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Musket Action c. 1812- 1814 
Object    A musket action with "TOWER", a crown and the Royal cipher "GR" engraved on one side.
Musket Pieces- c. 1812
Object  c. 1812  These are various pieces of a musket action that were unearthed at one of Niagara's Battlefields. These items are on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Musket Action Piece 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812  This is a musket action piece that has ornate markings on one side. This item is currently on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Musket Ramrod Guide Tool 
Object    This is a ramrod guide for a British Tower flint-lock musket that was discovered in Niagara.
Object    This is a piece of flint that was unearthed at one of Niagara's Battlefields. It would have been used to light a flintlock musket when firing at the enemy.
Pricker- Military Equipment 
Object  c. 1812,   ...These prickers, dated 1812, were used as a screwdriver for a musket. It is "Y" shaped, with the top "V" forming the handle and the bottom arm narrowing to fit into the screw. The musket tool was used for pricking vent holes in the cartridge or for tightening jaw screws....
British Long Land Musket 
Object  1793-1815  ...This type of musket was produced by the British government from circa 1793-1815 and would have been used during the War of 1812. A long gun, 54 1/2 inches from stock to butt. The stock and butt of the gun are carved from walnut. The long barrel is metal and runs 39 inches long. There is a...
Musket Action Piece 
ObjectComments:  1812  This is a musket action piece that has ornate markings on one side. This item is currently on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Musket Ball Mold 
Object    ...This is an American metal musket ball mold of a plier design, dated 1812-1814. It was used to press a musket ball to the size of a bore or rifle, approximately .69 calibre musket balls. The press end is hollow and rounded with a hole at one end for pouring in molten metal and the handle is curved....
Musket Lock Mechanism 
Object    ...This is an iron lock mechanism measuring 13.9 cm x 2.5 cm x 3.1cm that is a flintlock from a military pistol. There are seven perforations and markings include "1812", "2", and a rampant lion presenting the crown....
Flint Bag 
Object    This linen bag features red stripes on a white background. The bag was used to carry flints for a flintlock musket. This type of bag was used from the Revolutionary War until 1820. Further research in 2010 suggests the flint bag was not officially used by the military but is probably civilian...
Indian Chief Musket and Ramrod 
Object  c. 1812,   ...This musket, circa1812, with its ramrod attached, is a flintlock converted to a percussion steel firing mechanism. The barrel is steel and the stock is made of walnut. The marks include: the Hanoverian crown, the "GR" cipher, "London" and "R & K Sutherland" or "R & R Sutherland" on the side plate...
Brown Bess Musket 
Object    A Brown Bess rifle, commonly called an India Pattern Musket, that has been previously converted from a flintlock to a percussion action. It is a single 39 inch barrel with three ram rod pipes. There is a strap clasp on the front of the trigger guard and it is a 75 calibre with a walnut stock. The...
Cock from an India Pattern Musket 
Object    This is the cock from an India Pattern musket of the British Army. It is oblonged shaped with a narrow bottom and a wide top. The top has a hole through it, as does the left side centre. Below is a protrusion of two ridges which are joined by a recessed area. The India Pattern musket was common...
Brown Bess Musket and Ramrod- c.1812 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812,   ...This musket, circa 1812, is a 3rd Model "Brown Bess" 1790 with an "India Pattern" design. It was a British regulation issue flintlock musket. There are various engravings on the musket that include: "Tower" which stands for the Tower of London. This means it was most likely approved by the tower...
Brown Bess Musket 
Object  c. 1812,   ... soldiers during the War of 1812 and the Rebellion of 1837. ...
Musket Lock Mechanism 
Object    This is a lock mechanism measuring 17.7 cm x 3.1 cm, that was made for a tower musket. This lock mechanism was converted to percussion. There are four perforations and markings include "Tower", a tri-corn crown with the "GR" cipher underneath, and a "B" with an arrow pointing left.
India Pattern Design Musket 
Object  c. 1800,   This musket, circa 1800, is Brown Bess an "India Pattern" design. The ram rod is missing and there is a make-do front sling swivel. The stock is cracked and the proper right side on the bottom extends from the front of feather springs to the trigger guard. There is an engraving, "TOWER" which...
Musket Ball 
ObjectComments:    Original donated and identified as a clay musket ball with a circumference of 5cm. It is highly doubtful that such an item would ever be used effectively as a musket ball and is more likely a marble or other such item.
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