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Zig Zag Wampum, An 1812 design 
ImageMysteries:  2012,   ...A Wampum Belt with a 1812 Zig Zag pattern....
"Unknown Stories of the War of 1812" 
Image    ..."Unknown Stories of the war of 1812: People and Events that Impacted on Six Nations." This slide show was created November 2012, the author is unknown....
"Woodland Cultural Centre War Clubs & Wampum Belts Exhibit Advertisement" 
Image    ..."Woodland Cultural Centre Invites You to Experience War Club & Wampum Belts: Hodinohso:ni Experiences of the War of 1812"...
Photo of the Pledge of the Crown Belt (a.k.a.Claus Wampum Belt - War of 1812 Peace Wampum Belt) 
ImageObject  1815,   ...Photo of the Pledge of the Crown Belt (a.k.a.Claus Wampum Belt - War of 1812 Peace Wampum Belt). Est. Length: 34.25 inches (Cordage). Col. William Claus, Deputy Superintendant of Indian Affairs, presented this belt to the Six Nations after the War of 1812. It was a pledge by the Crown "not...
War of 1812 Series (4): Conflicting Covenant Chains 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Conflicting Covenant Chains Covenant Chain Wampum Belt, 1764 This drawing was made from the original belt, which has since been lost. The Hodinohson:ni had been allied with Great Britain through the Covenant Chain, as seen in the wampum belt...
War of 1812 Series (18): Traveling War Belts 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Traveling War Belts A large Wampum Belt with proper designations & an appropriate speech, encouraging a general and spirited combination, among the different Indian tribes, to be immediately forwarded. Robert Dickson of the Indian Department to General...
Red Jacket(Sagoyewatha)Belt 
ImageObject  June 1812,   ...Wampum belt giver to the Chiefs at Grand River to support a plea for neutrality in 1812. In June of 1812, Seneca, Onondaga and Cayuga Chiefs living at Buffalo Creek came to a council at Grand River. Their motive was to secure a pledge of neutrality on behalf of all Hodinohson:ni. They delivered a...
Reading of the Wampum - Six Nations c. 1860's 
Image  c. 1860's,  
Seneca Saga of "Red Jacket" 
ImageNewspapers  15 Aug 1953,   Article discussing a performance of Sagoyewatha the Seneca in the fifth year of the Six Nations Pageant.
War of 1812 Series (35): Condolence for General Brock 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Condolence for General Brock A Council of Condolence for General Brock was held at the Indian Council House at Fort George on November 6, 1812. Kodeaneyonte (Little Cayuga) spoke, holding wampum beads like the ones shown here: We, therefore, now seeing...
"15,000 Hear of Grand River Role in War of 1812" 
TextNewspapers  Jarrett, Chase, "15,000 Hear of Grand River Role in War of 1812", Turtle Island News, 17 Oct 2012  "General Isaac Brock knew he couldn't win the Battle of Queenston Heights without the Grand River warriors, elected Chief Bill Montour told more than 15,000 gathered Saturday to mark the death of Brock."
Image of the Great Britain - Haudenosaunee Covenant Chain Belt (Alliance Belt). 
ImageObject  c. 18th Century,   Image of the Great Britain Haudenosaunee Covenant Chain Belt (Alliance Belt). This belt uses the symbolism commonly used in Haudenosaunee belt making. Nations are usually symbolized with squares. Here in this belt, there are two squares at the end of the belt representing two nations. A vertical...
War of 1812 Series (23): Peace Council at Amherstburg 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Peace Council at Amherstburg September 14, 1815 British Lt. Col. Reginald James addressed the Council of Western Nations, which included the Shawnee Prophet: Wampums were passed long ago at Burlington Heights, to which place your Father invited you to come...
War of 1812 Series : Ten Themes on the War of 1812 as it relates to Six Nations 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Ten Themes on the War of 1812 as it relates to Six Nations Rick Hill Six nations Legacy Consortium I Choices with Consequences Which Side to Support? Divided Loyalties and Contrasting Covenant Chains made it difficult for our people to decide who to support. Ultimately, the Covenant Chain...
War of 1812 Series (11): Choices With Consequences 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Choices With Consequences The era of the War of 1812 is a time of difficult choices and unseen consequences. Both Covenant Chain and War Belts were employed to seduce the Ögwë'ö:weh (Native Nations) into military alliances with the Americans, British...
War of 1812 Series (6): Sir John Caldwell's War Belt 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Sir John Caldwell's War Belt Sir John Cadwell, 5th Baronet, of Castle Caldwell, Ireland. Anonymous, c. 1780 King's Regiment Collection, Courtesy of the Board of Trustees of the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside Serving in the King...
War of 1812 Series (49): Sending Peace Belts 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Sending Peace Belts On August 15, 1815 Col. William Claus wrote to Maj. Gen. Frederick Robinson: on the 24th April last, in a full council of all the nations at Burlington Heights, at which Lieut. Col. James was present, they were told, that the Kings...
War of 1812 Series (33): Pledge of the Crown Wampum Belt 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Pledge of the Crown Wampum Belt This wampum belt was created by the British to represent the ongoing relationship after the war. The pattern may have been derived from an ancient design called the meander, or Greek Key. It often was used to represent...
War of 1812 Series (16): Tehontatenentsonterontahkhwa 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Tehontatenentsonterontahkhwa (The thing by which they link arms) The Friendship Belt, representing the Covenant Chain Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council of Chiefs, Grand River Territory The common symbol of peace and unity in wampum diplomacy is two...
"Woodland Cultural Centre War Clubs & Wampum Belts Remarks by Tim Johnson" 
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