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Lake Lodge Barn 
Image    ...A black and white photograph of the original barn at Lake Lodge, built in 1801, as it was being demolished. Written in ink on the photograph is : "The original barn at Lake Lodge built in 1801. It was used for American prisoners during War of 1812"....
Christian Zavitz, Jr. Log cabin 
Image  1967,   ... troops from Buffalo. His war losses are said to have included cash (Gold and Silver), watches, knives and forks, clothing, butter and candlesticks. The cabin was last lived in by his son George. For more information, read "'Scruples of Conscience': The War of 1812 in the Sugarloaf Settlement...
War of 1812 Veterans at 1871 Brock Monument Picnic 
Image  1871,   ...A photo of 21 people, believed to be War of 1812 veterans, posing for a group photo in front of Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights. This was the 1871 Brock Monument picnic. Included with the photo is a listing of the people in the photo as well as the ages of 8 individuals....
Abraham Neff Photograph 
ImageComments:  c.1860,   ...A photo of Abraham P. Neff (December 7, 1802- December 16, 1874) wearing traditional Mennonite clothing. He was 10 years old when Michael Graybiel made the bellows for his father Peter Neff in 1812 to begin the Neff metal-working tradition. Abraham came form a Mennonite family of strong faith who...
James Fortier Photograph- Fort Detroit Medal 
Image  c.1860,   A copy of an original photo of James Fortier (April 10, 1792- January 11, 1865) wearing a medal that was awarded in 1849 for his participation at the Battle of Fort Detroit under Major General Sir Isaac Brock. He was also in charge of a gun boat that captured the American vessel "Commencement" and...
Commemorative Monument  for the Engagement at Forty Mile Creek, June 8th, 1813 
Image    ...A photographic print of the Commemorative Monument for the Engagement at Forty Mile Creek, War of 1812. It reads (English): "Here at the Forty Mile Creek, on the 8th of June 1813, American Forces, retreating after the battle of Stoney Creek, were bombarded by the British Flotilla under Sir James...
Lt. David Morgan's Cabin Photograph 
Image    ...This is a photo of Morgan Cabin that was owned by Lieutenant David Morgan. Chief (Major) John Norton was known to have visited this cabin in April 28, 1809; before becoming an important First Nations officer in the War of 1812. Norton wrote of his visit in his Journal as an 1816 recollection. He...
First Nations at the Battle of the Forty Ceremony- June 8, 1955 
Image  8 June 1955  A black and white photograph of six First Nations people playing instruments at the Ceremony unveiling a plaque commemorating the engagement at Forty Mile Creek which occured on June 8, 1813.
Zavitz Family Mill- Port Colborne, c.1800 
Image  1880,   .... For more information, read "'Scruples of Conscience': The War of 1812 in the Sugarloaf Settlement" by Donald G. Anger, the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum....
Eve Neff (nee Sherk) photograph 
Image  1898,   ...", discusses how she was only 10 years of age during Drummonds siege at Fort Erie. She spoke about "indians" in the area coming to visit her home on Sherk road. Eva cam from a Mennonite family of strong faith who did not take an active part in the War of 1812. For more information, read "'Scruples...
Barn at Hermitage 
Image    ... of Queenston Heights and Lundy's Lane. United States prisoners of war were also known to have been imprisoned in the Hermitage barn during the War of 1812....
Henry Nelles Home- Cell for American Prisoners 
Image    ...A black and white photograph of the lock up located in the basement of the Nelles house (125 Main Street West) that existed during the War of 1812. The photograph shows the wooden cell located in the basement next to the staircase. The house was owned by Colonel Robert Nelles (1761...
Photographic Print of Sir Isaac Brock 
Image    ...This is a photograph of a painting of Sir Isaac Brock who died at the Battle of Queenston Heights during the War of 1812....
War of 1812 Veterans at Brock Monument- 1871 
Image    ...This is a faded photo mounted in a white oval matte. The photo is of War of 1812 veterans in front of Sir Isaac Brock's Monument. This is a reunion of War of 1812 veterans in October 1871. Soldiers identified include: George Boyle, S.J.J. Brown, James Kerby, Hon. Jonathan Simpson, Jonathan...
Van Buskirk Blacksmith Shop 
Image    ...Photo of Van Buskirk blacksmith shop on Main Street West in Grimsby. During the War of 1812, Allan Nixon was known to have owned the blacksmith shop located here. It is believed that the shop was forced to shoe American horses while the area was under US occupation. The building was later used...
Robert Nelles Manor 
Image  1918  A postcard with a picture of Robert Nelles' Manor that was built in 1798. On the front it says: "The Manor (over 100 years old) Grimsby, Ont." Nelles was a Lieutenant-colonel of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia by the end of the War. He was also known to have been a Justice of the Peace and...
Sir Isaac Brock- Photograph of Watercolour Painting 
Image    This is a photograph of a water colour painting of Sir Isaac Brock dressed in full military uniform and sitting in profile. It is an oval portrait surrounded by a white background. This portrait is unique as the original painting has yet to be located. Sir Isaac Brock Photograph from a water...
Col. Robert Hamilton (1787- 1856) Photograph 
Image    ...This is believed to be a photo portrait of Col. Robert Hamilton as it states on the bottom: "Col.Robert Hamilton---1787-1856". Hamilton was a Lieutenant in the Lincoln Militia during the War of 1812....
Photograph of needlework sample by Esther Borden Lippencott, wife of Col. George Denison 
Image    ...This is a photo of a framed needlework sample by Esther Borden Lippencott, wife of Col. George Denison. It was worked in the winter of 1812-1813. Within a wreath, surmounted by a crown, are the words, "To the memory of General Brock, who gloriously fell as he was bravely defending his country...
Part of the Military Reserve 
Image  1810,   ... to the war and following the alterations made by the American troops as well as the American Entrenchment lines. This photograph can provide an understanding of what the military reserve looked like during the War of 1812....
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