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Scrapbook- War of 1812-14 and other Documents, Monuments, Cairns, tablets erected in 1923 in memory of battles in 1912-1914 
Text    ...Carried Brock off the Field Helped Care for the General When He Fell at Queenston Heights 1 Helped Care for the General When He Fell at Queenston Heights 2 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 1 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 2 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 3 Lewis McKay's Recollections...
Foundation Stone of the Brock Monument- October 13, 1853 
Text  1853  An announcement on the form of procession to be observed at the laying of the foundation stone of the Brock monument at Queenston Heights. This is for the second monument where they buried Major-General Isaac Brock and his aid-de-camp Lieut. Col. MacDonnell. The announcement is printed on off...
Brock's Monument Print 
Image    ...A print of the first Brock's Monument erected after the War of 1812, in commemoration of his life and death at the Battle of Queenston Heights. The first monument was erected in in 1824 and was blown up in 1840 by an Irish sympathizer. This print is based on a sketch by I.F. Bouchette...
Diagram Explaining Where Sir Isaac Brock fell in Queenston 
Text  c. 1860,   This document is a diagram with explanations of the place where Sir Isaac Brock fell according to some who claim to have witness the event.
Ink Sketch of the Site of Sir Isaac Brock's death 
Image  1860s,   This is a sketch, done in pen, of the site of Brock's death. It includes a sketch of the monument, details of Queenston Heights and the site of where it was believed Brock fell. The creator also mentions Wynn's Tavern and writes "where Body was taken" just beside it.
Queenston Heights Engraving 
Image    A black and white engraving of Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights. Size: unmounted 25x 19 cm. rounded 27.5cm x 19.9cm
Sir Isaac Brock- Photograph of J.W.L Forster's painting 
Image    This is a photo of a painting by J.W.L. Forster that shows a profile view of Sir Isaac Brock in uniform. It is reported to be copied from the original chalk portrait head of General Brock, in the possession of a John Savory Carey, Esq. of St. Peter's Point in Guernsey, England. The uniform is that...
Letter to Colonel MacDougall from Allan McNab concerning Sir Isaac Brock's Death- 1860 
Text  1860,   This is a handwritten letter, dated 1860, to Colonel MacDougall from Allan McNab concerning the site of Brock's death and his monument. MacDougall was a member of the committee responsible for building the monument.
Letter From Geof Taylor to Sir Allan McNabb concerning Brock's Spring in Queenston, July 1860 
Text  July 1860,   A letter, dated July 1860, by Geof Taylor to Sir Allan McNabb concerning Brock's Spring in Queenston. He reports that a Mr. Robinson was taking the water from the spring and bringing it back to his house. Taylor was inquiring whether or not McNabb approved of this act. McNabb was a member of the...
Letter to Colonel McDougal from Sir Allan McNabb regarding the spot where Sir Isaac Brock fell, August 1860 
Text  1860,   ... Incorporated Militia during the War of 1812. It is said that he was at Fort George on March 27, 1813 when it was taken by American troops. He was also severely wounded at Lundy's Lane on July 25, 1814 when he was struck 7 times but was able to recover from his wounds. Unfortunately, McDougal had health...
"War of 1812-1813 from US Papers"- Newspaper Scrapbook 
Text    ...This scrapbook contains various newspaper articles relating to both the Canadian and American side of the Niagara River during the War of 1812. It is not clear what newspapers are included. However, it seems that most articles originate approximately from the years of 1860 to 1920s. There are many...
War of 1812 Engravings: Fort George, Fort Niagara and Winfield Scott at Queenston 
Object    These are three engravings, most likely from a newspaper or other late 19th century literature, originally, and placed onto tiles. It is believed that they were taken from Winfield Scott's autobiography. They have been mounted onto a wooden plaque by the donor with the name of Ambrose...
Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights Engraving- 1841 
ImageComments:  1881,   A coloured engraving of Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights.
Speakers of the Day 
Image  1913,   ...Illustration from the book "Brock Centenary: 1812-1912" by Alexander Frasier showing the delegation of guest speakers for the rededication cremonies of Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights. Shown are (left to right) Chief A. G. Smith, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory; Captain Charles R...
Six Nations Confederacy Chiefs and members at the 1812 Centennial at Queenston Heights. 
ImageMysteries:  Oct. 13, 1913,   ...Photo illustration of "Group of Indians (Grand River Reserve) celebrating Brock's Centenary at Queenston Heights, Chief Alexander Hill in costume" form Alexander Fraiser's book "Brock Centenary: 1812-1912". Indian Contributions to the Reconstruction of Brock's Monument: in contributing to the Fund...
"15,000 Hear of Grand River Role in War of 1812" 
TextNewspapers  Jarrett, Chase, "15,000 Hear of Grand River Role in War of 1812", Turtle Island News, 17 Oct 2012  "General Isaac Brock knew he couldn't win the Battle of Queenston Heights without the Grand River warriors, elected Chief Bill Montour told more than 15,000 gathered Saturday to mark the death of Brock."
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