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Fraktur Mennonite Birth Certificate- Abraham Neff, 1802 
Text  1802,   ..."Fraktur" Mennonite artwork which celebrates the birth of Abraham Neff. It reads: "In the year of our Lord, December 7, 1802 ". Abraham was 10 years old when Michael Graybiel made the bellows for his father Peter Neff in 1812 to begin the Neff metal-working tradition. Abraham came form a Mennonite...
Medical Discharge Certificate- Isaac Smith, November 4, 1812 
Text  4 November 1812  ...A medical discharge from military duty for Isaac Smith. Confirmed by Dr. Robert Kerr and John [J]. Taylor, attest by Lieut. Jonathon Pettit and signed by [G. Fairbel]. Smith was discharged from military duty during the War of 1812 because he had lost his right eye....
Pay Record for Lieut. Henry Nelles, 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia- December 25th,1812 to January 20th, 1813 
Text    ...A record of pay for Lieut. Henry Nelles (1789-1841) of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia from December 25, 1812 to January 20, 1813. The pay was for his duty at Fort Erie under the command of Lt. Colonel Bishop....
Marriage Certificate Between Peter Neff and Maria Durrin 
Text  31 March 1800,   ...: Nordhamthon County Pennsylvania. Married March 31, 1800. Peter had bellows made for him by Michael Graybiel and his name can be found in the Graybiel Ledger on pages 183, February 28th, 1812 and page 184, March 24, 1812. The February 1812 entry was the first of two very important historic entries...
"Roll of thoes (sic) men that was on the Ground after the battle", addressed to Captain Wm. Nelles- 1812 
Text    ... Captain in this Regiment during the War of 1812. The 4th Lincoln was involved in the Battles of Queenston Heights and Lundy's Lane during the War of 1812. Names included on the Muster roll are: Beam, Lewis Beamer, John Dennis Homes, John Mills, John Sr. Milmine, James Sr. Nolty, John Nelles, William...
Handwritten agreement between John Beamer of Grimsby and Lewis Gerau of Grimsby- July 9, 1812, 
Text  9 July 1812  ...A handwritten agreement, dated July 9, 1812, between John Beamer of Grimsby and Lewis Gerau of Grimsby (Labourer and Frenchman). Gerau had agreed to complete his duty as militia man in the Flank Company stationed at Niagara. In consideration of this, John Beamer would pay Gerau fifty dollars, part...
Military Commission For James Thompson- June 29, 1812 
Text  29 June 1812  ...'s forces therein on June 29, 1812. It is signed by Brock in the right corner and includes the red wax seal in the upper left corner....
Muster Roll of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia, Captain H Nelles- July 4-24, 1814 
Text  4-24 July 1814  ...Muster roll, dated July 4 to the 24th, 1814, of Captain H. Nelles (1789-1841) of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia. This regiment participated in the Battles of Queenston Heights and Lundy's Lane during the War of 1812....
Land Deed No. 5125- Between Isaac and Abraham Laing and William Haun of the Township of Humberstone 
Text  12 January 1815,   A deed between Isaac and Abraham Laing and William Haun of the Township of Humberstone for Lot 9, Front Concession of the Township of Humberstone for 37 pounds, 10 shillings.
Militia Payroll- 1812 
Text  c. 1812  ...A militia paylist believed to be dated 1812. The militia name is unknown but the list is signed by a William Lyons. The names included on the pay list are: Book, Joseph Camp, John M. Clark, James Dean, Andrew Gee, David Johnson, Jeremiah Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Morris Lane, Gilbert Lane...
James Fortier Letter To W.H. Merritt, Chief Commissioner of Public Works in Toronto- 1850 
Text  17 Sept 1850,   ...A letter written by James Fortier who was the Port Colborne Lighthouse keeper after his War of 1812 Service. He had participated at the Battle of Fort Detroit under Major General Sir Isaac Brock for which he received a medal in 1849. He was also in charge of a gun boat on Lake Erie that captured...
Mennonite Exemption Certificate- John Graybiel,1812 
Text  31 Aug 1812,   ...An original hand-written certificate dated August 31, 1812 declaring that John Graybiel of the Township of Wainfleet, County of Lincoln was a "manonist" and a son of a "Manonist" (meaning a Mennonite). This certificate, which the Militia Act required to be signed by three members...
Land Indenture between Smith Griffin and Ebenezer Collver- 1812 
Text  9 September 1812  Land Indenture between Smith Griffin and Ebenezer Collver for 151 acres.
Military Commission of Robert Nelles- June 25, 1802 
Text  25 June 1802  A certificate of Commission for Robert Nelles (1761-1842), Esquire, as Deputy Lieutenant. It is signed by Robert Hamilton, Lieutenant, County Lincoln, and Francis Goring, his secretary, in Queenston.
Military Commission of Robert Nelles-  October 10, 1815 
Text  10 October 1815  A military commission for Robert Nelles, Esquire (1761-1842), as Lieutenant Colonel of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia. It is signed by Francis Gore, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada in York. The 4th Lincoln was involved in the Battles of Queenston Heights and...
Memorandum of Militia Pay Allowances and Losses due Capt. H. Nelles, 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia- 1814-1815 
Text    A memorandum of Militia Pay Allowances and losses due to Captain H. Nelles (1789-1841) of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia.
Land Indenture for Abraham High- 1814 
Text  1814  Land Indenture for Abraham High
Assistant Surgeon Appointment: Letter from Dr Robert Kerr to Dr Cyrus Sumner- July 22, 1814 
Text  22 July 1814  ...A letter from Dr. Robert Kerr to Dr. Cyrus Sumner(1772-1834) appointing him Assistant Surgeon at the hospital in Niagara during the War of 1812. His pay is quoted as one dollar and a half per day. It also states that medicines will be provided but Dr. Sumner had to provide his own instruments...
Memorandum of Pay and Allowance due to Captain H. Nelles 
Text  , p. 1  ...A memorandum of pay and allowance due to Captain H. Nelles (1789-1841) from May 23-31 1814 and July 1st to last 1815. It also states pay due for six months while he was a prisoner of war from December 1812 to May 1813 at Fort Erie. Nelles was a Captain in the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia who...
Militia General Orders, Kingston- August 18, 1815 
Text  18 August 1815  ... the meritorious actions of troops under his command in Upper Canada during the War of 1812....
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