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Chair- c.1812 
Object  c.1812  A chair given to Manley Ball by the British Government for services rendered.
Loyal Canadian Society Silver Pin 
Object  c. 1847  This is a silver maple leaf pin from the Loyal Canadian Society. Every year, since its organization in 1847, this society held its Annual Dinner on the 13 of October; the anniversary of General Brock's death in defence of Canada. The original owner of the pin was Henry Edward Nelles who was also...
War of 1812 Veterans at 1871 Brock Monument Picnic 
Image  1871,   ... page 2 page 3 War of 1812 Veterans at 1871 Brock Monument Picnic ...
James Fortier Photograph- Fort Detroit Medal 
Image  c.1860,   A copy of an original photo of James Fortier (April 10, 1792- January 11, 1865) wearing a medal that was awarded in 1849 for his participation at the Battle of Fort Detroit under Major General Sir Isaac Brock. He was also in charge of a gun boat that captured the American vessel "Commencement" and...
Sir Isaac Brock Commemorative Token - 1816 
Object  1816  The inscription on the front reads "SR ISAAC BROCK THE HERO OF UPR CANADA". The reverse reads: "SUCCESS TO COMMERCE AND PEACE TO THE WORLD" with the date 1816.
Brock, the hero of Upper Canada 
Text  1912,  
Commemorative Monument  for the Engagement at Forty Mile Creek, June 8th, 1813 
Image    ...A photographic print of the Commemorative Monument for the Engagement at Forty Mile Creek, War of 1812. It reads (English): "Here at the Forty Mile Creek, on the 8th of June 1813, American Forces, retreating after the battle of Stoney Creek, were bombarded by the British Flotilla under Sir James...
Commemorative Sir Isaac Brock Coin- 1816 
Object  1816  ... BROCK THE HERO OF UPPER CANADA". The coin was found on property previously owned by Allan Nixon. During the War of 1812, Nixon was known to have owned a blacksmith shop. It is also believed that the he was forced to shoe American horses while the area was under US occupation....
First Nations at the Battle of the Forty Ceremony- June 8, 1955 
Image  8 June 1955  A black and white photograph of six First Nations people playing instruments at the Ceremony unveiling a plaque commemorating the engagement at Forty Mile Creek which occured on June 8, 1813.
Celebration of 100 Years of Peace, Great Britain and the United States of America- Commemorative Ribbon 
Object    A commemorative ribbon celebrating 100 years of peace between Great Britain and the United States of America. The front has a metal piece with the years 1814 and 1914 and a "G" symbol on it with the British and American flags sewn on the material just below. It reads: "CELEBRATION OF...
Scrapbook- War of 1812-14 and other Documents, Monuments, Cairns, tablets erected in 1923 in memory of battles in 1912-1914 
Text    ...Carried Brock off the Field Helped Care for the General When He Fell at Queenston Heights 1 Helped Care for the General When He Fell at Queenston Heights 2 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 1 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 2 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 3 Lewis McKay's Recollections...
Foundation Stone of the Brock Monument- October 13, 1853 
Text  1853  An announcement on the form of procession to be observed at the laying of the foundation stone of the Brock monument at Queenston Heights. This is for the second monument where they buried Major-General Isaac Brock and his aid-de-camp Lieut. Col. MacDonnell. The announcement is printed on off...
Brock Monument 
Image    A coloured print of Brock's Monument. At the bottom is written: "TO SIR ISAAC BROCK, K.B. ON QUEENSTON HEIGHTS, UPPER CANADA, INAUGURATED 13TH OCTOBER LAST-" Size: (framed) 46 cm l., 34 cm w
War of 1812 Veterans at Brock Monument- 1871 
Image    ...War of 1812 Veterans at Brock Monument War of 1812 Veterans at Brock Monument - Back ...
Robert Nelles Manor 
Image  1918  A postcard with a picture of Robert Nelles' Manor that was built in 1798. On the front it says: "The Manor (over 100 years old) Grimsby, Ont." Nelles was a Lieutenant-colonel of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia by the end of the War. He was also known to have been a Justice of the Peace and...
Wood Fragment from Major General Sir Isaac Brock's Original Casket 
Object    ...This is said to be a fragment of Major General Sir Isaac Brock's original casket donated by the Lundy's Lane Historical Society. It was acquired by a veteran of the War of 1812-1814 upon the destruction of the casket as a result of an explosion. Pieces of the casket were given to various veterans...
(The History of) Brock's Monument- The Canadian Journal 
Text  1852  This is an excerpt from the Canadian Journal, September 1852, discussing how the Committee for the Erection of the Brock Monument tendered an architect competition for the design and erection of the Brock Monument. There is an etching of the monument (the one selected) at the top and the...
Telescope from the Original Brock's Monument 
Object    This is an incomplete telescope that was said to have been used in the gallery at the top of the original Brock's monument which was blown up by Benjamin Lett in 1840. The telescope is 43 cm long and is made of brass. Markings include an inscription in script that states "Silberrad Aldgate London...
Brock's Monument Print 
Image    ...A print of the first Brock's Monument erected after the War of 1812, in commemoration of his life and death at the Battle of Queenston Heights. The first monument was erected in in 1824 and was blown up in 1840 by an Irish sympathizer. This print is based on a sketch by I.F. Bouchette...
Sir Isaac Brock- Photograph of Watercolour Painting 
Image    This is a photograph of a water colour painting of Sir Isaac Brock dressed in full military uniform and sitting in profile. It is an oval portrait surrounded by a white background. This portrait is unique as the original painting has yet to be located. Sir Isaac Brock Photograph from a water...
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