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History of the War of 1812 Between Great Britain and the United States of America, By James Hannay 
Text  1905, p. 372  Hardcover book with 372 pages, which include illustrations, maps, and portraits, as well as an index.
Richardson's War of 1812: With Notes and a Life of the Author 
Text  1902, p. 320  A soft-cover book with 320 pages, which include illustrations, maps, and portraits, as well as an index and bibliography.
The Documentary History of the Campaign Upon the Niagara Frontier in 1812-1814, Edited by Ernest Cruikshank 
Text  1908  A 9 volume series of soft-covered books, which include maps. The information was collected and edited for the Lundy's Lane Historical Society.
A Veteran of 1812: The Life of James FitzGibbon, By Mary Agnes FitzGibbon 
Text  1970, p. 336  A soft-covered book with 336 pages, which include illustrations, photographs and maps.
The Green Tiger: James FitzGibbon, A Hero of the War of 1812, by Enid L. Mallory 
Text  1976, p. 142  A hardcover book with 142 pages, which include maps and a bibliography
Recollections of the War of 1812: Three Eyewitnesses' Accounts 
Text  1828, p. 153  Hardcover book with 153 pages, which include 3 articles and a colour plate. Volume 4 of Our Canadian Heritage Series
The American War, 1812-1814, By Philip R.N. Katcher 
Text  1974, p. 40  A soft-cover book with 40 pages, which include colour plates, photographs, and portraits. Part of the Men-At-Arms Series
Kinsmen at War by J.N.McIlwraith 
Text  1932, p. 289  Hardcover book with 289 pages.
The Contest for the Command of Lake Erie in 1812-1813, By Ernest Cruikshank 
Text  1889, 359-386  Soft-covered book with 28 pages.
The Second Battle of Beaver Dams: Where Was the Battle of Beaver Dams Fought, and Why Must That Site be Saved? By Dennis Gannon 
Text  1992, p. 68  Blue, soft-covered book with 68 pages, which include illustrations and maps.
The Good Soldier: The Story of Isaac Brock, By D.J. Goodspeed 
Text  1964, p. 156  Hardcovered book with 156 pages, which include illustrations and maps.
Musket ball 
Object  circa 1812  ...This type ammunition was used in a musket during the War of 1812. A small round silver ball of lead, this musket ball is 2 1/8 inches in circumference. The surface is shiny and smooth with a visible cast mark is on the surface. The bottom of the musket ball has a small circular base of 1/4 inch...
The Defended Border: Upper Canada and the War of 1812, Edited by Morris Zaslow 
Text  1964, p. 370  Hardcovered book with 370 pages, which include plates, maps, portraits, and plans. Also includes a bibliography and index.
Death at Snake Hill: Secrets from a War of 1812 Cemetery, By Paul Litt, Ronald F. Williamson, and Joseph W.A. Whitehorne 
Text  1993, p. 158  Soft-cover book with 158 pages, which include photographs, illustrations, maps, as well as an index.
The Battle of Queenston Heights, By Carol Whitfield 
Text  1974, p. 151  A soft-cover book with 151 pages, which include illustrations, portraits, photographs and maps, as well as a bibliography. No.11 in Canadian Historic Sites Series
Ten Years of Upper Canada in Peace and War: 1805-1815, By Matilda Edgar 
Text  1890, p. 389  Hardcover book with 389 pages, which include folded maps and portraits, as well as an index.
Hamilton and Scourge: Two Armed Merchant Schooners from the War of 1812 on Lake Ontario - Archaeological Treasures Underwater, by Emily Cain 
Text  1983, p. 106  A soft-cover book with 106 pages.
The Battle of Queenston Heights, Edited by John Symons 
Text  1859, p. 39  ...Black, hardcovered book with 39 pages, which include illustrations and maps. The Battle of Queenston Heights: Being a narrative of the opening of the War of 1812, with notices of the life of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, K.B., and description of the monument erected to his memory....
The Loyalists of America and Their Times: From 1620 to 1816, Vol. II by Egerton Ryerson. 
Text  1880, p. 490  ...This book was written By Egerton Ryerson in 1880 on the history of Loyalists in America from 1620 to 1816. Chapters include information on Government, Parliament,Colonial History, Military History, War of 1812, as well as some Canadian History concerning the War of 1812. The book has a brownish...
Object  18th century-19th century  ...A cannonball of this type would have been used during the War of 1812. This brown, iron cannonball is 16 inches in circumference and approximately 5 inches in diameter. The surface is of the cannonball is pitted. There is a band that goes around the entire circumference of the cannonball...
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