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Memorandum of Militia Pay Allowances and Losses due Capt. H. Nelles, 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia- 1814-1815 
Text    A memorandum of Militia Pay Allowances and losses due to Captain H. Nelles (1789-1841) of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia.
War Loss Claim of James Cooper, c. 1820- War of 1812 
Text  c.1820,   ...This document, dated approximately 1812-1816, is a statement of the war losses of James Cooper. Items on the list range from textiles to buildings to furniture to farming equipment. The government paid compensation to civilians for private property that was lost or damaged by either the American...
Note Concerning a Letter Written to Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell- June 22, 1824 
Text  22 June 1824,   This document is a handwritten note, dated June 22, 1824, concerning a letter written to Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, wife of Fort Major Donald Campbell, in regards to her war claim.
Letter from Alex Stewart, a Niagara lawyer, to Alexander Wood, a magistrate in Upper Canada, Describing Property lost by Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell During the War of 1812- 1823 
Text  25 July 1823,   ...This document is a handwritten letter from Alex Stewart, a Niagara lawyer, to Alexander Wood, a magistrate in Upper Canada, describing the property lost by Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, wife of Fort Major Donald Campbell, in the War of 1812. The letter, dated July 25, 1823, discusses the details...
Buffalo Gazette Newspaper- March 15 1814 
Text  15 Mar 1814, p. 4, p. 4  ...Under this Accession number there is a collection of newspapers from the United States (US) from the years 1812 to 1886, some of which contain articles related to the War of 1812. The following is a brief description of the articles of interest. The "Buffalo Gazette" of March 15, 1814 contains...
Memo Authorizing a Ration OF Fuel and Candles to Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell- February 19, 1814 
Text  19 February 1814,   This is a memo discussing how Mrs. Campbell's, wife of Fort-Major Donald Campbell, request for fuel and candles was authorized and ready to be distributed. It is dated February 19th, 1814 which means Mrs. Campbell made the request during the winter months following the burning of Niagara in...
War Loss Statement of Robert Thompson- September 26, 1815 
Text  26 September 1815,   This document shows the estimated war losses of Robert Thompson by the American troops during the years 1813-1814. This document was created on September 26, 1815.
War Loss Claim of Capt. H.S. Hart of the 1st Battalion, 82nd Regiment- November 2, 1814 
Text  2 November 1814,   This document is the war loss claim of Capt. H.S. Hart of the 1st Battalion, 82nd Regiment. He stated on November 2, 1814 that he lost 3 pairs of boots, 3 pairs of shoes, a brush, luggage and other stores in a boat wreck on his way from Kingston to York. The government paid compensation to...
Letter from Alexander Wood, a Magistrate in Upper Canada, to William Campbell describing Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell Losses during the War of 1812- January 13, 1816 
Text  13 January 1816,   A handwritten letter, dated January 13, 1816, from Alexander Wood, a magistrate in Upper Canada, to William Campbell which describes Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell's (wife of Fort Major Campbell of Fort George) situation following the burning of Niagara. It discusses the difficulties she faced being a...
Letter from Lord Palmerston, Secretary of War, to Lt. General Drummond Regarding Compensation Claims for Wounded Officers- September, 1815 
Text  25 September 1815,   This letter, from Lord Palmerston, Secretary of War, to Lt. General Drummond discusses claims for compensation by officers wounded in action. He stated that applications must be sent to him along with a report from a Medicine Board of Officers and certificates from the Commanding Officers of...
Receipt of Payment for War Loss Claims- John D. Servos 
Text  25 May 1833,   ...A receipt for John D. Servos acknowledging the payment of 58 pounds, 17 shillings and 7 pence, or one third of his losses incurred during the war of 1812, from John Henry Dunn, Esq, his Majesty's Receiver General for the Province of Upper Canada. As the Receiver General, Dunn was responsible...
General Orders from the Military Secretary's Office Regarding Land Grants to Soldiers and Officers- July 17, 1815 
Text  17 July 1815,   A notice of General Orders from the Military Secretary's Office in Kingston on July 17, 1815 concerning the distribution of land to disbanded soldiers. It states that Alexander McDonell, Esq., was appointed as the Superintendent in charge of receiving the applications and distributing the land...
Notice Regarding Land Grants for Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates of the Militia- January 21, 1820 
Text  21 January 1820,   The notice, dated January 21, 1820, was sent by the Adjutant General's office to inform all officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of the militia that they could apply for land grants from the government. The notice explained when and how to submit these applications to the Adjutant...
Notice Regarding Land Grants for Militia- January 19, 1820 
Text    A notice announcing land grant opportunities for those who served in the First Flank Companies, the Provincial Artillery, the Incorporated Regiment, the Corps of Artillery Drivers, the Provincial Dragoons, the Marine and the general staff of the militia. It stated that upon receiving approval from...
A Correct Statement of Losses Sustained by Isaac Swayze- June 10, 1813 
TextComments:  10 June 1813,   ... in Canada's first parliament in 1792 and the militia Captain of the Provincial Royal Artillery Drivers during the War of 1812....
Letter authorizing the payment to Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell- June 28, 1815 
Text  28 June 1815,   This is a handwritten letter, dated June 28, 1815, authorizing the payment of 63 pounds, 12 shilling and 81/2 pence to Mrs. Campbell, wife of Fort-Major Campbell, for war losses. In addition this document includes a fragment of the envelope addressed to Mrs. Major Campbell, Windsor, Nova Scotia.
Massachusetts Militia Claims 
Text  1829,   Full Title: Massachusetts militia claims : letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting, in pursuance of a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 15th Dec., 1826, a report upon the subject of the claims of the State of Massachusetts for certain services rendered during the late...
Elizabeth Campbell's War Loss claim- December 1813 
Text  December 1813,   ...This document is a handwritten account of Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell's war losses claim. Her husband, Fort-Major Donald Campbell died in 1812, and her home was destroyed by United States forces with the burning of Newark (Niagara-on-the-Lake) in December 1813. The claim shows what possessions were...
A Veteran of 1812 : Jonathan Phillips 
Text    ...An account of Jonathon Phillips, a settler in the Bay of Quinte region and a War of 1812 veteran. Printed at the Chronicle Office, Belleville...
Message from the President of the United States, in relation to the claim of Virginia, an account of interest paid by that State, on moneys borrowed for the payment of the militia thereof, for services rendered the United States 
Text  1824,   ... into the service of the United States. By reference to tlie general order, issued by the Governor, for the detail and march of the detachment ordered to Morfolk, in July 1812, and of the detachment ordered to the north-western frontier, in September of the same year, it will be seen, that he authorizes drafts...
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