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The Story of the Years- Woman’s Missionary Society- United Church of Canada
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The Story of the Years- Woman’s Missionary Society- United Church of Canada
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We regret the many omissions of names and events in many of the local histories -- due to lack of information. Many records have been lost, some by fire, some by removal of officers and failure to pass them on to responsible members, some because of failure to realize the importance of sending such information to the ‘Archives’.

We acknowledge with gratitude the co-operation of Rev. Arthur Reynolds of the Archives, local members, and Mrs. William Gillespie, Vernonville, who during her four years as Press Secretary (1937-41) kept an up-to-date scrap book. Valuable information was obtained from Report books of early days preserved by Mrs. J. W. Roberts, District Organizer, and passed on to her niece, Florence Hall Lean, who has been custodian of the Presbyterial Scrap Book since the passing of Mrs. J. J. Way, Wooler, in 1952, and who has endeavored to compile this History from the material derived from the above named sources.

In this attempt to reproduce the great achievements of the past, we have ever been conscious of the fact that a great army of women are not mentioned but have contributed to the over-all success by great devotion and loyal support. They also have served, and form a part of that "Great multitude which no man could number".

Also there are other chapters, which have not been written, of the efforts of unnumbered missionaries Who have gone forth with the "Message", representing The Woman's Missionary Society, on the Home and Overseas Fields. Surely, "The half has not been told."

We also acknowledge with gratitude the co-operation of Foster M. Russell, Publisher, Mrs. H. T. Alien, and Mrs. Frank Westington.

Sincerely, (Mrs.) FLORENCE LEAN.


In the beginning the General Secretary of the Methodist Church, Dr. Sutherland, set in motion influences that have revolutionized the thought and purposes of the former Methodist woman, that have proved such a blessing to them, and through them, to thousands of women and children in other lands.

In 1881, "The Missionary Outlook" began its career; the first number appealing strongly for the formation of Women's Societies.

This appeal met with ready response; the women of the church were called – ‘they did not run before they were sent’. They owe their existence - not to the desire for prominence - but to the urgent need of the Church for their co-operation in the great Missionary service.

A similar experience must have been the beginning of the Presbyterian and Congregational urge for Women's work, for their beginnings in Organized effort were at about the same time.

The Watchword of the Presbyterian Society was: "The World For Christ!" Rev. 14:6; That of the Congregational Society: "Whatsoever He sayeth unto you do it."

That of the Methodist Society: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit," saith the Lord of Hosts;

"This is the victory that overcometh the world - even our faith."

The United Church of Canada Cobourg Presbyterial

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit," saith the Lord.

As we attempt, in humility and gratitude, to record a portion of the thrilling history of Cobourg Presbyterial Woman's Missionary Society, of the United Church of Canada, we are conscious of "being surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses."

‘Christian’ in ‘Pilgrim's Progress’, as he climbed the ‘Mountain of Desire’, would pause and look backward over the road he had travelled; and it seems fitting, that now we have completed our Pilgrimage as members of the Woman's Missionary Society, we too, pause for a backward look.

Gaining courage and inspiration, because of our reflections on our ‘victorious’ past, we may ‘go forward’, at the command of our great Leader and Guide, to face a future of united effort, in the whole Mission of the Church and World Brotherhood.

"Joyously our thanks we offer
That through all the unfolding years,
Thou, O God, hath led us forward
Through successes, hopes and fears.
Give to us a keen awareness
Of the challenge of today,
In the changing world about us;
Help us each our part to play.
Help us build the bridge and vision,
Cross the gulfs of race and creed,
That in peace and love united
We may meet each others need.
Joyously, we face the future,
Knowing thou’wilt be our guide,
Leading ever on and upward
Through the years, whate’er betide.

Cobourg Presbyterial was so much Methodist in background, and so many of the Auxiliaries had their beginning during the early days, we cannot record our history since Union, 1925, without some reference to this, in the histories which follow, as milestones.

In the early days, Cobourg District, as it was then known, was a part of the Central Branch, which extended from Toronto to Belleville.

The Dominion Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1881. At first there were only three Branches; Western, Central, and Eastern.

In 1893 a meeting was held in London to divide the Central Branch. At this time, it was decided to divide the Central Branch, according to Conference limits. From that time, we were in Bay of Quinte Branch.

Three years after Union, in 1928, Lindsay District was divided into Lindsay and Peterborough, and Cobourg District was divided into Cobourg and Oshawa.

In 1925, Union of the Congregational, Presbyterian, Methodist Churches came into effect. We were hereafter to be known as Cobourg Presbyterial Woman's Missionary Society.

On April 20th, 1926, in Trinity United Church, Cobourg, the Inaugural Service of Cobourg Presbyterial Woman's Missionary Society took place. Over 200 delegates and twice that many visitors attended.

Mrs. J. W. Roberts (Methodist), Mrs. J. T. Field (Congregational), and Mrs. (Rev.) W. A. Bremner (Presbyterian), representing the three United Societies, presided over the meetings.

The new Presbyterial placed itself on record as opposed to any backward step being taken in Temperance reform – pledged itself to support only such candidates as would further the Temperance cause.

Officers elected were as follows:
President: Mrs. J. W. Roberts.

Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. George Jackson, Port Perry.

Recording Secretary: Mrs. George Hammond, Campbellford.

Treasurer: Mrs. Pringle, Whit- by.

A delightful harmony is said to have prevailed throughout the meeting.

The second Annual Meeting was held in Port Hope, and the third in Brighton. Mrs. J. W. Roberts, who had served the Cobourg District as District Organizer from 1910 until the consummation of Union, and as President of the new Cobourg Presbyterial Woman's Missionary Society, for three years, resigned at this meeting. A beautiful basket of roses was presented to her by Mrs. Ashton, Campbellford, and Mrs. J. T. Field, Cobourg.

Names of other prominent workers, which appear in the records of early days of Union were: Mrs. (Dr.) Garland, Cobourg; Mrs. James McKinnon, Cobourg; Mrs. R. S. Newman, Castleton; Mrs. J. H. Johnston, Grafton; Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. Snelgrove, Mrs. Rose Maitland, Brighton; Mrs. George Hammond, Campbellford; Mrs. (Rev.) David, Baltimore; Mrs. J. T. Daley, Port Hope. (First President of Conference Branch), Port Hope.

Presidents throughout the years were --
Mrs. J. W. Roberts, Grafton
Mrs. (Rev.) J. F. Mears, Port Hope
Mrs. Ashton, Campbellford
Mrs. S. L. Terrill, Wooler
Mrs. S. J. Gray, Garden Hill
Mrs. E. C. Roberts, Campbellford
Mrs. (Rev.) P. F. Gardiner, Canton
Mrs. H. Ireland, Carman
Mrs. Eldred Lean, Cambome
Mrs. H. I. Alien, Castleton

Secretaries throughout the years were --
Mrs. George Hammond, Campbellford
Mrs. J. J. Way, Wooler
Mrs. Eldred Lean, Camborne
Mrs. Hedley Ireland, Carman
Mrs. Lornee Evans, Warkworth
Mrs. Clayton Taylor, Brighton
Mrs. Russell Stewart, Centreton
Mrs. Ed. Morton, Cobourg

Press Secretaries were --
Mrs. Nill, Roseneath
Mrs. Wm. Gillespie (who also prepared a well kept scrapbook), Vernonville
Mrs. Harry Hastings, Gore's Landing
Mrs. O. L. Morrow, Brighton
Mrs. J. J. Way, Wooler
Mrs. G. G. Marshall, Brighton
Mrs. K. Archer, Grafton
Scrap Book: Mrs. Eldred Lean, Camborne

Sectional Presidents --

Mrs. Ford, Camborne
Mrs. Reynolds, Port Hope
Mrs. A. Jaynes, Cobourg
Mrs. P. F. Gardiner, Canton
Mrs. Ed. Morton, Cobourg
Mrs. J. N. Lovelace, Roseneath
Mrs. N. D. McIntosh, Cold Springs

Mrs. H. B. Neal, Wooler
Mrs. E. C. Roberts, Campbellford
Mrs. M. A. Smale, Warkworth
Mrs. H. Ireland, Brighton
Mrs. H. I. Alien, Castleton
Mrs. James Deviney, Vernonville
Mrs. Morley Petherick, Campbellford

Treasurers were -
Mrs. Pringle, Whitby
Mrs. J. G. Findlay, Wicklow
Mrs. R. Crego, Roseneath
Mrs. F. K. Denyes, Brighton
Mrs. Clarence McMasters, Wooler
Mrs. Gilbert Wicks, Cobourg
Mrs. Kenneth Gotsell, Brighton
Mrs. E. Curtis Marshall, Brighton

Corresponding Secretaries -
Mrs. George Jackson, Port Perry
Mrs. A. Nill, Roseneath
Mrs. (Rev.) Partridge, Colborne
Mrs. F. N. Belyea, Port Hope
Mrs. Bradshaw, Cobourg
Mrs. E. H. Martyn, Port Hope
Mrs. (Rev.) A. C. Luffman, Baltimore
Mrs. M. T. Gardiner, Garden Hill

Christian Stewardship and Finance, a very vital Department of our work, was instituted at the beginning, Mrs. Mears named as Secretary.

At the Western Rally, held at Baltimore on October 20th, 1926, Mrs. Mears read the By-laws of her work, stating that it had been the duty of her Department to make the Allocation for each Auxiliary in the Presbyterial.

Mrs. Mears spoke of the necessity of raising money for a separate fund for expenses, giving different methods for doing this; but hoped members were practising the habit of ‘Systematic Giving’.

Our Allocation increasing with the years, has usually been met, and many years has been over subscribed, the amount over being voted to special projects, known as ‘Building Advance’.

We give thanks to our Heavenly Father, that we can look back over years of generous free will offerings as faithful women have responded to the requirements of ever growing needs, at home and overseas.

The fourth year (1929) our Presbyterial accepted the allocation of $12,501.00. This year (1961) we complete our History by sending to Branch Treasurer $18,511.84. Our allocation was $18,315.00.

The splendid system of financing our W.M.S. work in the former Methodist organization was adopted by the United Women's Missionary Society and has since been carried on. By use of this system all monies were on hand at the close of the year previous to the carrying out of projects at home and overseas.

The Supply Department of our Presbyterial, over the years, has sent countless bales of clothing, quilts, blankets, vacation packets, etc., etc., as required, to the Home and Overseas Missions. No record of the value of this practical service is available.

During the years the work of Baby Bands, Mission Bands, CGIT Groups, later Explorer Groups, have been sponsored and given leadership.

In the first records (1925-26), Mrs. (Dr.) Garland, we learn, was not only the president of the Cobourg Trinity Auxiliary, but was responsible for Baby and Mission Band as well. Miss Hazel Cannom was the first president of Trinity Mission Circle.

The Grafton Baby Band was referred to as doing a fine work in the early days, and for many years has been an inspiration to us all, under the capable leadership of Mrs. H. Bryson.

In the early years only one Young Woman's Auxiliary was reported (Vernonville, with six members). Later in 1926, Bethel Grove was reported.

During the years we have had several Circles, some have become Evening Auxiliaries, some have ceased to be. We have now at the close of our history, five Evening Auxiliaries; eight Affiliated Societies; givings $317.53.

One Circle with a membership of 16; givings, $100.00.

We have 12 Baby Bands: membership, 383; givings, $130.53. Mrs. H. Bryson, the dedicated superintendent.

29 Mission Bands: membership, 808; givings, $968.58. An over-all efficient leadership of Mrs. Clayton Thompson and Mrs. Gordon Sherwin.

One Explorers Group (Welcome) 12 members: givings, $10.00.

Conferences for these Younger Group Leaders have been held in both Eastern and Western Sections every year, with leaders from the Training School, and candidates for the Mission Fields in charge.

The Annual Presbyterial alternated in meeting in East and West in January, in late years, while the Sectional meetings were held in June. All these Rallies have enjoyed the privilege of hearing Missionaries on furlough, Officers of the Dominion Board and Conference Branch Presidents as speakers.

Many groups have enjoyed Christian Fellowship as they have gathered in central places from time to time to meet outstanding Missionaries.

Our quota of delegates have attended the Conference Branch meetings.

Several of our officers have been privileged to attend Dominion Board: Mesdames S. J. Gray, P. F. Gardiner, S. L. Terrill, Harold Beatty, Eldred Lean, H. I. Alien.

Serving on the Conference Branch Executive were: Mrs. J. W. Roberts, Mrs. J. G. Waite, Mrs. G. Young, Mrs. Wm. Underwood, Mrs. H. Ireland.

'Crusade Week' was widely observed in the early days, as a means of securing new members.

"Retirement Fund" was begun on July 1st, 1926; the capital of the fund kept invested, and the interest was paid to our missionaries on their retirement.

Two days of Thanksgiving were observed: "Easter" and "Harvest" when groups gathered for worship and to present thank-offerings; usually a Missionary or Presbyterial officer was speaker.

"The World Day of Prayer" was observed every year, usually in group attendance, and was a time of special significance, as we thought of prayer beginning at the rising of the sun over the Isles of the Pacific where the day begins, and continuing until the close of day in Hawaii, forty-eight hours of continuous prayer, which in quietness and confidence brings strength and hope.

"The sun never sets on the United Church of Canada."

The offerings on that day were part of a great project, that of writing, translating and printing Christian Literature in many lands. Also through our offerings on that day, we have a share in the work of Bible Society in the translation and circulation of the Scriptures.

The new Department of our Society, came into effect in 1928 at the meeting of the Dominion Board. The Department of Temperance which is now Department of Christian Citizenship.

The Methodist Society had for many years, Temperance Heralds, and a Temperance message was brought to each meeting.

At this session of Dominion Board, Mrs. Gordon Wright (an outstanding Temperance advocate) moved, and Mrs. J. S. Gordon, of Vancouver, seconded that a Department of Temperance be instituted, and a secretary for this Department be appointed with the understanding that the secretaryship be carried down through the organization. This motion carried.

The different Conference Branches carried out this recommendation with enthusiasm, revealing the deep interest of the women of the Society in Temperance.

The years that followed showed an increasing emphasis on Temperance Education both in Auxiliary and younger groups.

As Temperance became an issue in Provincial Elections, the women of our Society joined with others, through resolutions, delegations and their vote, in protesting against the increased facilities for the sale of alcohol.

The scope of the Department was widened to include other phases of Citizenship and for many years has been designated as "The Department of Christian Citizenship and Temperance."

In 1934, the Dominion Board proposed that some of the Central Conference Branches experiment in holding a School for Leaders.

The first one was held in Bay of Quinte Conference, at Ontario Ladies' College, Whitby, once known as "Trafalgar Castle", the last week in August, 1934, with a registration of 72. It is recorded that the cooperation of the Presbyterials of Bay of Quinte Conference was largely responsible for the organization of many such schools in the Dominion.

The programme carried out during the succeeding years was similar to that of the first year such as morning devotions. Missionary Education, Study Groups in methods for Auxiliaries, Circles, Mission Bands, Baby Bands, CGIT Groups, Explorers.

Outstanding speakers organized recreation, uplifting Vesper services, informal get-acquainted programmes, viewing visual aids, addresses by Scholarship students and Missionaries.

The finances of the School were met by donations of $25.00 from each Presbyterial and each student paying her own expenses, board and room.

The Dean was appointed by the Branch and the officers elected by the School.

Dr. and Mrs. Carscallen were host and hostess for many years, Dr. and Mrs. Osborne in later years.

The first Dean was Dr. Winnifred Thomas. The late Mrs. Smythe was Dean for thirteen years; Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Soper and Mrs. Stewart in later years.

Miss Netta Brownlee, Port Hope, has been Dean of the Younger Group since 1934. It has been said that through these inspiring sessions of School for Leaders, delegates have experienced "Heaven coming down, our souls to meet."

The Literature Department has been a great inspiration and source of information throughout the years. Miss Alice Henwood, Port Hope, was the first Literature secretary; as we complete our history, Mrs. Clayton Taylor is the last.

The Congregationalists had a Circulating Library and Mrs. J. T. Daley acted as custodian as it was brought into Union.

During the years we have had the 'Book Shelf’ and many Auxiliaries have had Reading Circles and Lending Libraries. The wonderful books, leaflets and programme suggestions provided for us in our preparation of Missionary Study, must not be underestimated.

At the time of Union, each Society had a monthly Periodical. These were combined to form "The Missionary-Monthly." During the first years our subscriptions numbered 745 and at the close of our history we were subscribing to 588.

The Junior Magazine known as the "Palm Branch" in the early days, has for many years been known as "The World Friends."

Now we are about to conclude our "Story of the Years", we feel that

During the years we have had a fine spirit of loyalty and dedication and have enjoyed a wonderful fellowship of kindred spirits.

Women whose names do not appear in this record have served faithfully in quiet corners, others have taken over when workers have been removed, thus the work has gone on.

Countless Missionaries have been sent overseas and to home mission fields, giving their all in service. It has been our great privilege to have a small share in their great unrecorded contribution.

Of the great unnumbered army of missionaries, we name three in whom we have had a special interest: Miss Mary Haig, whose home was in Baltimore, served for forty years in Japan and Formosa; Miss Luella Rorke, once a resident of Colborne, served forty years in Japan and Formosa; Mrs. W. R. MacWilliams (Bessie Winter) Wicklow, and her husband spent their allotted time in Japan; on retirement settled in British Columbia where they still minister to Canadian Japanese.

In addition to our contributions to our Allocation and Building Advance during the years, we have made contributions to a few other projects. One was "The Rest Fund" or "The Retirement Fund," previously mentioned. In 1948 a special fund was raised in Cobourg Presbyterial for the purpose of helping with a Protestant Church at Batawa, near Frankford, and many of our Auxiliaries contributed to the $308.00, which was used to purchase pulpit furniture as a gift from Cobourg Presbytery.

In 1952 an opportunity was given to share in an extension to the United Church Training School in Toronto. Our share was $5,800.00, and the allocation was divided. Mrs. (Rev.) P. F. Gardiner was in charge and visited many of the Societies presenting the plan. In 1954 he had subscribed $4,623.00 to the amount.

Mrs. Masih, of North India, was a guest of our Presbyterial in 1954, and a large and representative gathering greeted Mrs. Masih i n Colborne United Church. Mrs. Masih is the grand-daughter of a Moslem millionaire, who sacrificed his wealth and home to become a Christian.

It had not been the custom to present gifts to visiting speakers, but our Presbyterial joined with others in presenting a gift of refrigeration (our share was $32.00). We later received a letter of appreciation from Mrs. Masih.

We cannot complete our Presbyterial history without paying tribute to the late Mrs. F. W. K. Harris of Peterborough, who has been a frequent and much loved guest at outstanding events in local and Presbyterial history.

Mrs. Harris was a former resident of Coldsprings, attending school in Coldsprings and Cobourg Collegiate. After their retirement she and Rev. F. W. K. Harris resided in Peterborough.

Mrs. Harris was a member of Bay of Quinte Conference Branch W.M.S., also former Dean of Bay of Quinte School for Leaders, and prominent in Peterborough W.M.S. Circles, and brought many inspiring messages to Cobourg Presbyterial.

Mrs. (Dr.) J. H. McKinney, Brooklin, Ont, formerly a resident of Cold Springs, served as President of Bay of Quinte Conference Branch Woman's Missionary Society, and was a frequent and honored speaker at Presbyterial and local gatherings.

As we close the door on the past and venture into the unknown, let us consider the words of an unknown author as he speaks of:


Turn not in vain regret
To our fond yesterdays.
But rather, forward set
Thy face to the untrodden ways.
Open thine eyes to see
The good in store for thee:
New love, new thoughts, new service, too,
For Him who daily maketh thy life new.
Nor think thou, ought is lost
Or left behind upon the silent coast
Of thy spent years.
Give o'er our faithless fears
Whatever of real good
Of thought or deed or holier mood
Thy life hath known
Abideth still thine own.
And hath within significance
Of more than times' inheritance:
Thy good is prophecy
Of better still to be.

We now "Go Forward" at His bidding, into the "Whole Mission of the Church and the Brotherhood of man."


Alderville Woman's Missionary Society was organized in the year 1928 - 28, and the Executive was as follows:

President - Mrs. Ernest Crowe.
Corresponding Secretary - Mrs. N. Wilding.
Other two members were - Rev. N. Wilding and Mrs. Norman Marsden.

The next year it was reported "disorganized." At this time there were 15 members and $10.00 had been sent to Branch Treasurer.


Baltimore Methodist Woman's Missionary Society was organized in December 1891, by Miss Bennett, with seventeen members.

President – Mrs. Peake
Vice-President – Mrs. R. Teney
Sec. (Rec.) – Miss Williams
(Cor.) Sec. – Miss Mitchell
Treasurer – Miss E. A. Peake

Members: Mesdames Brisbin, J. C. Elliott, McEvers, McCutcheon, Blezard, N. Chapman, Philp, Ball, J. Fraser; Misses J. Blezard, C. Blezard, S. Blezard, Mitchell; Mesdames P. Smith, Peters, W. Smith, Kelly, Day, F. Lapp, J. Mulholland, Jennie Cochrane, E. Brisbin.

The second year there were 28 members with an average of 10. Presidents before Union were minister's wives: Peake, Wilson, Mears, Elliott, Nickle.

In succeeding years, serving as presidents, were: Mrs. A. G. Mann, Mrs. (Rev.) J. David (several terms), Mrs. Wm. Mann, Mrs. Henry Mann, F. Ball, J. McKague, C. D. Mann, F. Cochrane, A. Mann, C. Brisbin (several terms).

Five years later in 1886 there were eighteen members with an average attendance of seven. The amount sent to the Branch Treasurer was $33.50.

In 1952 an Evening Auxiliary was organized. The presidents who have served are: Mesdames Stephens, Jack Staples, L. West, D. Ball, J. Clapperton, and B. C. Roberts.

Secretaries: Mesdames M. Noble, G. Liriton, .,H. Butters, D. May, L. West, J; Staples.

A Mission Band was organized in the early years known as "Ever Ready". Some of the leaders were: Mesdames A. G. Mann, H. A. Burwash, C. D. Mann, A. Jaynes, A. W. Mann, Honey, D. May, F. Cochrane, Miss Jean Butters, Mrs. B. Roberts, Mrs. Gordon Sherwin.

Baby Bands and C.G.LT. groups have been sponsored during the years and supply bales sent as requested.

Members serving on Presbyterial Executive were: Mrs. A. C. Luffman, Miss Alice Burwash, Mrs. Gordon Sherwin and Mrs. B. Roberts.

Missionaries of special interest to our Society were: Miss Mary Haig, and Rev. Floyd and Mrs. Honey.

In 1960 number of members: 21; amount sent Branch, $347.60.

Mrs. Charles Buttars, a Life Member, was responsible for making eight Life Members during the last year of her life.


Mrs. T. W. Philp was Corresponding Secretary for a few years previous to the organization of Bethesda South Woman's Missionary Society in September 1895.

The first officers were: President, Mrs. J. Rosevear; Vice-President, Mrs. Keeler; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Watt; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. T. W. Philp; Treasurer, Mrs. Hawkey.

There were seven annual members with an average attendance of five, and the amount sent to the Branch Treasurer the first year was $17.67.

The second year the membership and average attendance were the same. The amount sent was $27.65.

The members were: Mesdames Simpson, Hoskin, Raby, J. Rosevear, Taylor.

Two Mission Bands were organized, known throughout the years as "Sunset and Sunrise” Bands. At the time of Church Union the leaders were: Miss Annie Budd, 'Sunrise', and Miss Ola Watt, 'Sunset'.

During the years devoted leaders carried on the work of the Mission Bands, some of whom were: Mrs. H. Raby, Miss Grace Winn, Mrs. Everet Philp, Mrs. Albert Bell, Miss Mary Philp, Mrs. Arthur Bickle, Miss Roberta Philp, and Mrs. D. Cluff who was leader in 1961.

Presidents during the years were: Mesdames Keeler (2 yrs.), Watt (5), M. Raby (2), T. W. Philp (10), A. Simpson (2), G. Wragg (2), H. Tinney (3), A. Winn (2), Miss Grace Winn (4), and as Mrs. H. May (2), Mrs. H. Bickle (12), Mrs. H. Budd (4), Mrs. D. Archer (2), and Mrs. S. Macklin who was president at the close.

Bethesda South has enjoyed a wonderful fellowship throughout the years within their own Society and with surrounding Auxiliaries.

At the time of Church Union the officers were: President, Mrs. A. Winn; Executive: Mesdames Macklin, Everett Philp and Miss Addie Morton.

There were at that time 32 members, and $167.00 was sent to Branch Treasurer. In 1961 Mrs. S. Macklin was president, with 28 members and the amount sent to Presbyterial Treasurer was $331.00.


The Bethesda (Harwood) Woman's Missionary Society was organized on July 16th, 1902, with nine ladies present.

The Minister's wife, Mrs. James Ross, moved that a Missionary Auxiliary be formed, which was seconded by Mrs. Wm. Isaac and carried.

Elected to office were: President, Mrs. Richard Clapperton; Vice-president, Mrs. Wm. Isaac; 2nd Vice-president, Mrs. Alex Skeen; Secretary, Miss Lillian Isaac; Treasurer, Mrs. (Rev.) James Ross.

There were 15 paid members on the roll. Meetings were held on the third Wednesday of each month.

The Golden Anniversary was celebrated on July 16th, 1952, with Bethesda United Church, with many of the former members present - three of them charter members: Mrs. A. J. McFiggin, Miss Lillian Isaac (now Mrs. Dawson Sherwin), and Mrs. Davidson. 115 attended. It is interesting to note that this anniversary was held on the same day of the week, the same week and the same date of the month as the Society was formed 50 years before. Mrs. (Rev.) Fisher of Brooklin was the guest speaker.

In 1902 there were 15 members - in 1961 there were 28 paid members.

In 1903 the amount sent to Branch Treasurer was $30.00.

In 1961 the amount sent to Branch Treasurer was $175.00.

Mrs. Hilton Graham was made a Life member in 1954 and in 1960, Mrs. Harrington came to Bethesda as a Life Member.

Presidents over the years were: Mesdames Richard Clapperton, W. R. (Rev.) Johnston, S. E. Isaac, Miss Ina Dennison (several terms), Mrs. W. H. (Rev.) Alp, Mrs. (Rev.) T. McNaught, Mrs. (Rev.) T. McCord, Mrs. A. Carruthers, Mesdames T. L. Harvey, F. D. McCulloch, A. Lawton, Hilton Graham (several terms), Mrs. R. E. Drope, Mesdames George Isaac (several terms), D. Herriot, Stewart Greer, Garnet Isaac.

Secretaries 1902 - 1961: Miss Lillian Isaac, Mrs. Richard Clapperton, Miss Ella Isaac, Miss Lillian Isaac, Miss Ina Dennison, Mrs. James Butters. No records from 1932 - 1938. Miss Ina Dennison.

No early record of Mission Band is available. In recent years leaders were: Mrs. George Isaac, Mrs. Jack Robson, Mrs. Glenn Hogg.

The ladies of the church and W.M.S. were formed into four groups, three leaders on each group, each leader to be responsible for one meeting.

We have joined with St. John's W.A. Anglican members for World Day of Prayer each year. Have had Easter and Autumn Thankoffering meetings each year and mostly twelve meetings a year.

Delegates have attended Sectional Rallies and Presbyterial when possible.

In Bethesda United Church, a memorial window commemorates the faithful workers of the Bethesda Woman's Society, "Their works do follow them."


Bethel Grove Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1918 with twelve members and in that year the amount sent to Branch Treasurer was $46.50.

The Executive consisted of: President, Mrs. H. Bickle; Secretary, (Cor.), Miss Ruby Dayman; Treasurer, Mrs Marshall; Superintendent of Christian Stewardship, Mrs. Martin.

Presidents serving during the years were: Mrs. Luther Cole and Mrs. Stanley 'Lancaster.

After a period of years, Bethel Grove Woman's Missionary Society became an affiliated society, Mrs. Stanley Etcher (W.A.) president.

Thank-offering services were held in connection with Church services, and contributions were made to Conference Branch.

During the years of 1939 – 1942, Miss Georgina Cole was associated with Cobourg Presbyterial Executive as Secretary of Mission Circles.


Brighton Woman's Missionary Society was organized in March, 1886, by Miss Taggart, District Organizer. No record is available until 1892 when the following list of officers was reported: President, Mrs. J. S. Clarke; Vice-president, Mrs. Wm. Brooks; Recording Secretary, Mrs. J. S. Davis; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Taggart; Treasurer, Mrs. R. Hewitt. There were 15 members, Mesdames Sanford, Reddick, Morrow, C. Lockwood, Wm. Martin, G. Sherwood, H. J. S. Scripture, N. B. H. Dean, Gordon, G. Miller, J. Cornwall, Miss Brooks. The amount sent to Branch Treasurer, $26.00.

Early presidents were: Miss Taggart, Mesdames (Rev.) Watch, (Rev.) Clarke, Miss Taggart, Mesdames (Rev.) J. C. Wilson, (Rev.)Edmison.

At the time of Church Union, two auxiliaries reported, St. Andrew's, with an executive of Mesdames McLeod, Garland, Vincent and Brown; Trinity, with an executive of Mesdames A. Edwards, George Sullivan, A. O. Maybee, C. Bush.

Some of the presidents known to have served since Union: Mesdames J. E. Anderson, Roy Bird, Charles Hamilton, Clayton Taylor, V. C. Chapman, and at the close, Mrs. Clayton Taylor. Number of members, 54; contribution to the Presbyterial Treasurer, $1131.81.

A Mission Band, known as The Jessie Munroe Band was organized in 1899 and the name of Thorhilda Demille was given as corresponding secretary. There were 43 members and that year $26.61 was sent to Branch Treasurer. At the close of our W.M.S. Mrs. J. L. Bundle was leader with 24 members.

Serving on the Presbyterial Executive were: Mesdames Maybee, Fred Sherman, 0. L. Morrow, Rose Maitland, E. C. Brown, F. Denyes, Wm. Dunk, K. Gotsell, Wade Morrow, M. Wright, Cecil Marshall, Curtis Marshall, Clayton Taylor and Mrs. Hedley Ireland, who served in many offices as secretary, president of the Eastern Section and as president of the Presbyterial. Mrs. Ireland also served as Periodical Secretary on the Conference Branch Executive.

There have been many outstanding active members in the past and in 1943 at a membership tea, three of these were honored when Life Membership Pins were presented to Mrs. Fred Sherman, Mrs. Maybee, and Mrs. O. L. Morrow, who had spent many years in active service.


During the year 1936-37, the first Evening Auxiliary of Trinity - St. Andrew's United Church, Brighton, was formed. The Senior members of the existing Mission Circle became the first members of the new organization. Mrs. Hubert McConnell was the first president, Miss Iva Fiddick (now Mrs. Maurice Herrington) was the corresponding secretary, and the Strangers Secretary was Miss Irene Sanford.

Fifty-five members made up the first society and $140.00 was sent to the Presbyterial Executive the first year.

During "Old Home Week" in 1938, the Auxiliary served tea on the church lawn to the many visitors who came to Brighton.

One of our members, the late Miss Agnes Quinn became a missionary to the Indians in Western Canada.

Following is the list of officers for 1961: President, Mrs. Wm. Dunk; 1st Vice-president, Mrs. F. J. Graham; 2nd Vice-president, Mrs. Ross Branscombe; secretary, Mrs. George Thomson; Treasurer, Mrs. Ben Brown; Citizenship Secretary, Mrs. Robert Bird; Stewardship Secretary, Mrs. Wm. Robb; Supply Secretary, Mrs. Gerald Simpson; Literature Secretary, Mrs. Clifford Rusk; Friendship Secretary, Mrs. Leighton Rundle; Missionary Monthly Secretary, Mrs. Lucy Scott.

We have a membership of 52 and this year 1961, have sent $955.00 to the Presbyterial Treasurer.


The Camborne Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1900, with a membership of five: Mesdames James Harper, Joseph Harper, Ed. Howell, Stevens, Bray. These faithful interested women contributed the first year $5.00.

By 1915 the membership had increased to 12 annual members and one life member; average attendance was 8. $59.55 was sent to the Branch Treasurer. A bale containing 5 quilts and used clothing valued at $30.00 was sent to the Deaconess Home, Toronto.

The Cobourg District Convention was held in this church in June, and dinner was served to 200 by the W.M.S. members and two members had previously been appointed to see that hay and oats were provided for the horses.

1917 was the year of the "Branch Silver Jubilee". On December 6th our Auxiliary celebrated by having Mrs. J. W. Roberts of Wicklow, the District Organizer, address an open meeting in the church. She afterwards organized "The Little Light Bearers", the first such group in the district.

By 1920 the membership had increased to 32 annual members and one Life Member (the largest membership in the history of our Society). The average attendance was 22. Amount sent to Branch Treasurer was $104.00 and a bale valued at $49.00 was sent.

Miss Susie Hinman, missionary on furlough from India, addressed Easter Thankoffering meeting. An offering of $19.00 was received.

1925, the year the "United Church of Canada" was inaugurated, was a year of changes and advancement for the Woman's Missionary Society.

Systematic giving by envelope was adopted, members were divided into groups. Membership remained the same and $112.00 was sent to Branch Treasurer.

In 1930 Mrs. George Campbell, wife of the Minister, organized a W.C.T.U., and during the years this organization co-operated with the W.M.S., as separate meeting did not seem feasible. The period devoted to Christian Citizenship was a time of discussion covering the work of both societies.

In 1933 the Society was making use of the Travelling Library, encouraging more reading. Mrs. J T. Daley, Port Hope, was Librarian.

From 1933 to 1948 the membership and average attendance were much the same and we were able to meet our allocation which was $193.10 for several years.

On May 10th, 1950, the 25th Anniversary of the Woman's Missionary Society of the United Church of Canada was observed. A FOUR-FOLD Programme was used. (1) Worship, (2) Growing with the years in the Society as a whole, (3) Growing with the years in our Auxiliary, (4) Closing Litany of Dedication to advance.

The officers each gave a brief review of their work during the 25 years. During that time four of our officers had been called to higher service. Two minutes of silence were observed in their memory.

Membership 25; average attendance 15; reached allocation of $260.00.

In 1955 the membership was 26 annual and 2 Life Members, average attendance 14. An award of a book, "September Monkey", was received from Cobourg Presbyterial, our members having read the greater number of books during the year. The allocation in 1955 was $315.00; sent to Presbyterial Treasurer $319.75.

The allocation from 1946 - 61amounted to $4,779.00.

We are grateful to report having sent $4,783.00.

During the years, eleven monthly meetings were held and an Autumn Thankoffering each year. The Study Book and helps were used, also suggestions for worship services, printed in the Missionary Monthly.

The Easter Thankoffering was usually received on Easter Sunday morning in the church service. The "World Day of Prayer" was observed each year and contributions sent for "Building Advance."

Some of the methods used for raising money were: (1) Offering at each meeting. (2) Special offering at Easter and Thanksgiving. (3) In 1919 each member was asked to donate the price of a dozen eggs at each meeting. This method was used until Union. (4) An autograph quilt was made in 1931, 10 cents per name, and sold for $6.60. (5) An afghan was made of crocheted wool blocks and sold for $11.00 (1932).

The first president recorded was Mrs. (Rev.) Limbert; Vice-president, Mrs. Bray; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Snelgrove; Corresponding Secretary, Beatrice Limbert; Treasurer, Mrs. James Harper.

Succeeding presidents were: Mesdames (Rev.) Johnson, (Rev.) Snowdon, J. Sandercock, G. Lacey, Henry Harper, (Rev.) Campbell, H. Lander, Luther Davey, Hugh Halligan, G. Lacey, B. Palmateer, Eldred Lean.

The service of faithful officers over the years acknowledged: Mrs. Wm. Jibb, served as secretary for 7 years, 1917-23. Mrs. Don Williamson as secretary for 14 years, 1923-1937. Mrs. Hugh Halligan as secretary for 5 years, 1937-1942. Mrs. Stanley Jamieson as secretary for 14 years, 1942 -1959. Mrs. Mellville Sandercock as treasurer for 18 years, 1944 -1961. Mrs. Rue Palmateer as president for 9 years, 1951-1960. Mrs. G. Lacey as president for many years at intervals. Mrs. H. Lander attended 168 meetings (absent 12) 1947-1961.

This is a short report of 61 years of service. If time and space would allow a full account of the services of each member and officer the report would still be incomplete, for words fail to reveal the actual deep love and faithful devotion behind their actions.

The following members have served on the Presbyterial Executive: Mrs. W. J. Jibb as Christian Stewardship secretary; Mrs. Mellville Sandercock as Associate Members secretary; Mrs. Eldred Lean as Christian Citizenship secretary, as Recording secretary, as vice-president and as president. Mrs. Lean also was a delegate to the Dominion Board.

The Mission Band was organized in 1925 and known as "The Good Cheer Band." Early leaders were: Miss Clarice Snelgrove, Jessie Fisher, Lorna Ford, Marjorie Wood, Gertrude Williamson, Mrs. F. J. Horwood, Mrs. Lander, Mrs. M. Grieve, Mrs. (Rev.) Wesley, Mrs. (Rev.) P. C. Brown took over leadership and carried on during their pastorate. Mrs. M. Lacey, Mrs. O. Snelgrove and Miss Lois Snelgrove who was leader at the close of our Woman's Missionary Society.

We conclude this brief history with gratitude for all help received and as the W.M.S. book is closed may we with God's help look forward in faith to "The United Church Women."

"Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts."


In May 1899, the Canton Woman's Missionary of the Methodist Church was organized during the Pastorate of Rev. H. B. Kenny. The first record of minutes was made on September 13, 1909.

Miss Annie Harris was the first president and Mrs. Maria Abra- ham was first recording secre- tary. Four members were in at- tendance. Fees for members at that time was $1.00 a member. That year $13.00 was sent to Branch Treasurer.

In 1901 officers were elected as follows: President, Mrs. E. Hawkins; Rec. and Cor. Secretary, Miss G. Hawkins; Treasurer, Mrs. J. F. Hawkins. Members were: Mesdames C. Harris, W. Peters, S. Bromell, A. Barrie, M. Robinson, Abraham, Misses Ada Hawkins, Harris.

In 1916 this Society held their first World Day of Prayer, a service in which the women of the world united in a common worship.

A Mission Band was organized in the Public School on April 3, 1914, by Rev. J. W. Cannorn and Mrs. W. A. Peters, president of the W.M.S., with Miss Pearl Mason the first leader.

A Baby Band was organized in 1929 with Mrs. Tom Smith as leader.

Bunker Hill School Mission Band was organized by Mrs. S. Bennett in 1948 with Mrs. Norman Bosnell as leader.

C.G.I.T. was first organized in 1938 but only carried on for a year. In 1950 it was organized again by Mrs. S. Bennett with leaders Mrs. L. Mills and Mrs. J. dark with sixteen members and is still very active under the leadership of Miss Ruth Mills and Mrs. Gordon Austin.

Names which have been on the Life Membership Roll are: Miss Annie Harris, Miss Elsie Peters, Mrs. Frank Bamsey, Mrs. Willa Peters, Mrs. Will Callendar, Mrs. (Rev.) H. A. Bunt, Mrs. (Rev.) J. F. Lane, Mrs. W. J. Gist, Mrs. Wilbur Barrie, Mrs. F. R. Currelly. On the present list are: Mrs. M. Bickle, Miss Bertha Langdon, Mrs. C. Langdon, Mrs. F. R. Currelly (nee Barrie), Mrs. S. Bennett.

Bequests to our Society have been received from the late Miss Annie Harris and Miss Armanel Peters.

W.M.S. Presidents - 1905, Mrs. A. M. Irwin; , 1907, Mrs. W. A. Peters; 1909,. Miss A. Harris; 1912, Mrs. (Rev.) W. Smart; 1913, Mrs. W. A. Peters; 1916, Miss A. Harris; 1935, Mrs. T. C. Barrie; 1936, Miss W. A. Peters; 1938, Miss B. Langdon; 1939, Mrs. W. Barrie; 1943, Mrs. (Rev.) P F. Gardiner; 1950, Mrs. S. Bennett; 1959, Mrs. Ed Long; 1960, Mrs. S. Bennett to 1962, when the group will unite with new group to form U.C.W.

The present membership is 10 annual members and 5 Life Members. Amount sent to Branch Treasurer 1960, $223.35 – 17 times as much as the first recorded year; 4 times as many members.

Members who have served on the Presbyterial Executive: Mrs. P. F. Gardiner as president (who also attended Dominion Board); Mrs. S. C. Bennett, Mission Band Superintendent; Mrs. F. C. Currelly (nee Barrie) as Young People's Dept. Superintendent.

Our study this year has included Drama, Films, Missionary Speaker Miss Mamie Gollan of "All Nations" in Toronto.


The Woman's Missionary Society of St. John's United Church was organized first in the Methodist Church in 1889, in response to an appeal from the Board of Missions, through their secretary, the late Dr. Sutherland. He put the question to the Christian women of the Church, as to what they could do for their sisters in foreign lands.

The first Auxiliary was formed in Centenary Church, Hamilton, on June 23, 1881.

In the first year the revenue of the Societies was two hundred dollars and was devoted to the work among the Indian girls in British Columbia.

In 1883, the Toronto and Bay of Quinte Branches were organized. Mrs. Carman, wife of Dr. Carman, was the first president of Belleville District; Mrs. Levi Massey the vice-president and District Organizer.

Six years later when revival services were being held in Campbellford Church, Mrs. Massey visited the Church, and on February 21, 1889, addressed a meeting of women, when 61 joined the first Woman's Missionary Society of Campbellford United Church (then the Methodist Church).

Officers elected were: President, Mrs. McMaster; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. J. A. Frederick; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. John Harris (then Miss Mason); Recording Secretary, Mrs. Eakins; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Geo. Mills; Treasurer, Mrs. J. G. Vosper; Committee of Entertainment, Miss Mason, Miss Mould, Mrs. Geo. M. Mills.

Among the names of members as remembered were: Mesdames Jas. White, McBroom, Howson, J. A. Irwin, Wynn, Skitch, Bailey, Chase, Hoover, Osterhout, Cummings, Davison, Beatty, W. W. Stevens, Peake, S. Free, A. Free, Harris, C. West, Wm. Barnett, E. Diamond, Lillian Reynolds, Eakins. The average attendance during the first year was 42, and the contribution was $125.71.

Campbellford organized a Mission Band (Day Spring) with a membership of 31; president, Mrs. C. W. Turner; secretary, Tillie Turner.

The 50th Anniversary (Golden) was observed in 1939. A Sunday service was held with Mrs. C. Maxwell Loveys, Home Secretary of the General Board as speaker at both services, giving interest- ing and inspirational addresses. In the morning she spoke of the work of the Woman's Missionary Society in the far West - in the Peace River District and British Columbia. Hospitals and schools had been established which filled urgent needs; doctors and nurses and teachers had gone forth, fil- led with the spirit of the Master, to minister to the sick, the suf- fering and to the children of new Canadians.

In the evening, Mrs. Loveys spoke more about the work ab- road, referring particularly to the Madras Conference, and to the subsequent visit to Toronto of outstanding converts and leaders of this Conference. One felt that missionary work was well worth while. In the morning the choir rendered the ringing anthem, "Send Out The Light,"and Mrs. A. G. Watson sang a lovely solo. In the evening, the Mission circle formed the choir, and Mrs. Stephen Twigg very sweetly sang a solo. After the evening service the members of the W.M.S. and others met Mrs. Loveys downstairs and had an enjoyable friendship hour.

On Thursday evening a social gathering with an outstanding programme was held, completing the observance of 50 years of service. Mrs. Hammond was the eloquent speaker on this occasion, giving an historical address of great interest, paying tribute to many workers. A birthday cake with 50 candles was cut and served with a cup of tea.

Presidents who have served during the years include Mesdames McMaster, J. T. Vosper, T. M. Campbell, W. H. Ashton (two terms), O. Kingston, H. E. Carmahan, Geo. Oliver, Andrew Haig, E. C. Roberts (a number of years), W. T. Scott, A. E. Burgie, W. D. Bennett, W. A. Kingston, E. Hawley, Morley Petherick, Mrs. Ashton, served in many capacities, also as president of Cobourg District, then as president of Bay of Quinte Conference Branch.

Officers who have served during the years on District and later on Presbyterial Executives, include Mrs. Ashton, Mrs. O. Kingston, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. H. B. Neal, Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. W. A. Kingston, Mrs. R. J. Lambert, Mrs. M. Petherick, also Mrs. (Rev.) H. B. Neal on the former District Ex.

Reported in 1960 were: Afternoon Auxiliary, 49 members, contributing $768.00; Evening Auxiliary, 59 members, contributing $1,087.00. (The Evening Auxiliary having graduated from the one time Mission Circle).

Mission Band, 32 members, contributing $50.00.

Note: Mrs. Ashton was for many years a Conference Branch Leader in Mission Bands. Mrs. Hammond was the first Recording Secretary of the new Presbyterial elected in Trinity Church, Cobourg, on April 20, 1926.


In 1937 or 1938 Mrs. Mills took over the Mission Circle and re-organized it as an Evening Auxiliary. Under her leadership the Auxiliary became strong and active.

Presidents serving through the years were: Mesdames Mills, Pierce, Marjorie Johnston, Edna Cochrane, Gladys Sills, Isobel McMaster, Miss Dorothy Kingston, Mrs. Ruth Holmes, Joyce Gunter, Beatrice Horsman, Mrs. June Bennett, (repeating in office) Mrs. Ruth Holmes.

When the Auxiliary was formed under Mrs. Mills, the membership was 30. At the close of W.M.S. history the membership was 60. During the last 2 years over $1,009.00 a year was sent to the Branch Treasurer.


CARMAN Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1912 by the late Mrs. W. S. Boyce, wife of the pastor on the Smithfield circuit at that time.

The first president was the late Mrs. Joel Maybee, other officers being Mrs. Milton Maybee, Mrs. Rickard Morgan and Mrs. Andrew German. Twenty-five annual members and one Life Member are recorded during the first year. $57.10 was sent to the Treasurer the first year.

During the past fifty years, 22 presidents have held office; four of our past presidents have held Presbyterial offices in Cobourg Presbyterial. The second president, Mrs. J. L. Ross was vice-president of Belleville Presbyterial. One of our past presidents, Mrs. Hedley Ireland of Brighton, has served on the Cobourg Presbyterial Executive for a period of fifteen years. Other past presidents on the executive were: Mrs. George Adams, Christian Citizenship Secretary; Mrs. Everett Coltman, Supply Secretary; Mrs. Harold Morgan, Baby Band Secretary, and later First Vice-President. Mrs. Maurice Bulman was Literature Secretary for a term.

There have been six Life Members during the years.

The Sectional Rally has been held at Carman at least 6 times.

Bales of clothing and quilts have been sent overseas each year. A layette and other articles have been donated to an orphanage in Africa. New dresses for girls of all ages up to fourteen were also sent to the orphanage.

In September 1937 the twenty-fifth anniversary of our Society was observed with several other societies being guests.

On August 30, 1961, the 50th year since organization was held at the church with a special celebration. One hundred and fifty were in attendance, at a day long to be remembered, when former residents of this community and members of the W.M.S. renewed acquaintance. One of the highlights of the day was the presence of the Second President, Mrs. J. L. Ross of Wellington, the only living charter member who recently passed her 80th birthday, and her daughter Mrs. Kenneth Woodsworth of Toronto, well known as a former member of the Dominion Board of the W.M.S. The daughter, grand-daughter and great-granddaughter of the organizer of the Society, Mrs. W. S. Boyce, were also among the guests.

As in the first year of organization, the number of members for 1961 are 25 annual and one Life Member, but the allocation for 1961 was $507.00, as compared to the sum of $57.00 sent in 1912.

The president for the closing year 1960 - 1961, was Mrs. Harold Morgan.


In December 1886, a Mrs. Massey came to the Methodist Church, Castleton, and organized a Woman's Missionary Society with a membership of 28. The first president was Miss Drusilla Richards, a school teacher, and in 1887 the W.M.S. raised $16.30. In 1891 Mrs. Doyle, mother of the late Senator Iva Fallis, was president and the givings had increased to $53.00. During the early years several ministers' wives served as presidents. In 1893 our Auxiliary became a member of the new Bay of Quinte Branch.

Mrs. R. S. Newman became president in 1918 and served for 14 years, thus covering the period of Church Union. Some grand old ladies who served faithfully for long terms were Mrs. Elgie Moore, a treasurer; Mrs. Charles Nicholl, a secretary; Mrs. Nathan Gaffield, a president; Mrs. James Honeywell, a secretary, and later a president; and Mrs. Ben Andrus who was blind.

The envelope system of giving was adopted in 1940 while Mrs. G. Welton, daughter of Mrs. Newman, was president. In 1948 the Baby Band was organized by Mrs. J. C. McKague who also served as treasurer of Auxiliary and later as president. A secretary with many years of service was the late Mrs. A. Kemp. Records show that there had been a Mission Band but it had disbanded due to lack of leadership. About 8 years ago it was re-organized by Mrs. G. Ellis and Mrs. J. C. McKague.

In 1956 we celebrated our 70th Anniversary with Mrs. J. H. McKinney, as speaker, former members and neighbouring Auxiliaries as guests. The three eldest members did the honours, Mrs. D. Arkles and Miss Farrell poured tea and Mrs. G. Harnden, mother of the president, Mrs. H. I. Allen, cut the birthday cake. Then in October 1961 we had a special meeting for our 75th Anniversary with Mrs. S. J. Gray, guest speaker, two older members, Mrs. W. Day and Mrs. Leach pouring tea and Mrs. Harnden again cutting the cake.

Through the years we have presented numerous life memberships and others have made themselves life members. We close this year 1961 with 7 Life and 14 Annual Members. Since their beginning in 1930, 4 Sectional Rallies have been held in Castleton Church.

Our last president is Mrs. Gordon Carr, a granddaughter of a charter member, the late Mrs. Anthony May. Four Auxiliary presidents and a minister's wife served on Presibyterial Executive; Mrs. R. S. Newman as Corresponding Secretary, 1928-31; Mrs. (Rev.) M. L. Hinton, as Press Secretary, 1934-37, then as Temperance Secretary, 1937-41; Mrs. G. Welton, Secretary of Mission Circles, 1951-55; Mrs. H. I. Allen as Vice-President of Eastern Section, 1950-54, as 1st Vice-president, 1956-60, as President of Cobourg Presbyterial, 1960-61, and Delegate to Dominion Board, 1960.

ords show that there had been a Mission Band but it had disband- ed due to lack of leadership. Ab- out 8 years ago it was re-organ- ized by Mrs. G. Ellis and Mrs J C. McKague. In 1956 we celebrated our 70th Anniversary with Mrs. J. H. Mc- Kinney, as speaker, former mem- bers and neighbouring Auxiliar- ies as guests. The three eldest members did the honours, Mrs. D. Arkles and Miss Farrell poured tea and Mrs. G. Harnden, mother of the president, Mrs. H. I. Alien, cut the birthday cake. Then in October 1961 we had a special meeting for our 75th Anniversary with Mrs. S. J. Gray, guest spea- ker, two older members, Mrs. W. Day and Mrs. Leach pouring tea and Mrs. Harnden again cutting the cake. Through the years we have presented numerous life member- ships and others have made themselves life members. We close this year 1961 with 7 Life and 14 Annual Members. Since their beginning in 1930, 4 Sec- tional Rallies have been held in Castleton Church. Our last president is Mrs. Gor- don Carr, a granddaughter of a charter member, the late Mrs. Anthony May. Four Auxiliary presidents and a minister's wife served on Presibyterial Executive; Mrs. R. S. Newman as Corres- ponding Secretary, 1928-31; Mrs. (Rev.) M. L. Hinton, as Press Secretary, 1934-37, then as Temp- erance Secretary, 1937-41; Mrs. G. Welton, Secretary of Mission Circles, 1951-55; Mrs. H. I. Alien as Vice-President of Eastern Sec- tion, 1950-54, as 1st Vice-presi- dent, 1956-60, as President of Co- bourg Presbyterial, 1960-61, and Delegate t o Dominion Board, 1960. We are thankful to have again succeeded in raising our alloca- We are thankful to have again succeeded in raising our allocation which is $449.00 for 1961. Castleton is proud to have achieved 75 years of service as a Woman's Missionary Society.


The Centreton Branch of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church, was organized in the year 1902, by Mrs. J. W. Roberts, Grafton, Cobourg District Organizer. The first year there was a membership of 17, with an average attendance of 10. The next year the Society had 21 members, the most recorded in any year since that time. The first president was Mrs. (Rev.) M. E. Sexsmith, the wife of the minister of the Circuit, which at that time included Grafton and Wicklow as well as Centreton.

The other officers were: 1st Vice-President, Mrs. John Eddy; 2nd Vice-president, Mrs. C. Wilton; Rec. Secretary, L. McCutcheon;;Cor. Secretary, E. Holland; Treasurer, M. Osborne.

Members were: Mesdames Sargant, Mallory, Stewart, Miss McBride, Mesdames Score, Gillespie, Wright, Jennings, McCutcheon, W. Stewart, McKenzie, Etcher, Binney, Miss Jennings, Honorary Member, Rev. Sexsmith.

The presidents serving from the time of organization until Church Union were as follows: Mesdames Sexsmith, Chas. Wilton, Ben Stewart, Pearl Slade, (Rev.) A. B. Frederick, D. Blodgett, (Rev.) J. E. Glover, (Rev.) J. N. Lovelace, W. J. McKenzie.

A complete list of presidents since 1925 is not available but some were Mesdames B. Stewart, D. Blodgett, W. J. McKenzie, Stanley McBride, J. R. McBride (the latter serving many terms).

A complete record of sixty years of service is not available, but the facts on hand reveal that allocations were received and in most cases met during the years. Bales of clothing were packed for relief work; supplies, such as quilts, mittens, scarves, children's clothing, dresses, etc., were sent to missions; bazaars and teas were held; Thank-offering meetings to which sister societies were invited were held; Mite-boxes were used, then the monthly offering envelope.

In 1902 the amount of money sent to the W.M.S. Treasurer of the Branch was $4.00; after that the amount was from $28.00 to $200.00. In later years the membership decreased, owing to changes in the community.

In 1952 Centreton W.M.S. celebrated the 50th ( Golden) Anniversary by inviting neighboring Auxiliaries to a meeting held in the Church. The speaker was Mrs. (Rev.) Gardiner, Presbyterial President, and the visiting ladies assisted in the program with musical numbers. Lunch, including anniversary cake was served in the hall and a friendship hour enjoyed. Short speeches by some of the ladies brought to a conclusion a pleasant afternoon of Christian fellowship.

Through the years, meetings have been held monthly with programmes of devotion, study and business concerning the work to be done.

A Mission Band was organized by Mrs. J. E. Glover about 1920, and assisted financially, and donations were made to "The Rest Fund" and "Chentu Cot."

Delegates were sent to District Conventions and brought back reports. In recent years delegates attended Presbyterial and Sectional Rallies.

Serving on District and Presbyterial Executives were: Mrs. (Rev.) J. N. Lovelace, Mrs. J. R. McBride, Mrs. R. Stewart.

In 1961 the last year as a Woman's Missionary Society, with five members, Centreton met the allocation of $192.00 and hope to carry on, in the new organization to the best of their ability, with God's help.

"Every ability is a specific trust from God, and the reward for faithful stewardship is the joy of service."


In the early days Cobourg had two Auxiliaries. King St. Methodist Church Woman's Missionary Society was organized on March 8th, 1888, by Mrs. S. Williams and Mrs. Willmot of Toronto, with a membership of 19, one of whom was an honorary member. Regular monthly meetings were held with an average attendance of 9. The amount contributed to Missions the first year was $10.30.

The officers were: President, Mrs. C. Copeland; Vice-President, Mrs. (Dr.) Shepard and Mrs. Willis; Recording Secretary, Miss Bennett; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. A. Barber; Treasurer, Mrs. Climo. Members were: Mesdames Copeland, Shepard, Willis, Bennett, Barber, Climo, Hopper, Gillbard, Alien, F. Alien, O'Neil, Ward, Hare, A. Clarke, Misses Bennett, L. Barber, A. Wilson, N. Shepard; Honorary Members - Messrs Barber, W. H. Hopper.

Division St. Auxiliary was organized in 1890. The officers were: Mrs. Rutledge, President; Vice-president, Mrs. J. Burwash; Recording Secretary, Mrs. A. J. Bell; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Emma Munson; Treasurer, Mrs. N Burwash. Members were: Mesdames Fish, McBride, Kershaw, Sargent, Wallace, Hopper, Pope,Mitchell, J. Kerr, R. Wilson, Henderson, J. Henderson, Stephens, C. Minaker, Fetch, Roberts, W. Kerr, Bain, Crossen; Misses Emily Rutledge, Hazel Burwash, Powell, Howard, Burwash, Brooking, Jones, McEvers, Culver, Kerr, M. Wilson.

In 1896-97 King and Division St. Auxiliaries united and were then known as "Cobourg Woman's Missionary Society". The officers elected were: President, Mrs. J. Kines; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. McBride; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. Willis; Recording Secretary, Miss Stevenson; Corresponding Secretary, Miss McEvers; Treasurer, Mrs. W. Hopper. Members: Mesdames T Gibbard, S. T. Bartlett, C. Ward, G. Ward, Wm. Buck, R. Wilson, W. Kerr, J. Henderson, E. Guillett, C. Minaker, Jas. Crossen, J. D. Roberts, H. Rosevear, Hoskin English, Webb, Hayden, Hare, W. Minnies, Henderson, O'Dell, H. Crozier, Harper, M. Jex, W. H. Hopper, Misses Howard, Culver A. Wilson, M. Wilson.

Presidents remembered as serving during the ensuing years: Miss Jones, Mesdames R. Wilson, C. Ward, W. H. Smith, W. Pengelly, Jas. Crossen, D. W. McCamus, J. Kines, Rutledge.

On March 9th, 1926, .following Church Union, the Cobourg Woman's Missionary Society was reorganized with officers as follows: President, Mrs. W. J. Garland; 1st Vice-president, Mrs. J. McKinnon; 2nd Vice-president, Mrs. Flynn; 3rd Vice-president, Miss Mary Russell; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Wager; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. James Kerr; Treasurer, Mrs. Runciman. Hereinafter known as "Trinity - Cobourg."

There were 110 members in 1927 and the givings were $640. Presidents as remembered serving during the years: Mesdames Garland, Gillespie, McKinnon, Wager, J. T. Field, S. G. Bate, Morton.

At the close of our history Mrs. Morton was president, and the 1961 allocation was $819.00.

Serving on the District Executive for many years as Secretary was Mrs. J. G. Nichols; Mrs. Skidmore, Mrs. J. T. Field, Mrs. A. S. Cooper, Miss Russell, Mrs. McCumion, Mrs. Jas. McKinnon, Mrs. F. Earle, Mrs. A. Jaynes, Mrs. Duffin, Mrs. Bradshaw, Mrs, Morton as Mission Band and Baby Band Secretary, then as Western Sectional President, Mrs. G. Wicks, as Treasurer Miss Hazel Cannom as Circle Secretary and Miss Kay Stickney as Citizenship Secretary.

Cobourg Mission Circle had as the first president Miss Hazel Cannorn, and the Executive Committee was: Misses May Ovens, H. Thompson, Josephine Reynar, L. Pender. In 1916 the leader was Miss Vera Beedham.

A Mission Band, "The White Star", was recorded in the report of 1917-18, with Mrs. W. H. Hopper as leader, and a membership of 35 - contributing $29.00.

In, 1961, Mrs. K. S. Cooper was leader, with 33 members and contributing $32.00.

Many W.M.S. Rallies have been held in Cobourg Trinity United Church through the years, but two outstanding in our history as a Woman's Missionary Society were, the inaugural meeting of the Cobourg Presbyterial on April 20th, 1925, when' over two hundred delegates arid twice that many visitors attended.

The final meeting of Bay of Quinte Conference Branch, when four of the six living Past Presidents led the devotional period.

Cobourg Evening Auxiliary was organized in 1930 or 1931 with Miss Joy Nichols as president. Other members of the Executive were Mrs. Barton and Mrs. R. Parker. No records are available but the Evening Auxiliary has continued throughout the years.

Some known to have served as president were: Mrs. W. Donally, Mrs. S. Shorey, Mrs. C. E. Winter, Miss Lora Pender, Mrs. A. Bruce, Mrs. Frank Parsons, and in 1961 Mrs. Stanyer was president.


Cold Springs Woman's Missionary Society was organized by Mrs. Cooke, wife of St. Paul's Presbyterian Minister, in 1883, with 15 members; Mrs. Cooke was the first president.

Presidents from that time until 1925 were: Mesdames Catherine Thompson, James Wilgar, John Gilchrist, George Kerr, John McBride, Henry Eagleson, Miss Lucy Graham, Mrs. Alfred Eagleson.

Secretaries during the years were three sisters, Miss Agnes Bowman (Mrs. Gillespie, Miss Nellie Bowman (Mrs. William Dines), Miss Annie Bowman (Mrs. J. Noble).

In 1925 the membership increased when the Congregational and St. Paul's Presbyterian Churches joined to become St. Paul's United Church.

On the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary, Mrs. John Noble, president, welcomed in gracious manner, the 165 guests and outlined the purpose of the gathering.

Of the original 50 members, 13 were present and each was decorated with a rose. Mrs. Albert Harper outlined the history of the Auxiliary.

Mrs. George Kerr, Charter member, conducted the memorial service for those who had passed away during the fifty years.

Mrs. F. W. K. Harris (Florence Kerr), Peterborough, gave an inspiring address. She recalled the days of thirty years ago when she had formed the Jubilee Mission Band, of which her aunt, Miss Lucy Graham was president for many years. Miss Gilchrist of Baltimore organized the Mission Band. Mrs. Harris gave as her closing message: "You and I are builders, building temples of eternal things; love, joy and peace. It is because you and I are eager to help others to the Kingdom, that we are members of the Woman's Missionary Society."

Letters of congratulation were received from former members who are not living here, and from former ministers.

Rev. George Campbell, the present Pastor, gave an address, touching on the work that was done by Pioneers, feeling that the same spirit had continued throughout the years.

Mrs. (Rev.) Mears, a former Presbyterial President of Port Hope urged all the members to look to the future and use all their talents to carry on the good work.

Mrs. Laura Nixon Haynes of St. Catharines, a former member, sent congratulations and a poem she had written.

The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary was an inspiring occasion with many friends and representatives from the following Societies present: Bethesda North, Plainville, Gore's Landing, (St. George's and United), Baltimore Afternoon and Evening, Bethel Grove, Bethesda South, Camborne, Grafton, Wicklow, Vernonville, Welcome, Canton, Cobourg, Afternoon and Evening, Garden Hill and Fenella.

Decorations included lilies from Miss Margaret Eagleson and Mrs. Fisher who were unable to attend.

Mrs. Herb McKinley, President, gave the call to worship and prayer.

Mrs. F. W. K. Harris, Peterborough, who had been the speaker at the Golden Anniversary, led in devotions, after which Mrs. Paul Harris sang "The Lord's Prayer," accompanied by Mrs. (Rev.) Luffman.

Mrs. Albert Bell gave the history of the St. Paul's Woman's Missionary Society which had been prepared by her sister, Miss Edith Hoskin.

Charter members living are Miss Margaret Eagleson and Mrs. David Ewart.

The guest speaker was Mrs. C. S. Patterson, Toronto, a native of Norwood and first vice-president of the Dominion Board. "We must re-dedicate our lives and study, pray and work," she said.

Rev. H. O. Hanna of Gore's Landing brought greetings from the Cobourg Presbytery; Mrs. W. McMann read greetings from Bay of Quinte Conference Branch sent by the president, Mrs. J. H. McKinney, who was unable to be present.

Mrs. Eldred Lean, president of Cobourg W.M.S. Presbyterial, extended greetings on behalf of the Executive and members.

Greetings were also brought by Mrs. F. H. Dunnett, Brighton, on behalf of Cobourg Presbyterial Woman's Association.

An 'Honorary' and 'In Memoriam' service was conducted by Mrs. Eldred Lean, with Mrs. Arthur Jamieson reading the following names: Miss Margaret Eagleson, Mesdames Wm. Dines, Frank Fisher, David Dines, all unable to be present.

'In Memory' since the 50th Anniversary: Mesdames Wm. McKinley, Alfred Eagleson, George Mclntosh, Albert Harper, John Bowman, James Gordon, George Davidson, Wm. Gordon, John Noble, Misses Mary McKinley, Annie Moffatt, Mesdames Percy Davidson, Albert Broan, James Ritchie, Wm. Teney.

Cold Springs double trio sang, accompanied by Mrs. Paul Harris Mrs. Luffman contributed a piano solo.

The offering was received by Mesdames McMann, Ada Buttars, C. Dunn and Miss Stella Watt. Miss Edith Hoskin presided at the organ.

During the service a Life Membership and Pin were presented to Mrs. W. McMann by Mrs. N. D. Mclntosh on behalf of Mrs. J. H. McKinney.

Refreshments were served by the members of the Woman's Missionary Society, assisted by members of the Woman's Association.

The following served as presidents during the years: Mesdames John Noble, Dave Buttar, Frank Shier, Miss Edith Hoskin, Miss Mary McKinley, Mesdames Wilbert Brooks, R. D. P. Davidson, Herb. McKinley, Melville Dines, Arthur Jamieson.

Mrs. Melville Dines was president at the close of the W.M.S., wit;b 29 members, and contributing $480.00.

Mrs. Preston Brown, wife of Rev. P. C. Brown, took over the Mission Band as leader during their pastorate, and Mrs. Clifford Harnden was leader at the close of our organization.

Serving on Conference Branch Executive "was Mrs. R. D. P. Davidson. Serving on Presbyterial Executive, Mrs. Fred Ford asVice-President of the Western Section, Miss Edna Jamieson as C.G.I.T. Secretary, Mrs. N. D. Mclntosh as Vice-president of Western Section.


Colborne Woman's Missionary Society was organized in February 1892. The membership was 24 with an average attendance of 10. The amount sent to Branch Treasurer was $36.88. In 1892-3 the membership was 29 with an average attendance of 12. In 1894 the amount sent to Branch Treasurer was $50.00.

The officers were: President, Mrs. H. E. Kennedy; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. Sanderson; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. R. Coyle; Recording Secretary, Miss A. Simmons; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Reive; Treasurer, Mrs. (Rev.) Pope.

Members: Mesdames C. E. Drewry, C. A. Gilbert, T. H. Peterson, J. Rieve, C. Larke, H. Gale, J. C. Young, R. Clarke, J. Smith, S. Young, Gordon Sim, (Dr.) Gould; Misses M. Petit, L. Fowler, Minnie Greer and Shannon Purdy.

Records available show that Mrs. H. Kennedy continued as president until 1900. Records are not complete but it is known that Mrs. F. Wilson was president 1922 - 1932. Mrs. Wesley Bellamy and the following: Mrs. Vandevoort, Mrs. (Rev.) S. C. Moore, Mrs. (Rev.) H. Partridge, Mrs. F. M. Brintnell, Mrs. May Roberts, Mrs. McLaughlan, Mrs. Leonard Gordon, Mrs. (Rev.) F. M. Taylor, Mrs. Mills, President at the close of the Woman's Missionary Society. The membership at that time was 18 annual members and 17 Life Members. The amount sent for allocation was $714.00, and expense fund was $54.89. Meetings were held every month and Autumn and Easter Thankoffering were special meetings.

One outstanding occasion was when members from several Auxiliaries gathered in Colborne United Church to meet and hear a distinguished guest, Mrs. Kenneth Masih, North India. Mrs. Masih, a granddaughter of a Moslem millionaire, who sacrificed his wealth and home to become a Christian, is a beautiful young Indian woman who wore the graceful sari of her native land. She expressed her gratitude of the hospitality of Canadian women. The impression she would carry home from Canada would not be chiefly of the majesty of the Rocky Mountains and the prairies, nor the beautiful colors of Ontario Autumn (it was then October), but the warmth and cordiality of the Canadian women, and the opportunity for glimpses into Canadian life with growth of understanding, so necessary now between Eastern and Western lands.

On this occasion Mrs. H. Ireland, Presbyterial President, and other officers were present, including Mrs. M. Wright, Presbyterial Secretary for C.G.I.T. Groups, with some 50 girls from several churches. At the close of the meeting a rally of the C.G.I.T. was held with the girls from Mrs. A. B. Griffith's Group acting as hostesses.

The Presbyterial's gift to Mrs. Masih was a donation of $32.00 towards a refrigeration gift from Canadian W.M.S. members. A letter of appreciation from Mrs. Masih was read at 1955 annual meeting in January.

(A complete report of this meeting with Mrs. Masih and her message was given to Mrs. Eldred Lean, custodian of the scrapbook, by Mrs. Leonard Gordon, for preservation).

Another outstanding event was the occasion of the 40th Anniversary in 1932 when guest speakers were Mrs. J. W. Roberts and Mrs. (Rev.) Mears, former Presbyterial Presidents. Mrs. Pearse gave reminiscences of the years, and a Life Membership Certificate and Pin were presented by Mrs. W. A. Moore to Mrs. F. Wilson, who had been President for ten years.

Members who have served on Presbyterial Executive were Mrs. J. T. Wilson, Mrs. (Rev.) Partridge, Mrs. May Roberts, Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Mills, Miss Shand.


Frankford Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1889 by Mrs. Levi Massey, District Organizer; records are not available for the first few years. The first record we have shows that the officers were: President, Mrs. H. Bryant; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. J. W. Hendricks; 2nd Vice-president, Mrs. J. H. Ward; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Wm. Weese; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. W. R. Phillip; Treasurer, Mrs. G. Marsh.

The first record of members was: Mesdames (Rev.) R. Taylor, J. Chapman, D. F. Rose, George Potter, H. Currey, M. Welbourne, Wm. Chisholme, A. Fox, C. Wayht, Wm. Rose, C. Shorey, Geo. Ross, A. Chapman, Chapman, T. Gunter, S. Smith, Jones Smith, N. Bonisteel, Misses Ward, McDonald, Florence Taylor, Pearl Taylor, Ruby Taylor, Minnie Hunter. Honorary members: Rev. R. Taylor, Howard Taylor; 31 members, average attendance 12; amount sent to the Branch Treasurer, $64.19.

1890 was described as a year of encouraging prosperity. The members felt that they had reason to thank God and take courage; the increase in members and funds was largely in advance of last year.

The members were glad to have Mrs. Levi Massey with them, and were strengthened by her enthusiastic appeal to women, the result being an addition of several new members. Three public meetings were held, each being a success and $1.00 was sent to the Crosby Girl's Home. We are pleased to see a growing interest in this great work and we are confident that we are engaged in an undertaking which will meet with Divine approval.

That year there were 53 members and $109.50 sent to Branch Treasurer.

A few of the Presidents known to have served in the early days were: Mesdames J. W. Hendricks (for many years), George Benedict and W. H. Weese.

In 1917-18 Mrs. Hendricks was President and Mrs. S. W. Myers Secretary, with Mrs. C. M. Hendricks as Treasurer. There were 38 members and the amount sent to Branch Treasurer was $145.00.

A Mission Band, "Earnest Workers" was organized in 1896 with 13 members and contributing $15.00. This continued throughout the years and in 1961 with Mrs. Preston Chase as leader and 38 members, sent $36.77 to Presbyterial Treasurer. In 1937 Frankford Circle and Band took the District Banners.

In the year of Church Union a Circle was known to have been organizer but no records are available. In the early days Frankford was in Brighton District.

In 1954 Frankford Auxiliary celebrated the 65th Anniversary, having as guests members from Stockdale, Batawa, Wooler, Zion, Tabernacle, Sidney, from the Anglican, Free Methodists, Pentecostal and United Churches.

Mrs. Charlesworffl extended a gracious welcome to all and called to the front the Past Presidents who were present. They were: Mesdames C. D. Powell, P. E. Bonisteel, J. F. Lane, J. M. Dafoe, G. E. Dickson and W. Morrow, also Mrs. (Rev.) Lackey, a former minister's wife, and Mrs. (Rev.) Clarke, the wife of the present minister.

Mrs. Charlesworth then introduced two members who had served many years, Mrs. H. J. Madill, treasurer for 14 years, and Mrs. C. B. Reid, secretary for 8 years. Each was presented a corsage. Many messages in song were enjoyed.

Greetings were brought by the visiting guests and a former President, Mrs. (Rev.) J. F. Lane; the Past Presidents of the Presbyterial, Mrs. S. J. Gray and Mrs. S L. Terrill, also Mrs. (Rev.) Clarke.

Delicious refreshments were served, Rev. Mr. Clarke returning thanks. This memorable gathering was closed by the benediction by Rev. J F. Lane.

Serving on the Presbyterial Executive were Mrs. Floyd Ketcheson and Mrs. Cecil Reid.


The Dartford Auxiliary of the Woman's Missionary Society was organized on February llth, 1892, by Mrs. J. C. Wilson, District Organizer for Bay of Quinte Conference. Thirteen ladies joined the Auxiliary at that first meeting, but interest in the new organization grew until at the close of that year, there were nineteen members and a total of $39.00 was sent to the Branch Treasurer. In 1961 our membership is 17, and we hope to attain our allocation of $330.00.

We are told that our first president Mrs. Jos. Boyce held that office for thirty-five years, while Miss Lily Copperthwaite was Recording Secretary for thirty-six years. Surely this is a record that will be difficult to equal. We wish we had space to pay our tribute to the many consecrated women of Dartford Church who have been part of this great Missionary movement over the years. There were the members who opened their homes so repeatedly for meetings; those who gave freely of their time, their talents and their offerings.

After Mrs. J. Boyce, our Presidents were: Mesdames John Atkinson, Wm. Runnels, Frank Wilson, Arthur Ward Sr., Percy Honey, Archie McCracken, Arthur Ward Jr., Frank Atkinson, Alex Lockhart, and presently Mrs. Donald Pollock.

It is interesting to note, that two of our Past Presidents have grandchildren who have left our community and are now engaged in full time Christian service. Mrs. Boyce was grandmother of Rev. Leslie Hardy, United Church minister at Bridgenorth, and Miss Clella Hopkins, Missionary in Angola.

Mrs. John Ackinson was the grandmother of Mrs. Bruce Cole, Missionary in Venezuela and Mrs. Don Stezink, Missionary in French West Africa.

Truly it can be said of these loyal Women's Missionary Society members, "They rest from their labors but their works do follow them." It could be said of our particular W.M.S. group that we are both undenominational and international, as we have members too far away from a church of their own denomination to attend mid week services but who enjoy our interest in missions and our fellowship. We also have several new Canadians who have joined us and are making fine contributions to the work.

Looking back over the years, we cannot help but see that God has richly blessed the work of the Dartford Woman's Missionary Society.


The first meeting of Fenella Woman's Missionary Society was held on January 8th, 1932. President, Mrs. Nill. Allocation $100. Membership 23.

1933: President, Miss Florence Macklin; Allocation $100. Membership 25.
1934: President, Miss Florence Macklin; Allocation $100; Membership 22.
1935: President, Miss Gertrude Knox; Allocation $90; Membership 21.
1936: President, Miss Florence Macklin; Allocation $90; Membership 21.
1937: President, Miss Florence Macklin; Allocation $90; Membership 22.
1938: President, Mrs. N. Leach; Allocation $85; Membership 21.
1939: President, Mrs. S. Leach; Allocation $85. (Only $65 sent). Membership 15.
1940: President, Mrs. Beach; Allocation $70; Membership 15.
1941: President, Mrs. J. Knox; Allocation $74; Membership 15.
1942: President, Mrs. J. Knox; Allocation $70. Membership 15
1943: President, Mrs. S. Leach. Sent Allocation $75. To Batawa Church $10. Membership 15.
1944: President, Mrs. W. I. Montgomery; Allocation sent $92. Membership 15.
1945: President, Mrs. W. I. Montgomery; Allocation sent $95; Membership 18.
1946: President, Mrs. N. C. Leach; Allocation $85; Membership 15.
1947: President, Mrs. N. C. Leach; Allocation $100. sent; Membership 15.
1948: President, Mrs. N. C. Leach; Allocation $100. sent; Membership 15.
1949: President, Mrs. N. C. Leach; Allocation $103. sent; Membership 15.
1950: President, Mrs. N. C. Leach; Allocation $90 sent; Membership 12.
1951: President, Mrs. N. C. Leach; Allocation $90 sent; Membership 12.
1952: President, Mrs. N. C. Leach; Allocation $55 sent; Membership 9.

On motion at the first meeting it was decided to make each new President a Life Member from the local expense fund.

The following methods were used to make money: Birthday donations, Mite Boxes, Autograph Quilts were sold, Egg donations (price of a dozen). Sunshine Bags, Monthly envelopes, Easter Thankoffering.

Serving on Presbyterial Executive, Mrs. N. Chestnut.


Before Church Union in 1925 there was a Woman's Missionary Society in the Presbyterian Church (St. Enoch's) at Garden Hill, but no W.M.S. in the Methodist Church near by.

Garden Hill W.M.S. was organized in 1889. The report for 1889- 90 says "Recently organized. Has done noble work." The President at this time was Mrs. Jamieson, treasurer Mrs. Hamil and secretary Miss Dodds; there were sixteen members with an average attendance of eight. $25.00 was contributed.

Ten years later there were seven members of the auxiliary, and one member of the General Society (Life Member) with an average attendance of four. In 1898 the contribution was $24.00 and in 1899 it was $19.50.

Just before Union in 1924 there were twenty-seven members and the amount of money raised $88.00.

Until Union Garden Hill was part of Peterborough Presbyterial.

In June 1925 seven new members from the Methodist Church joined, and two former members dropped out to join the Anglican Church. In 1925 there were seven Life Members with twenty-seven members in all.

In 1929 there were twenty-four members with an average attendance of twelve. The amount of money sent to Presbyterial was $219.26.

One of our most faithful and beloved members, Mrs. S. J. Gray, has been a member for 50 years and has held office most of those years, being president several times.

She is a Life Member and was on the Presbyterial executive for thirteen years and five of those as president.

This year 1961, we have eighteen members, two being Life Members. We expect to meet our allocation of $331.00 and are planning a dinner party for our last meeting to which our husbands are invited. We plan to have a history of our auxiliary at this meeting.

We look forward to the future in "The United Church Women" with high hopes for greater things for the Kingdom of God. Serving on the Presbyterial Executive for several years as President was Mrs. S. J. Gray, also Mrs. Mark Gardiner.


In an historical sketch of Grafton which appeared in a daily newspaper and is preserved in the 'Tweedsmuir Historical Book' this statement was made: 'Among the lost causes in Grafton recorded and almost forgotten was 'The female organization,' which held 'Tea Sales' to raise money for Mission funds and ultimately became the 'Woman's Missionary Society.'

The records of the Presbyterian Woman's Society were destroyed by fire.

The Methodist Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1895 with 11 members and average attendance of 7. The amount sent to the Branch Treasurer the first year was $10.85.

The first President was Mrs. J. H. Staples; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. Wm. Hoskin; 2nd Vice-president, Miss E. Munroe; Recording Secretary, Mrs. O. Lawless; Corresponding Secretary, Miss E. Lawless; Treasurer, Miss E. Massie. Members were Mesdames J. McBride, T. Roberts and Miss L. Staples.

The membership in 1896 was 15 and average attendance 7.

The earliest record to be found was of a meeting on April 8th, 1910, which probably took place in the vestry of the Methodist Church, attendance 7; 6 were elected to office. Following was the annual meeting in April when it was the custom to appoint or revise the 'Heralds on the Watch Tower' - the Heralds reporting monthly on the country which they represented. Members subscribed to the 'Study Book' (price at that time was 70 cents including postage), and the periodical 'The Outlook'. At these meetings the collection was 25 cents.

Annually a delegate was sent to the Conference Branch and the report given at the July meeting, which took the form of a Missionary tea at a member's home. Later it was known as the 'Picnic meeting'. The presidential address was read at the August meeting.

As early as 1913 the roll call was responded to by a Bible verse.

Bales were sent in November almost every year - the first valued at $20.65; the highest at $100.00.

One quart Gems (one dozen) were ordered from the Deaconess Home to be returned filled (1912). Donors of these were: Mesdames E. C. Roberts, C. E. Roberts, P. Morgan, J. Hare, S Fenton, T. J. Hoskin, Wm. Findlay, Miss Jayne, Mesdames E Carswell, Geo. Immel, Wm. Lawless, Bert Hoskin.

Mrs. J. W. Roberts, District Organizer, visited Grafton to organize a Mission Band immediately after Church on August 17th, 1913. This band was twice re-organized.

At the home of Mrs. T. J. Hoskin the Woman's Missionary Society entertained the 'Ever Willing Mission Band', who gave an exercise 'Mother Goose and Her Family', which was enjoyed by everyone, young and old alike. The attendance was 85.

Funds for Missionary purposes were raised through General Expense Fund, Expense Fund and Rest Fund. On the occasion of the Silver Anniversary of the Branch, the offering amounted to $1.45.

In the early days they pledged themselves to give 1 cent each member, each month, for expense money; some drew 25 cents from the treasury to be used as 'Talent money.'

In 1913 Crusaders were appointed to districts. The Gully, Front Road, and Grafton, to call on members to canvass for funds ($1.00), and get new members. Mite Boxes were introduced in 1918. Each member to take one for herself and one for a friend; to be opened at a Mite Box program later. Readings were given 'The Use of the Mite Box'. 'The Troublesome Mite Box'. The amount ($4.07) received was so gratifying that Mite Boxes were again distributed.

Three Life Memberships were presented by the Methodist W.M.S.

Grafton and Wicklow occasionally visited for special meetings.

Grafton Presbyterians and Wicklow Methodists were guests to hear Miss Hinman, a Missionary from India. An outstanding speaker later was Mrs. W. R. MacWilliams (Bessie Winter of Wicklow) dressed in Japanese costume, with her husband and children of Japan.

On March 19th, 1926, the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches met at the Manse to consummate Union of the two societies. The minister's wife presided for the election of 9 officers. A group meeting replaced the regular meeting in August to study the constitution.

The Watch Tower Heralds were still called to report but it was spoken of less and less and finally petered out about 1932.

The Mite Box system continued until the end and the expense fund was raised by each member contributing a cent a week.

In 1940 a Birthday Box and Travelling Apron were used to help the Expense Fund. Thankofferings originated in the Methodist W.M.S. and were continued throughout the years.

A Missionary for prayer was adopted in 1922 and the members readily chose Mrs. MacWilliams. In 1932 Mrs. MacWilliams was home on furlough and gave a talk on her work in Japan.

There were other special speakers through the years, some were: Mrs. J.'*W. Roberts, Miss Mary Haig, Japan,-."^Irs. (Rev.) Nind, Grafton, Miss Rorke, Trinidad, Mrs. H. Hare, formerly of Trinidad, Oshawa, Mrs. (Rev.) Mears, a former District President; Presbyterial Presidents: Mrs. Eldred Lean and Mrs. H. I. Alien; Mission Band leader, Mrs. Dunk; C.G.I.T. leader, Mrs. Wright, and Mrs. Pitcher.

Church services took place occasionally and the roll call was always observed. Bales were sent annually. In 1941 a theme word was chosen for each month's roll call: Love, Light, Faith, etc.

Grafton had capable leadership in developing the younger groups. In August 1933 the W.M.S. had a picnic for the Mission Band and Baby Band. The following year the C.G.I.T. was reorganized by Mrs. German Young who continued to act as leader for 30 years, and was presented a Life Membership by Grafton W.M.S

Mrs. Wm. Underwood led the Mission Band group for 8 years. Mrs. H. Bryson has been leader of the Baby Band since 1942. Summer meetings were often held at Mrs. F. Harnden's cottage, homes of Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. Young.

The Presbyterial was entertained in Grafton in 1933 and 1939, also the Sectional Rally on two occasions.

1936, a joint meeting of the W.M.S. and W.A. at the home of Mrs. W. A. Hoskin, "The Gully", in 1936. Those taking part in the program were: Mrs. W. A. Hoskin, Mrs. J. Blacklock, Mrs. F. Cameron, Mrs. J. S. Johnston, Mrs. W. Heenan, Mrs. W. H. Johnston, Miss Hutchison, Mrs. Terrill.

We feel that the 'Grafton Female Organization' was not a lost cause after all as there were many faithful workers carrying on over the years, the work that was started, to greater achievements and we cherish their memory.

Some of the names of Presidents during the years were: Mesdames Immel, W. H. Johnston, W. Calder, Jas. Blacklock, Fred Roberts, J. S. Johnston, K. Archer who was President at the close of the W.M.S.

In 1901-2 the records are reported as: President, Mrs. (Rev.) A.M. Irwin; Vice-President, Mrs. John Staples; Secretary, Mrs. C. H. Winter; Cor. Secretary, Miss Carrie Hare; Treasurer, Mrs. Wm. Hoskin; Members, Mesdames (Rev.) Anderson, J. Stap les, C. H. Winter, W. Hoskin, T. Lawless, Miss C. H. Hare, Mesdames C. Mallory, B. Mallory, Caleb Mallory Sr., M. Winter, W. Lapp, Trotter, Wm. Webster, T. Hoskin, J. Cochrane, R. Hare, C. A. Mallory, Scattered Helpers I.

Some members who served on Presbyterial Executive: Mrs. J. W. Roberts, President - 3 years; Mrs. W. H. Johnston, Strangers Secretary, 4 years; Mrs. W. Calder. Strangers Secretary, 4 years; Mrs. G. Young, C.G.I.T. groups, 12 years; Mrs. W. Underwood, 4 years, Mission Bands; Mrs. H. Bryson, Baby Bands, 5 years; Mrs. K. Archer, Press, 4 years.

On Conference Branch Executive: Mrs. J. W. Roberts, Vice-President; Mrs. G. Young, Director of Girls' Camp and Girls Work Counsellor for many years; Mrs. W. Underwood, Mission Bands.

The history of Grafton W.M.S. was given at the final meeting of the W.M.S. by Mrs. K. Archer at the home of Mrs. Mack Ruther ford, when pictures were taken and a social hour was enjoyed.

In 19-- when Wicklow Church was closed the members of that W.M.S. who were left transferred their membership to Grafton.

Sharing our Christian heritage and gifts with people less fortunate in all parts of the world through the years has been the objective of Woman's Missionary Society workers. We are indeed indebted to all leaders and members who laid the foundation of the Missionary enterprise even into the new "United Church Women."

The Mission Band was organized in the Methodist Church but no records are available until the time of Union when the Executive was as follows: Margaret Hutchison, Helen Johnston, Marjorie Roberts.

In 1960 Mrs. Frank Cameron was the leader, and there were 45 members, contributing $40.80 to the Branch Treasury.


Gore's Landing Woman's Missionary Society was organized on November 17th, 1926, by Mrs. Robert Barbour (our Minister's wife) in the home of Mrs. J. D. Fowlie, now the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Policy. Seventeen members enrolled. Past Presidents are: Mesdames Barbour, F. Pratt, Choyne, (Rev.) Leach, (Rev.) Mellow, (Rev.) Fisher, M. Ames, W. Pratt, Miss Flora MacDonald, Mesdames George Harris, Milton Harris.

Miss Maude Neil was Secretary for two months, Mrs. C. Burrison for nine months, and Mrs. Joseph Harris has been Secretary for the remaining thirty-four years.

The Tenth Anniversary was observed with a banquet in the church basement. The Thirty-Fifth Anniversary was celebrated November 17th, 1961, when a turkey dinner was enjoyed. Mr. Seymour proposed a toast to the Woman's Missionary Society, to which Mrs. Jos. Harris replied.

At the closing of our books we have sixteen members. Six Life Memberships have been presented to members.

To date, through the years, $4, 453.00 has been submitted to the Presbyterial Treasurer, as well as many bales of clothing sent out. Contributions have been made to the Building Fund of the United Church Training School in Toronto, and a part in the Batawa Church. Flowers and boxes of good cheer have always been sent locally when there was a need.

At the 1961 banquet, corsages were pinned on the four Charter members still with us, namely: Mrs. F. Pratt, Mrs. T. Choyne, Mrs. T. V. Neil and Mrs. Joseph Harris.

Serving on Presbyterial Executive: Mrs. (Rev.) Fisher, and Mrs. H. Hastings.


The Hilton Auxiliary of the Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1892. The first officers were: President, Mrs. H. R. Fennell; Recording Secretary, Miss Fennell; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. W. H. Poole; Treasurer, Mrs. J. F. Smith. The first members were: Mesdames Shortt, Crookshanks, Connor, O. Morrow, Misses C. Fennell, S. Breeze, Shortt and Connor. Honorary members, Rev. S. Crookshanks and W. H. Poole.

Many of the meetings were for the purpose of making quilts. Several bales of quilts and clothing were sent to Fisher River. One amusing entry in the secretary's book reads: May meeting at Mrs. G. Waite's – no attendance; collection 40 cents. The date was 1915.

The recommended Study Book has always been used. In October 1923, the topic was "The Life of Loser." His journey through the wilderness to Adolphustown, his bout with typhoid, and his long years of labor, for the sum of twenty dollars every 3 months, was recorded. Another member read an account of Case and Bishop, who preached through the district from Detroit to the Thames River.

In the minutes of November 12th, 1925, the Secretary, Mrs. G. Little commented: "As the new United Church is here and we are losing our name 'Methodist' and taking another name, our president thought it helpful to review some of the work accomplished." It is interesting to note that the allocation for this group in 1927 was $65.00. One method of raising money was "The Missionary Tree", laden with parcels which were sold for different amounts.

During the War years of the 1940's, the members found it convenient to meet jointly with the Woman's Association. Several quilts were at these meetings for the Red Cross.

At this time a Baby Band was formed by Mrs. Sydney Cassan. She later turned this group over to Mrs. Norman Mutton and started a Mission Band. In 1958 Mrs. Cassan organized an Explorers Group, the first in Hilton.

During the last few years the Auxiliary has sponsored a White Gift Service in the Church, before Christmas. The gifts were then sent to Earlcourt Home in Toronto.

One of the presidents, Mrs. Harry Hodges has been active in the Hilton Woman's Missionary Society for many years. She has been president five times and has supplied many programs.

Over the years, the Ministers' Wives have played an important part in the work of the Society. In the minute book we find the names of Mesdames Brookmire, Crookshanks, Smart, Clarke, Leigh, McCrea, Treffrey, G. Adams, I. Cumming and Van Walsem.

At the time of Church Union the Executive was as follows: Mesdames T. Hatten, Lloyd Herrington, M. E. Hodges, George Little.

In 1960 the members of the Executive were: Mesdames Van Walsam, Roy Morrow, Russell Herrington.

Amount contributed to Branch Treasurer in 1960, $176.00. Number of members, 10.

Mission Band leader in 1960, Mrs. Roy Chatten.

Serving on the Presbyterial Executive, Mrs. L. Adams.


Plainville women were first organized as a Mission Circle in the Methodist Church in the year 1913-14. There were 26 members and $17.00 was sent to the Branch Treasurer. Mrs. Thomas, Cole was the first president and the Circle was organized by Mrs. J. W. Roberts, District Organizer.

The Circle became a more mature organization and during the years 1919-20, was organized as a Woman's Missionary Society with 21 members. $44.00 was contributed to the Branch Treasurer that year.

Known officers were: President, Mrs. Wm. Lander; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. M. F. Ames; Treasurer, Mrs. Charles Cole.

The following year the names of Mrs. Annie Westington and Miss Clara King were added and the next year Miss Stella West.

During the years presidents who served were: Mesdames Thomas Cole, Wm. Lander, M. F. Ames, Archie Bowman, Wilbur Cole, Annie Westington, Louis Buttar, Miss Clara King, Mesdames Glen Cole, Leslie Carruthers, Clifford Manley, Ada Westington, William Herriott, Edgar Buttar.

Ministers' wives who have contributed greatly were: Mrs. Barbour, Mrs. James Leach, Mrs. M. E. Fisher.

A Mission Band, known as Victor Mission Band, was organized in 1925 just before Union by Mrs. (Rev.) F. J. Horwood, with Miss Ada Lander (Mrs. F. Westington, leader 12 years).

The 25th Anniversary of the Mission Band was observed when Mrs. Ewart King was leader when the Band took charge of a Sunday service. Mrs. Horwood, the organizer, was present. Rev. F. J. Horwood preached the sermon. Written invitations were sent to all former members. Supper was served after the service. The colors of the Mission Band, green, yellow, white, colors of the daisy, were featured in decorations. White for purity, yellow for light, green for growing.

In 1930 the Woman's Christian Temperance Union was organized, and the two organizations have worked conjunctively ever since.

The allocation for 1930 was $287.00 and for the closing year was $425.00.

Life Members are: Mesdames Wm. Lander, Hillard Dodge, Wilbur Cole, Annie Westington, Miss Clara King, Miss Ida Morton, Mesdames T. Cole, Archie Bowman, John Tinney, Ada Westington, Gerald Lander, Earle Joice, Miss Clara Westington, Mrs. Georgie Carruthers, Mrs. Edgar Buttar, Mrs. Alex Buttar.

Serving on the District Executive and Presbyterial Executive were, Ada (Lander) Westington, and Mary Buttar, one year as Mission Circle Secretary.

Ada Lander as CGIT Secretary in the District and Stewardship Secretary in the Presibyerial was Mrs. F. Westington.


Morganston's Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1926 or 27 as a United Auxiliary for the Charge. The officers were: President, Mrs. E. Reynolds; Secretary, Mrs. Burto Titchell; Treasurer, Mrs. J. C. Glover.

This Auxiliary disbanded in 1929, reporting a membership of 18 and having sent $47.00 to the Branch Treasurer.

No records are available, but it is known that for many years money contributions were sent to the W M.S. Branch Treasurer.


Norham's Woman's Missionary Society was organized in March 1889. The officers were: President, Mrs. (Rev.) M. E. Wilson; Vice-President, Mrs. Geo. Boyce; Recording Secretary, Miss M. Curtis; Treasurer, Mrs. William Rankin. Members: Mesdames Curtis, Denike, Vanblaricomb, A. Smith, O. Goheen, E. Cryderman, J. B. Stone, C. A. Mallory. Average attendance was 9; amount contributed to Branch $17.49.

No records are available until 1936, when Mrs. J. W. Flatt was president. In 1938, Mrs. O. Laver became president and continued until 1940. In 1940 Mrs. D. H. Evans was president. It would seem that the W.M.S. and W.A. then became a Federation. Norham Church finally closed and the ladies have been affiliated with St. Paul's, Warkworth.

There is record of a Mission Band having been organized in 1926.

While stationed at Norham Mrs. (Rev.) Clare served on the District W.M.S. Executive.


The Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church was organized in 1886 by Mrs. P. Fountain (who was made a Life Member) with 30 members. In various forms this organization continued active until 1961. Few records of this 75 year period are available but there are a few remembered or recorded achievements.

The Methodist Church was established in Port Hope in 1813 and the first Presbyterian Church completed in 1831. There was no Congregational Church in Port Hope but one family entered Un- ion in 1925. This was the family of Rev. (Dr.) Daly, a retired Congregational Minister. Mrs. Daly became the president of the first Bay of Quinte Branch of the Woman's Missionary Society.

The first record we have of the Port Hope Society was for the year 1891-2. The membership had increased greatly following a 'Crusade for Members'. The Rev. R. Whittington had given a lecture on "Woman's Life in Japan" and a donation of six handsome Japanese panels from Rev. C. T. Cocking had sold well.

The officers were: President, Mrs. (Rev.) Crothers; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. Harrison; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. Milward; Recording Secretary, Miss Wade; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Shepherd; Treasurer, Mrs. (Dr.) Powers. Members: Mesdames Burns, Outram, Jewel, L. Reynolds, Roberts, Stephens, Fountain, Trick, Parsons Sr., Green, Hyde, Wickett Sr., Wickett Jr, Walker, Curtis, Beatty, Crocker, McMaster, Neelands, Adams, J. L. Thompson, Andrews, W. H. Parsons, Gould, Budge, Henwood, Wilson, Baker, Ferguson, Thorn, E. Mitchel, Hill, Greenaway, Chislett, Leader, Hawkins, W. H. Brown, Brownscombe, G. R. Read, Barrett, H. Rosevear, D. Scott, H. V. Sanders, Sarvis, J. Reynolds, Oke, Goheen, Byington, Rundle, Coombs, Misses Carr, M. Mitchell, Mutton, Choate, Walker.

The amount contributed to the Branch Treasurer that year was $115.64.

Two of the early presidents were Mrs. (Rev.) L. Young and Mrs. (Rev.) Lanceley.

In 1917-18 the president was Mrs. (Dr.) Shorey; Secretary, Mrs. J. J. Read; Treasurer, Miss Florence Wilson; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Hutcheson.

After Church Union in 1926 there were 76 members and $231.16 was sent to Presbyterial Treasurer. The president was Mrs. (Rev.) J. F. Mears and Executive, Mrs. E. A. Totten, Mrs. P. Oke, Mrs. F. W. Galbraithe.

Other presidents were: Mesdames A. J. Moore, Belyea, J. B. Reynolds, S. Hawkins, A. E. Fulford, S. R. Caldwell, T. A. Kennedy, J. A. Baldock, and Miss Stella Bennett who was president in 1961. There were at that time 38 members and $860.00 was sent to Presbyterial Treasurer.

At the time of Union a Mission Band was reported with the Executive named: Alaneen Shay, Betty Garnet, Given Oke.

In 1961, Mrs. W. H. Lunney was leader with 32 members and amount contributed, $20.00.

On many occasions Port Hope W.M.S. was hostess to Presbyterial Rallies and executive meetings and had the honor of entertaining the final annual meeting of Cobourg Presbyterial, with a large attendance.

The Afternoon Auxiliary has enjoyed the fellowship with Sister Societies in the town and surrounding rural churches. This included visits to and from rural groups and local Presbyterian, Baptist, Anglican, and United Missionary Churches.


The Port Hope Evening Auxiliary was organized in 1936 with Mrs. E. B. Kelly as president. Dr. Kelly had been a Medical Missionary in China, with Mrs. Kelly as nurse and high school teacher, there.

This new Society had a fine beginning under Mrs. Kelly's leadership.

In 1950 a member of the Evening Auxiliary, Miss Frances McLeilan, a high school teacher, felt a call to the ministry, and left to complete studies and became an ordained minister, serving in Western Canada.

Miss Netta Brownlee, also of the Evening Auxiliary, has been active in the 'School for Leaders' and more recently, Dean of the young women attending the school.

Among those from Port Hope Societies serving on District and Presbyterials were: Mrs. (Rev.) Mears, Mrs. J. B. Reynolds, Mrs. (Rev.) P. F. Gardiner, Mrs. D. A. Shay, Miss Henwood, Miss Margaret Moffatt, Mrs. Belyea, Miss Evelyn Little, Mrs. Harold Beatty.

Mrs. (Rev.) Daly was the first President of the Conference Branch and the custodian of the library brought into Union of the Societies from the Congregational Church.

Mrs. Harold Beatty was a delegate to Dominion Board in 1953.


Salem Woman's Missionary Society was organized on March 7, 1891, in Salem Methodist Church. Mrs. N. L. Broad, District Organizer, addressed the ladies present, then organized the Auxiliary with the following members: Mesdames R. B. Walt, W. Gould, R. A. Brintnell, Misses Emma Farrow, Janey Cooper. The officers elected were: President, Mrs. R. B. Walt; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. W. Gould; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. R. Brintnell; Recording Secretary, Miss Emma Farrow; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. M. Dudley; Treasurer, Miss Ella Gould.

The meetings were to be held in the homes. Rev. E. Howard, Miss Emma Farrow, Secretary, Mesdames A. Stimers, J. Onyon, Eddy were named a committee to arrange programs. It was decided to use the 'Missionary Outlook' (a sample to be requested) and a notice sent to the 'Outlook' and the 'Guardian' of the organization of the Salem Auxiliary.

During the years many quilts were made and bales of clothing sent where needed (one to Alderville Indian Mission). An autograph quilt was made and later presented to Mrs. (Rev.) G. Brown. Delegates were sent to the Branch meetings: Miss E. Farrow to Lindsay, Miss E. Gould to Bowmanville, Mrs. A. A. Murphy to Oshawa and Mrs. John Farrow to Napanee.

Visits from Mrs. (Rev.) M. E. Wilson, and District Organizers Mrs. Walt and Mrs. Massey were enjoyed.

New members were added during the years. Some of the names were: Misses Wellie Hinman and Carruthers; Mesdames G. Metcalf. Wall Dunnett, Miss Ella Gould, Mesdames J. G. Thorne, W. Cochrane, A. A. Murphy, Henry Ptrrow, Mrs. (Rev.) Johnston, Misses Evelyn Gould, N. Powell, E. Farrow, Daisy Cochrane, Jenny Cooper, Emma Drinkwater, Mary Drinkwater, F. Dixon, A. Hinman, Mrs. W. Ives, Mrs. D. J. Purdy.

Presidents who served during the years were: Miss Wellie Hinman, Mrs. (Rev.>JHoward, Mrs. (Rev.) Brown, Mrs. (Rev.) Johnston, Mrs. (Rev.) Robeson.

In 1895 the Auxiliary was divided, Eden forming an Auxiliary of its own and Salem and Sharon going together.

In 1896 Mrs. (Rev.) Robeson was president.

Sharon continued with Salem until 1904.

In 1918 report Salem is credited with 12 members and having sent to Branch Treasurer $64.50. The officers were: President, Mrs. (Rev.) Batstone; Executive members, Mesdames C. Peacock, Jas. Peacock, F. W. McConnell.

At the time of Church Union the officers were: Mesdames Jos. Peacock, C. Peacock, H. Jackson, W. H. Bellamy.

The last record we have of Salem as a Woman's Missionary Society was in 1940 when the Executive was listed as Mrs. R. A. McCrae, Miss Maude Hoare, Mrs. C. Gummer. Membership, 12; amount sent to Treasurer of Presbyterial, $25.67.

Life Members were: Mrs. Ed. Hinman, Mrs. John Cochrane, Miss Maude Hoare and in 1912 Miss Janey Cooper who had been president for six years, resigned and was presented a Life Membership.

No record of the other part of the former Salem Auxiliary, namely, Eden and Shiloh, is available.

From 1941 on, Salem (and Sharon) W.A. and W.M.S. met in a joint meeting and all money raised was sent to Missions.


Our Woman's Missionary Society – known then as Seymour United W.M.S. – was organized in 1926. It was brought to us by the ladies of Burnbrae Presbyterian Church, who greatly enriched our congregation at the time of Church Union. Our Church at that time was called "Stephens Church" on the Seymour Charge, so the name "Seymour United W.M.S." was given to our Society. In May 1957, we were very grateful to have our dreams come true, and our new Church was dedicated to the service of God; the name was changed to "Hoards United", and our Auxiliary as "Hoards United W.M.S."

The first year we had 22 members, and the givings amounted to $168.00. Through the years the membership was varied, sometimes dropping to five or six, and other years reaching the teens. In 1934 we began having joint W.A. and W.M.S. meetings, and this worked out very well. If we fell short on our allocation we could always count on the W.A. to help us out.

Presidents throughout the years were: Mrs. W. Rannie, Mrs. Jno. Rannie, Miss M. Heagle and Mrs. W. A. Hume. Secretaries were: Mrs. W. Hutcheon, Mrs. A. H. Parr, Miss Jean Rannie, Mrs. W. S. Milne, Mrs. E. Parr, Mrs. W. Anderson and Miss M. Heagle. Treasurers were: Mrs. F. Heagle, Mrs. E. Rannie and Mrs. C. W. Hoard.

The Mission Circle was carried on into Union by the young ladies of the Presbyterian Church, and augmented by others of Stephens' Church; this group continued for eight years. A Baby Band was formed by Mrs. John Bick, and this group has filled a very worthwhile place in our community. We are also very proud of our Mission Band which has been serving the needs of the children for some twelve years. We have been very fortunate through the years in having dedicated leaders, and we feel the children have received lessons in sharing with the children of other lands that should help them throughout their lives.

As a W.M.S. Group we have used the prescribed Study Books; have given by envelope; filled our quota for the hospital requirements annually; assisted in European relief bales; shipped good used clothing to the different Missions in Toronto, and last year we made several refugee quilts.

This year as we graduate from the Woman's Missionary Society to United Church Women, we had a membership of 13 annual and 5 Life Members, with an allocation of $306.00. We are pleased to report that again we have met our allocation, and at least a third more.

We, as a small group, are proud of our past thirty-five years with the Woman's Missionary Society of the United Church of Canada, and with God's help shall step forward to continue, in answer to the challenge from the Gospel of St. Mark, "the gospel must first be published among the nations" and "go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every living creature."

Serving on Presbyterial Executive were Mrs. C. Hoard and Mrs. Clayton Thompson.


Smithfield Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1886. The Executive was elected as follows: President, Miss Annie Adams; Vice-President, Mrs. John Ireland; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Malcolm Drewry; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Ida Newson; Treasurer, Mrs. Charles Ireland.

Members: Mesdames Malcolm Drewry, J. Ireland, Charles Ireland, Jerry Herrington, Misses Annie Adams, Etta Ireland, Comfort Potts, Olive Scouton, Etta William, Minnie Dolanage, Minnie Adams, Ida Newson.

In that first year with 33 members, they contributed $44.

Presidents who served during the years (as far as can be ascertained from limited records) were: Mrs. (Rev.) Cleworth, Miss A. H. Drewry, J. Fulford, G. Smith, E. P. Flindall, S. J. Sweetman, (Dr.) Parley, H. L. Flindall, E. Hendricks, R. B. Harrison, Miss Ada Herrington, W. Viola, F. Dayman, N. Blacklock.

A Mission Band, "Way-side Scatterers", was organized with President, Miss N. Drewry; Secretary, Rosa Breakenridge, and continued through many years of service.

Due to removal of leaders, Smithfield Auxiliary was disbanded in 1959 or 1960 with six members; the last contribution of $145.00.

Among the members who served on District and Presbyterial Executives during the years were Mrs. Sweetman, Mrs. E. Hendricks, Mrs. H. L. Flindall, Mrs. Frank Dayman. Earlier were: Mrs. Ezra Maybee and Mrs. Bedal).


We have learned that the first Woman's Missionary Society of the Bay of Quinte Conference met in Albert College, Belleville, in 1876.

In 1881, Mrs. Levi Massey of the Belleville Area, was elected as president in Hamilton, Ontario.

In 1884, Mrs. Massey organized a Woman's Missionary Society in Frankford, which included the ladies from the surrounding churches, namely: 4th Sidney, Frankford, Tabernacle, Stockdale, Zion and Mabees'.

In 1904 the Stockdale Auxiliary was formed which included the ladies from Tabernacle and Zion Churches.

The first officers were as follows: President, Mrs. Ann McColl; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. M. Faul; 2nd Vice-president, Mrs. W. G. Bryant; Recording Secretary, Mrs. J. Anderson; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. C. M. Hendrick; Treasurer, Mrs. J. H. Davidson.

Presidents serving during the years were: Mrs. Sylvester Fox, Mrs. Chas. Hannah, Mrs. (Rev.) R. M. Patterson, Mrs. S. Osterhout, Mrs. James Bates, from 1925, when she became a Life Member and was still a member when the Woman's Missionary Society concluded our history.

In the 1918 records we find Miss Ethel Fox was president; there were 21 members and $58. was sent to Branch Treasurer.

At the time of Church Union, the president was Mrs. James Bates and at the close of our history Mrs. Will Pitcher was serving as president, having been in that office some years. The number of members was 10 and the amount contributed to Presbyterial was $165.00.

We remember two secretaries, Mrs. A. E. Wood and Mrs. Fred Terry, and two treasurers, Mrs. Fred Palmer and Mrs. L. Frost.

For many years the Woman's Missionary Society of Tabernacle. Stockdale, met on Tuesday afternoon (the first Tuesday of the month), but we were never successful in securing new members so have for a number of years on the first Wednesday of the month met with the Woman's Association, the W.A. taking charge one month and the W.M.S. the next.

Our allocation has nearly always been met every year, and a number of members have each year attended the Rally and Sectional meeting. For over 40 years we have had a Union noontide dinner.

We entertained the Eastern Sectional Rally in 1948, and the Presbyterial in June, 1958.

Mention must be made of a very faithful member, Mrs. Sheldon Osterhout, who has always assisted with her donations, although she has been a non-resident for a number of years.

The officers at the conclusion of our Auxiliary are: President, Mrs. Will Pitcher; Vice-President, Mrs. Clinton Cox; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Percy Way; Literature Secretary, Mrs. Wesley Brooks; Friendship Secretary, Mrs. Clinton Cox; Citizenship Secretary, Mrs. Royce Hannah; Representative to the Official Board, Mrs. B. J. Andrew.

Serving on the Presbyterial Executive as CGIT leader was Mrs. Will Pitcher.


Roseneath Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1919 at the home of Rev. C. C. and Mrs. Washington, the Methodist Parsonage, Roseneath.

There are no records previous to 1923 when Mrs. Walsh was president and the membership 34. Amount contributed that year was $168.52.

In the year of Church Union, Mrs. (Rev.) J. N. Lovelace was president, with a membership of 36, and contributions to Presbyterial Treasurer $104.58.

In 1961 Mrs. Lovelace completed another 12 years as president. The membership was 12 and contributions to Presbyterial Treasurer $247.49.

Some of the presidents serving during the years were: Mesdames (Rev.) R. C. White, (Rev.) L. W. Scott, (Rev.) E. Beech, D. Brisbin, F. Lewis, R. Crego, (Rev.) J. N. Lovelace.

Members who have served on the Presbyterial Executive: Mesdames Crego, Nill, Lewis, R. C. White and Lovelace who was president of the Western Section for a number of years.

Mrs. T. Coyle, a faithful and active member for a number of years, was recently honored on her 80th birthday by members of the W.M.S. and presented with a Life Membership.

A Mission Band was organized known as 'The King's Workers', and carried on throughout the years.

Special Thankoffering services were observed on Easter or Palm Sunday each year.

On the occasion of the removal of a Charter member, Mrs. M. Davey, who had been recording secretary for 26 years, a presentation of a Life Membership and Pin was made to her.


The Woman's Missionary Society of Warkworth St. Paul's United Church was organized in the Methodist Church, Warkworth, on February 18th, 1889. (Warkworth was then in Campbellford District). Only one meeting was held for 1889. The first president was Mrs. R. P. Hurlbut. There were six members with an average attendance of five and contributing that year $54.00.

Presidents serving throughout the years were: Mesdames R. P. Hurlbut, (Rev.) C. J. Wilson, (Rev.) J. W. Totten, (Rev.) S. McCauley, A. M. Hamilton, F. Smith, T. G. Smith, (Rev.) J. G. Lewis, E. Drewry, (Rev.) Butler, Wm. Hurlbut, A. M. Smale, Miss Ella Boyce, Mesdames Jim Arkles, (Rev.) S. A. Kemp, W. J. Harper, Wm. Barringer, (Rev.) M. Smith, (Rev.) J. R. Cooper, George Helson, Lome Evans, (Rev.) Lester, Grant Alien, Joe Greenly, Dave Evans, Howard Evans.

At the time of Church Union, Warkworth was in Cobourg District. Mrs. W. J. Harper was president and the Executive was Mrs. F. G. Smith, Mrs. George Bowen and Mrs. Ed. Thompson.

In 1891 a Mission Band was organized with 18 members. Later it was divided in Junior members and Seniors and known as "Acorn" Band.

In 1961, Mrs. Glen Hancoch was leader, 32 members, contributing $160.00.

The amount sent in 1961 - $566.00; number of members 35. serving on District and Presbyterial Executives were Mrs. A. M. Smale and Mrs. Lorne Evans


Wicklow Woman's Missionary Society was organized on April 15th, 1891. Mrs. Broad, District Organizer, met with a few of the ladies in Wicklow in March with a view to organizing an Auxiliary. Owing to the small number present, she left it in the hands of Miss D. Richards (schoolteacher), who organized the Auxiliary on April 15 with a membership of thirteen; five more were added during the year.

Five monthly meetings were held with an average attendance of eight. Seven dollars was sent to Branch Treasurer.

Officers were: President, Miss Richards; Vice-President, Mrs. (Rev.) M. Mounteer; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Bellamy; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. J. W. Roberts; Treasurer, Miss Minnie Usher.

Members: Mesdames Dark, Davey, Usher, Bowen, Wilson, Flynn, Winter, Fenton, Insley, Misses Doolittle, Hall, Locke, Stratton, McCarI, Lumley.

At this time the Auxiliary was in Brighton District and Central Branch which extended from Toronto to Belleville.

In 1893 the Branch was divided according to Conference limits so Wicklow was then in Bay of Quinte Branch.

The membership next year was increased to 20 and $36.50 was sent to Branch Treasurer. Miss Richards made herself a Life Member. Miss Lumley was elected 1st Vice-president and Miss Georgie Hall 2nd Vice-president.

Miss Richards remained president as long as she taught in Wicklow and the Auxiliary meeting was held on Saturday. President, 1907, Mrs. Bellamy; 1911, Mrs. S. E. Roberts; 1913, Mrs. J. W. Roberts; 1915, Miss L. Hall; 1917, Mrs. W. Winter; 1919, Miss L. Hall. A lapse in records occurred here but presidents in later years included Mesdames J. G. Waite, J. G. Findlay, W. H. Knight and J. W. Winney.

In 1916 the 25th Anniversary was observed and Colborne Auxiliary members were guests.

When Centreton was united with Grafton and Wicklow as a Charge, probably in 1908, Wicklow was removed to Cobourg District.

The Cobourg District Convention of the Woman's Missionary Society was held in Wicklow on May 13th, 1910, afternoon and evening. At this gathering Mrs. J. W. Roberts was elected District Organizer and continued in that office until the consummation of Union, then was elected the first president of Cobourg Presbyterial and continued in that office for three years. Secretary for 1910-11 was Miss Retta Winter.

Serving on Presbyterial (and previously on District) Executives were Mrs. J. G. Waite, Mrs. J. G. Findlay and Miss Florence Hall.

Wicklow merged with Grafton when Wicklow Church was closed in 1954. President at that time, Mrs. A. Parkington; Secretary, Mrs. K. Taylor.

The 'Maple Leaf Mission Band was organized in (or about) 1914. Leaders were Mrs. J. G. Waite, Miss Bessie Winter, Miss Florence Hall.


The Welcome Woman's Missionary Society was organized in Welcome in 1900. The first list of officers we have record of was as follows: President, Mrs. W. A. Meadows; Vice-President, Miss Bradley; Recording Secretary, Mrs. James Nicholls; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Sidney Bee; Treasurer, Mrs. Thornedyke.

Members: Mesdames T. Corden, Reeves, H. Hareourt, McAlpin, Hoar. The amount sent to Branch Treasurer that year was $13.00.

For ten years no records are available than in 1910; Mrs. (Rev.) Rorke was president with 23 members.

In 1917 officers listed were: Mrs. Carscallen, Mrs. P. Holdaway and Miss M. Best. There were 18 members and $60.00 was sent to Branch Treasurer.

Other presidents during the years were: Mesdames Richard Runnalls, (Rev.) Mears, W. E. Lewis, G. Kellogg, (Rev.) Bunner, Evelyn Martyn, J. B. Reynolds, N. Chestnut and Margaret Martyn.

For the last five years we have had no active Woman's Missionary Society but have still held Spring and Autumn Thankofferings and have continued giving financially.

Mrs. A. M. Symons was secretary from the beginning of our Society until 1926, when an assistant was appointed.

Over the years the membership has remained about the same figure, and the interest in Mission work and the study of Missionary projects has continued.

At one time there was a Woman's Missionary Society at Wesleyville and Morrish and these Societies were often invited to share our special meetings when we had an outside speaker.

In 1919, Miss Luella Rorke went to Japan as a missionary. She sent many letters and reports to our Society, having lived here and having members other family here, which helped to give Missionary work in other countries a real significance. When she was on furlough she often spoke at our meetings.

Serving on the District and Presbyterial Executives in the past were Mrs. J. B. Reynolds, Mrs. Evelyn Martyn, Mrs. W. E. Lewis, Mrs. Margaret Martyn.


The first record we have of Wesleyville Auxiliary of the Woman's Missionary Society was in 1898-99 when eleven members were listed and an average attendance of five. $13.12 was sent to Branch Treasurer. The officers: President, Mrs. W. A. Meadows; Vice-President, Miss Bradley; Recording Secretary, Mrs. J. Nichols; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Sidney Bee; Treasurer, Mrs. Thorndyke. Members: Mesdames J. Harcourt, Reeves, G. Gordon, F. Cordon, Misses Sharpe, Reeves.

In 1901-2, President was Miss Bradley, Port Granby; Vice-president, Mrs. Hoar; Recording Secretary, Mrs. L. Nichols; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Mabel Wakelin; Treasurer, Mrs. Thorrndyke.

Since this time no records are available. It is known that one member who was a member in 1909 is living in Wesleyville - Miss C. Darke.


Wooler Woman's Missionary Society was organized on November 28th, 1893, with Mrs. (Rev.) Thomas as President; 1st Vice-president, Miss Nettie McColl; 2nd Vice-president, Mrs. W. Dorland; Recording Secretary, Miss Lillie Bell; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Minnie F. Crews; Treasurer, Mrs. J. Gould. Members: Mesdames I. Richards, George Rowe, E. McColl, Easterly, Horsely, R. Bell, Holland, Miss Arthur.

The meetings were held on the first Tuesday of the month, with fifteen members present. The membership fee was twenty-five cents each quarter, one dollar a year. The paper was 'The Outlook.'

In 1925, at the time of Church Union, the Auxiliary was very strong, with a membership of 84. The president at that time was Mrs. S. L. Terrill, and the secretary was Mrs. W. A. Smith. Both ladies are still living and active members.

The contribution sent to Branch Treasurer the first year was $22.00. In 1960 the amount sent was $413.00 and the number of members was 20. 18 members subscribed to the 'Missionary Monthly'.

Early presidents were: Miss Tillie Bell, Miss Minnie Crews, Mrs. L. H. Rowe, Mrs. S. L. Terrill (served as president at three different times).

Mrs. Clarence McMaster was president for seven years, 1932-1940.-/Mrs. E. McMaster was president for eight years, (1950-58), followed by Mrs. (Rev.) Newman, then Mrs. A. E. Arthur.

Mrs. Clarence McMaster was acting Treasurer for 20 years (1942 to 1962).

The late Mrs. J. J. Way was secretary for many years.

Mrs. S. L.Terrill was Presbyterial President for four years, and Mrs. J. J. Way was Presbyterial Secretary (first Recording then Press) at the time of her sudden death, having begun a Presbyterial Scrap Book which was then taken over by Mrs. Eldred Lean. Also serving on the Presbyterial Executive were: Mrs. C. McMaster as Treasurer and Mrs. E. McMasters as Missionary Monthly Secretary, and Mrs. Ervan Scott.

Special events in Wooler Woman's Missionary Society were:

The celebration of the 50th Anniversary on June 8th, 1943. Mrs. (Rev.) Nichol, a former member, and Mrs. Carscallen, Whitby, were the speakers. At this time gifts were presented to Mescames Easterly, Nichol and Rowe.

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary, several Societies were invited by President Mrs. E. McMaster. The special speaker was Mrs. Spafford, Belleville.

An outstanding yearly event was the Baby Band party held on a home lawn (weather permitting) or in the church basement. At the 1960 party the attendance of mothers and children was 65.

Wooler had during earlier years a Mission Circle. At the time of Church Union the officers were: Misses M. Teal, Francis Terrill and Stella Nelson.

The Mission Band, 'Gospel Senders', at the time of Union, had as an executive, Misses Julia Spencer, Lucille Sharpe, Marie Forbes. At the close of the Woman's Missionary Society the leader was Mrs. Jim Putnam.


The Wooler Evening Auxiliary was organized in the United Church Parlors on October 23rd, 1946. The young mothers found it impossible to attend the Afternoon Auxiliary already organized. In the evening the husbands looked after the children so the group could be formed.

1947, members 28; 1948, mem- bers 33; 1949, members 30; 1950, members 34; Associate 10; 1951, members 25, Associate 11; 1952, members 23, Associate 9; 1953, members 17, Associate 2; 1954, members 16, Associate 3; 1955, members 22, Associate 5; 1956, members 17; 1957, members 17, Associate 8; 1958, members 21, Associate 5; 1959, members 18, Associate 6; 1960, members 22; 1961, members 23.

Presidents during the years: 1946-48, Mrs. Laura Lattimer; 1948 (July-Dec.) Mrs. Vera Fox; 1949-50, Mrs. Faeola Crosby; 1951, Mrs. Alice Nelson; 1952 -53, Mrs. Pearl Ewing; 1954, Mrs. Dorothy Dorland; 1955-56-57, Mrs. Faeola Crosby; 1958-59, Mrs. Ellen Smith; 1960, Mrs. Gertrude McColl; 1961, Mrs. Eleanor Haggarty.

We sent to Rev. Floyd Honey (while he was in China) in 1948, $50., and in 1950, $25. Our total amount sent to Missions, 1947 - 1961, $3,235.26.

Throughout the years we used our Missionary Monthly for our worship service. The Christmas and Easter services were always inspiring. The yearly program was based on the Study Books.

We sewed, knitted and collected many, many pounds of good used clothing for Missions.

We invited Wooler Afternoon Auxiliary, Brighton, Frankford, Codrington and Tabernacle – the latter to try and get them interested in forming their own Auxiliary.

In 1949, our group took on the responsibility of Junior Congregation every Sunday. We gave every child a hymn book, when he or she graduated to the adult congregation. W e also took charge of Mission Band the first Sunday of every month. We entertained our husbands at December meetings.



Records of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society (Western Division) of the Presbyterian church of Canada, show that the Vernonville Auxiliary was organized on October 8th, 1886, by Mrs. MacKenzie, mother of the minister.

The officers were: President, Mrs. McRae; Secretary, Miss J. Broomfield; Treasurer, Miss Broomfield. There were 5 members. No other statistics were given for that year.

The following year the officers were: President, Mrs. McRae; Secretary, Miss Gillespie; Treasurer, Miss J. Broomfield. Still only 5 members; they contributed $15.00.

In 1888 officers were: President, Mrs. (Rev.) Lord; Secretary, Miss Gillespie; Treasurer, Miss J. Broomfield. There were 12 members (5 being members of the General Society). They contributed $21.66.

In April, 1934, the Woman's Missionary Society and the Woman's Association had a joint meeting - the Woman's Missionary Society taking the Devotions and any quilts were Woman's Association. In January, 1936, a motion carried that the monthly offerings be divided equally for these joint societies. The money for the quilts still to be for the W.A. purposes.

Usually a picnic meeting was held in August and the Mission Band and all the children in the community for a get-together, with a treat of ice-cream at the close.

In December a pot-luck supper was held with the Young People assisting in the program; a pleasant evening for young and old.

World Day of Prayer was usually observed at the Manse with Grafton members.

Presidents serving during the years were: Mrs. Frank Sherwin, Mrs. Chas. S. Rutherford, Mrs. C. H. Gillespie, Mrs. Florence Learning and Mrs. James Deviney who served as president of the Woman's Association 1929-1947; as president of the Joint Society, 1940-47, and again 1952-1961.

The membership in 1886 was 5, and the givings $15.00.

The membership in 1961 was 15, and the givings $145.00.

Serving on the Presbyterial Executive as Press Secretary from 1936 until 1940 was Mrs. William Gillespie.

Mrs. James Deviney as president of the Eastern Section 1956 until 1961.


Morrish Womans' Missionary Society was organized in 1897, under the name of Zion and Morrish. The officers were: President, Mrs. S. Millson; Vice-President, Mrs. W. Walker; Recording Secretary, Miss M. Welch; Corresponding Secretary, Miss M. Tamblyn; Treasurer, Mrs. M Welch.

Members were: Mesdames Bebee, W. Bebee, Gray, Miss Martyn. Total of nine members; average attendance five; contributing $5.00.

In 1899 officers were: President, Mrs. Gray; Vice-President, Mrs. Walker; Recording Secretary, Mrs. B. Dickinson; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wm. Bebee; Treasurer, Mrs. M. G. Welch. Members 6; average attendance 4; contribution $6.00.

In 1902 the records show that there were two Zion Auxiliaries on Welcome Circuit; Zion Morrish with seven members, contributing $10.60. President, Mrs. Gray; Vice-president, Mrs. W. A. Bebee; Recording Secretary, Mrs. W. Welch; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. W. A. Bebee; Treasurer, Miss K. Martyn.

Zion East. Seven members, contributing $16.60.

President, Mrs. T. Whitehead; Vice-president, Miss L. Lowe; Recording Secretary, Mrs. G. Kinsman; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wm. Boyd; Treasurer Mrs. R. Kinsman.

In 1903 it appears that Zion members dropped out but Morrish carried on for some years. However, we have no records until 1918 when the following officers are listed: President, Mrs. R. J. Rowe; Vice-President, Mrs. E. A. Symons; Secretary, Mrs. M. J. Osborne; Treasurer, Mrs. M. Welch. Members 15; contributions $71.73.

At the time of Union, the officers were: President, Mrs. B. S. Dickinson; Vice-president, Mrs. W. B. Hawthorne; Recording Secretary, Mrs. C. J. Lewis; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. C. J. Lewis; Treasurer, Mrs. M. J. Osborne.

In 1946-47 the Morrish W.M.S. apparently affiliated with the W.A. but continued to send contributions to Presbyterial Treasurer.

The Mission Band - a live organization with a membership 43 to 45 - all through the years carried on with the names of Mrs. Beckett and Mrs. Best as leaders.

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The Story of the Years- Woman’s Missionary Society- United Church of Canada

The Story of the Years- Woman’s Missionary Society- United Church of Canada
Source: Unknown
Acquired: January 2008