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"A Notable Niagara Centennial"- Newspaper article written by Fred Williams 
Text  4 April 1933  ...A newspaper article written by Fred Williams titled, "A Notable Niagara Centennial" where he discusses the death of John Crooks and his experiences in the War of 1812. The newspaper the article was written in is unknown....
Letter from James Fortier, Port Colborne Light Keeper, to the Honourable Jean Chabot- 1854 
Text  9 May 1854,   ...A transcription of a letter written by James Fortier, the Port Colborne Lighthouse keeper, to the Honourable Jean Chabot regarding a salary adjustment. The original letter is currently unavailable. In the letter, Fortier discusses his participation in the War of 1812. He states his involvement...
War of 1812 Veterans at 1871 Brock Monument Picnic 
Image  1871,   ...A photo of 21 people, believed to be War of 1812 veterans, posing for a group photo in front of Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights. This was the 1871 Brock Monument picnic. Included with the photo is a listing of the people in the photo as well as the ages of 8 individuals....
James Fortier Photograph- Fort Detroit Medal 
Image  c.1860,   A copy of an original photo of James Fortier (April 10, 1792- January 11, 1865) wearing a medal that was awarded in 1849 for his participation at the Battle of Fort Detroit under Major General Sir Isaac Brock. He was also in charge of a gun boat that captured the American vessel "Commencement" and...
The Battle of Queenston Heights. By James Dennis 
Image    ...An oil on canvas painting. Before dawn on October 13, 1812, the New York State Militia launched an invasion across the treacherous currents of the Niagara River at Queenston. The leader of the British forces, Sir Isaac Brock, was killed in the early stages of the battle. American advances were...
James Fortier Letter To W.H. Merritt, Chief Commissioner of Public Works in Toronto- 1850 
Text  17 Sept 1850,   ...A letter written by James Fortier who was the Port Colborne Lighthouse keeper after his War of 1812 Service. He had participated at the Battle of Fort Detroit under Major General Sir Isaac Brock for which he received a medal in 1849. He was also in charge of a gun boat on Lake Erie that captured...
War of 1812 Veterans at Brock Monument- 1871 
Image    ...This is a faded photo mounted in a white oval matte. The photo is of War of 1812 veterans in front of Sir Isaac Brock's Monument. This is a reunion of War of 1812 veterans in October 1871. Soldiers identified include: George Boyle, S.J.J. Brown, James Kerby, Hon. Jonathan Simpson, Jonathan...
Wood Fragment from Major General Sir Isaac Brock's Original Casket 
Object    ...This is said to be a fragment of Major General Sir Isaac Brock's original casket donated by the Lundy's Lane Historical Society. It was acquired by a veteran of the War of 1812-1814 upon the destruction of the casket as a result of an explosion. Pieces of the casket were given to various veterans...
10th Royal Veteran Battalion Button 
Object    ... in diameter. This regiment was at Michilimackinac, Frenchtown and Miami. Commanding Officers of this regiment include: Henry Zouch (July 1812-May 1813), and Donald MacPherson (June 1813- February 1815). In addition to this corps there was a small body of "Mounted Veterans", under Lt. Chettle, that consisted...
"A Day With a Veteran of 1812-15" By His Grandson R.I. Warner 
Text  , p. 11, p. 11  ...This story was submitted by R.I. Warner from St. Thomas, Ontario, to the Globe Prize Story. It is from the grandson's point of view and includes a description of his grandfather's experiences during the War of 1812. It mentions how he was warned about an attack on St. Davids while stationed...
War of 1812 Photographs: Tecumseh, Four Veterans and a Blade 
Image    ...This consists of 6 photos that include: an artistic representation of Tecumseh, a blade, and four gentlemen that are War of 1812 veterans. A 1911 catalogue of Memorial Hall (the Niagara Historical Society's first museum building) lists the item as a photograph of a committee to discover the grave...
Recollections of the War of 1812 from the Manuscript of the Late Hon. James Crooks 
Text  , p. 15, p. 15  ...The recollections of the Honourable James Crooks, a well known merchant in Niagara, and a Captain in the 1st Lincoln Militia during the War of 1812. It begins by discussing the Orders in Council passed by Britain, which prohibited communication between Britain and its dependencies with countries...
Private C.J. Tip Photograph- Veteran of War of 1812 
ImageComments:    This is an oval photo of C.J. Tip, seated, and mounted on a beige card. The writing on the card reads "Private C.J. Tip was at battle of Queenston Heights". It is believed that this is Private Cornelius Tips of the 1st Flank Company of the 2nd York Militia Regiment who was involved at Queenston...
Military commission of George Ridout in the York Militia, June 1812 
Text  30 Jun 1812,   ... 29, 1812. It is signed by Brock in the lower right corner and includes a red wax seal in the upper left corner. The Flank Company was composed of selected volunteers who could be fully outfitted with muskets and ammunition. In a letter to his brother Thomas, George wrote of his impending promotion...
Letter to Major D. McDougal from Robert Stanton discussing where Sir Isaac Brock Fell, 1860 
Text  10 August 1860,   The letter, dated August 10, 1860, was written to Major D. McDougal from Robert Stanton concerning a meeting to discuss the place where Sir Isaac Brock fell at Queenston. Stanton also mentioned that he had discussed the design and location of the monument with William Thomas, the architect of the...
Letter to Sir Alan McNabb from Robert Stanton concerning the place where Sir Isaac Brock fell, 1860 
Text  28 July 1860,   The letter is addressed to Sir Alan McNabb, a member of the Committee for the Erection of Brock's Monument, from Robert Stanton concerning the place where Sir Isaac Brock fell. Stanton states within the letter, dated July 28, 1860, that he witnessed the fall and could potentially assist in marking...
Reburial of the men of the 8th Regiment of Foot from the War of 1812 at Fort Niagara in 1911 
Image  1912,   ...These photos are from Fort Niagara in 1911 of the reburial of the men of the 8th Regiment of Foot from the War of 1812. In a Niagara Historical Society publication (No. 23), dated 1911-1912, Janet Carnochan had this to say about the event: "A very interesting ceremony took place in July, 1911...
War of 1812 Presentation - Rideau Hall 
Image  2012,   ...Photograph of a presentation commemorating the War of 1812 held at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, where Six Nations warriors were honoured as Allies of the Crown. Among those receiving honors were Rick Hill and Keith Jamieson on behalf of the 1812 Warriors. This presentation occurred after the official...
Jacob Cochenour's War Loss Claim, 1841 
ImageText  16 August 1841,   ...A War Loss Claim signed by Jacob Cochenour of the Township of Flamborough West. The claim is dated August 16, 1841 and refers to losses sustained during the War of 1812. ...
Scrapbook- c. 1860-1920s 
Text    ... of topics. In relation to the War of 1812, the scrapbook has many articles that include a soldier's memories of their experiences, the war's centennial events, and memorials and monuments erected for those who were heroic or died during the war. Other topics include: the Mackenzie Rebellion, Fenian raids...
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