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A View of Col. Johnson's Engagement with the Savages. By Abel Bowen 
Image  c. 1812  ...An ink print dated c. 1812 that is believed to have been created in America....
Battle of the Thames, October 5th 1813. By Ephraim Bouve 
Image    An ink print that was entered according to an Act of Congress.
Death of Tecumseh. By Nathaniel Currier 
Image  1846  An ink print created in the United States of America. This piece is portraying Col. Richard Mentor Johnson of the United States killing the Shawnee leader, Tecumseh, at the Battle of the Thames.
Death of Tecumseh. Battle fo the Thames Oct. 5th 1813. By John L. Magee 
Image  1841  An ink print created in the United States of America. This piece is portraying Col. Richard Mentor Johnson of the United States killing the Shawnee leader, Tecumseh, at the Battle of the Thames.
War of 1812 Photographs: Tecumseh, Four Veterans and a Blade 
Image    ...This consists of 6 photos that include: an artistic representation of Tecumseh, a blade, and four gentlemen that are War of 1812 veterans. A 1911 catalogue of Memorial Hall (the Niagara Historical Society's first museum building) lists the item as a photograph of a committee to discover the grave...
"Unknown Stories of the War of 1812" 
Image    ..."Unknown Stories of the war of 1812: People and Events that Impacted on Six Nations." This slide show was created November 2012, the author is unknown....
The New York Weekly Museum Newspaper, Vol. II, No.25- October 23, 1813 
Text  23 Oct 1813,   A weekly paper that was published from 1805 to 1814. War related news includes: Page 99 - Weekly Retrospect: American report on British naval movements near Louisiana; General William Harrison reports on: a victory at Moravian Town (Moraviantown) on October 5; Ottawas, Chippewas, Wyandots...
Death of Tecumseh 
Image  1857,   Print shows the death of Tecumseh from a bullet fired by Colonel Richard Johnson at the Battle of the Thames on October 5th, 1813. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.
Death of Tecumseh 
Image  1846,   An ink print created in the United States of America. This piece is portraying Col. Richard Mentor Johnson of the United States killing the Shawnee leader, Tecumseh, at the Battle of the Thames.
"Aboriginal Contributions to the War of 1812" 
Text    ..."The War of 1812: The Fight for Canada. Throughout Canada's history, Aboriginal peoples have helped shape a country, Britain's military alliances with First Nations were a key part of the defensive network of British North America. During the War of 1812, Thousands of First Nations warriors...
Tecumseh statue - Tippecanoe County Courthouse, Indiana 
ImageObject  1884,   A photograph of a pediment in the Tippecanoe County Courthouse in Lafayette, IN, USA featuring statues of William Henry Harrison, Lafayette and Tecumseh; sometimes identified as George Rogers Clark, George Washington and Tecumseh. constructed in the 1880s.
Death of Tecumseh: Battle of the Thames Oct. 18, 1813 
Image  c. 1846,   ...Print shows Col. R.M. Johnson using a pistol to kill Tecumseh during the War of 1812, at the battle of the Thames in Ontario, Canada. 1 print: lithograph, hand-colored....
"'Refugees' Merged to Form Mingoes" 
NewspapersPublication  Beaver, George, "'Refugees' Merged to Form Mingoes", "'Refugees' Merged to Form Mingoes", Brantford Expositor, 8 May 1991  ..."The Mingoes, I found out, were a conglomeration of different native refugees who had been displaced by the fighting and unrest around the time of the American Revolution and the War of 1812."...
Frieze of American History - Death of Tecumseh 
Image  1953,   ... during the War of 1812. The piece was started in 1878, a section was completed in 1880, and the work in total was completed in 1953....
A View of Col. Johnson's Engagement with the Savages (commanded by Tecumseh) near the Moravian Town, October 5, 1812. 
Image  1828,   Hand-coloured woodcut illustration from: "History of the Discovery of America" by Henry Trumbull. The print gives a vivid account of the war between the Native Americans led by Tecumseh (1768?-1813), chief of the Shawnee, and the U.S. cavalry led by Colonel Richard M. Johnson (1780 or 81-1850)....
War of 1812 Series (13): General Hull's Freakout 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 General Hull's Freakout 1812 "I have done what my conscience directed. I have saved Detroit and the Territory from the horrors of an Indian massacre." U.S. General William Hull who surrendered Fort Detroit to General Isaac Brock, 1812 Hull...
War of 1812 Series (12): Tehcumtheh's Line in the Ground 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Tehcumtheh's Line in the Ground http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/59/Tecumseh%27s_War.png Tehcumtheh (Tecumseh) was part of an older movement to end to the erosion of Native territory. The Ögwë'ö:weh (Native Nations) of the Old...
Battle the of Thames and the death of Tecumseh, by the Kentucky mounted volunteers led by Colonel Richard M. Johnson, 5th Oct. 1813 
Image  c. 1833,   Print shows the battle of Thames with Colonel Richard M. Johnson and the Kentucky volunteers on the left engaged in battle with Tecumseh and his Native troops. Prominent figures, including Col. Richard M. Johnson, Tecumseh, the Prophet, James Mason, and Major Suggett, are illustrated in the print....
Battle of the Thames. Respectful dedicated to Andrew Jackson Esq. President of the United States 
Image  Sept. 7. 1833,   Print shows American forces fighting Tecumseh's Indian confederation. In the center Col. R. M. Johnson shoots Tecumseh who has raised his tomahawk. A legend at the bottom describes the men pictured and describes of their role in the battle. Handwritten text at bottom-right reads: "Deposited Sept....
War of 1812 Series (52): Tehcumtheh's Betrayal 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 October 5, 1813 Tehcumtheh's Betrayal British Major General Henry Procter made a fateful decision to retreat from Amherstburg after the naval defeat on Lake Erie. Tehcumtheh wanted to stand his ground, but Procter took all tangible support on his...
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