the Poplars on the northeast portion of his property. Spencer Street was named after Sheriff...
Image  ca.1970  420 Division Street. This residence was built in 1835 by Ebenezer Perry, who first arrived in Cobourg in 1815, and became first Chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners, which preceded a Town Council as governing body of the town. Woodlawn, as it is called, is an outstanding example of...
411 John Street 
Image  ca.1970  A very elegantly proportioned house, it was built by William Hitchins, a well-to-do grocer, around 1857.
Victoria College 
Image  ca.1970  This college is located on University Avenue at the head of College Street. Edward Crane was the architect and builder of Victoria College in 1836. It was built as the Academy of the Methodist Church and became one of Canada's earliest degree-granting universities in 1841. Egerton Ryerson, was its...
359 Division Street N. 
Image  ca.1970  This Georgian style dwelling was built in 1840 by William Grieve, and was used as his personal residence. It is probably the best early frame house left standing in Cobourg.
Division Street 
Image  ca.1970  East side of Division Street, north of King Street. Trinity United Church Steeple is in the background The centre building (with the double doorway) and the one to the left (318, 320, 322, 324 Division St. N.)are part of a group of early frame buildings constructed fro both commerical and domestic...
Dr. James Gilchrist House 
Image  ca. 1970  297 Division Street N. This house was built in 1841 by Dr. James Gilchrist specifically for use as both his office and residence. His brother, John, also a doctor, was the first medical doctor licensed by the Upper Canada Medical Board. One can still see vestiges of early style about the doorway,...
Phoenix Building 
Image  ca. 1970  240-246 Division St., 4,8,10 King Street East The Phoenix building takes up one town block - the whole east side of Division Street and about 100 feet of King Street. It is the longest and second largest commercial building in Cobourg. It empassed what was known as Smith's Block and over the years...
St. Peter's Anglican Church 
Image  ca.1970  Cobourg is known for having one of the earliest Church of England parishes in Upper Canada. In 1819 the property on which this church stands was sold by John Spencer to the local church wardens Walter Boswell and Robert Henry for the sum of ten pounds. The first church's frame was built in the...
St. Peter's Rectory 
Image  ca. 1970  118 King St. E. The present rectory was built in 1876-77 after the original rectory was moved. It sits on a spacious lot to the east of St. Peter's Anglican Church but most of the garden area in the back is now part of St. Peter's Court, a senior citizens residence.
New Hall (Pringle Home) 
Image  ca. 1970  160 King Street E. This house, once known as New Hall, is an excellent example of the "English Cottage Style" which was a style of housing popular in the second decade of the 20th century. It was built in 1913 by Clive Pringle, a lawyer, and later senator. Pringle's wife, Rebecca, was the...
Townsend Home 
Image  ca.1970  170 King St. E. This is a well-proportioned residence is of the Georgian style, and was built in the early 1840's by Joseph Townsend. Later it was owned by John Crease Boswell, an early Cobourg postmaster. Originally it was a two storey L-shaped home but has been added to sever times including two...
Henry Meredith Home 
Image  ca. 1970  262 Walton St. This attractive Regency house was built in 1856 by Henry Meredith. The garage was originally a small livery stable.
The Maples 
Image  ca.1970  272 King Street E. This charming Regency house, known as The Maples, was built by one of the founders of Campbellford, Mayor David Campbell, around 1840. It was later owned by William Kerr, a prominent Cobourg lawyer, early mayor, member of Parliament, and later senator.
The Lawn 
ImageComments:  ca. 1982  201 D'Arcy St. S. D'Arcy Boulton began construction of this house, his new residence in Cobourg, shortly after his marriage in 1838 to Emily Heath. The Lawn, as he called it, stands as one of the finest Regency villas in Ontario. In the early 1900's it was bought by an American woman who added...
Glebe Lawn 
Image  ca.1970  195 Queen St. Dr. James Auston built this house in 1854 on church-owned land - hence the name Glebe Lawn. (Glebe being a plot of land belonging to an English parish church or an ecclesiastical office)It was sold in 1871 to Captain Henry Walker, who bought the house to use as a summer home.
Haskell House 
Image  ca.1970  This building was erected in 1838 by Reverend Alexander Bethune, later second bishop of Toronto, for use as a theological College for the training of Anglican priests and was known as the Diocesan Theological Institute. Later it became integrated into the University of Trinity College in Toronto ....
Lydia Cornell residence 
Image  c.1990  139 Queen Street East This home was built in 1873 by Major David Taylor. It was purchased by Lydia Cornell, daughter of Colonel Douglas Cornell in 1919. She made a number of changes to the home and lived there till 1958 when she died. Her niece, Katharine Cornell was married in this house in 1922.
Mulholland House 
Image  c.1990  202 Church Street This splendid residence was built in 1878 by Robert Mulholland, a wealthy merchant. It is the best example of the Italianate style in Cobourg. It was later owned by first the Hoppers and then the Blacks. William Black's son, Harry St.Francis Black was born in Cobourg August 25,...
Richard Pomeroy Home 
Image  ca.1970  10 Chapel Street This house was built in the early 1850s by Richard Pomeroy who was a local merchant. It is standard Greek Revival style home.
Reverend Walton Beck House 
Image  ca.1970  308 Henry St. Corner of Henry and Chapel St. The facade faces Chapel Street, but it has a Henry Street address. This home was built in 1854 by Trevor Boulton who later sold it to the Reverend Beck. Reverend Beck married Georgina Boulton, daughter of George Strange Boulton.Rev. Beck later became...
Andrew Hewson House 
Image  ca. 1970  332 Henry St. This four-square brick home was built by Andrew Hewson, a Cobourg merchant and pre-Confederation town councillor, in 1856. It is once again owned and occupied by his descendants today.
Sidbrook Private Hospital 
Image  ca. 1970  411 King St. E. Built in 1857 by Kivas Tully for Henry Mason and remodelled in 1860 by Major David Campbell, it was then bought by William Abbott in 1901 who enlarged and again remodelled the house. The Abbotts owned the property till circa the 1950s. It is a fine example of the style known as...
Strathmore (Brookside School) 
Image  c.1960  Judge George Mackenzie Clark, a successful lawyer, local politician, staunch Conservative, and personal friend of Sir John A. Macdonald, purchased the future site of Brookside School in 1869. His wife was the daughter of William Weller. Initially this purchase totaled 180 acres, but it was...
Jacob Corrigal House 
Image  ca.1970  458 William Street This Ontario cottage style house was built circa 1842 by Jacob Corrigal, after he retired from the Hudson's Bay Company. It was considered a typical Gentleman's House that was often used when wanting a second storey.
Mount Fortune 
Image  ca.1970  173 Tremaine St. Mount Fortune, a splendid Greek revival home was built about 1840, possibly by Peter McGill. At one time it served as officers' mess for the Cobourg Militia during the Fenian Raids of 1866. Later it was the residence of James B. Fortune, sheriff and local politician of Cobourg in...
Down town Cobourg 
Cobourg Town Hall 
Image    Cobourg's town hall is one of the finest civic buildings in Canada. It was built in 1860 and formally opened by Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, King of England.
Chatterton Residence 
Image  unknown  50 Havelock St. Home of R.D. Chatterton who came to Cobourg about 1830 and was the first editor and proprietor of the Cobourg Star. He built this home in 1851.
Image  ca. 1970  Batterwood is the home of the Massey family, Canton, Ontario.
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