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1812 Half Penny 
Object  1812,   ...This is a half penny coin with an image of a woman's face. It is dated in 1812 and provides a good example of currency from the 1812 period....
King George III 1812 Half Penny Coin 
ObjectComments:  1812,   ...This half penny coin dates from 1812 and depicts Liberty on the front side. On the reverse is the portrait of King George III and a Laurel Wreath. and is the type of currency that would have been used during the War of 1812....
Commemorative Sir Isaac Brock Coin- 1816 
Object  1816  ... BROCK THE HERO OF UPPER CANADA". The coin was found on property previously owned by Allan Nixon. During the War of 1812, Nixon was known to have owned a blacksmith shop. It is also believed that the he was forced to shoe American horses while the area was under US occupation....
Weigh Scale with Case 
Object    This is a weigh scale that was used for measuring gold. It has two gold coloured weigh pans attached to the fulcrum by dark brown cord. The case is made of walnut and is lined with dark coloured velvet. There are compartments for weights but the weights are missing. There is also a table of values...
King George III 1812 Coin 
ObjectComments:  1812,   ...This copper coin features a laurel wreath with an etching of George III. This is an example of what currency looked like at the time of the War of 1812....
Field Marshall Wellington and Liberty Token 
Object    A half-penny coin with liberty on one side and Field Marshall Wellington on the other.
1815 Magdalen Island Token 
Object  1815,   ...This coin is an 1815 penny, which features a Magdalen Island seal on one side and a flat fish on the other. This coin is a good example of how currency may have looked in the 1812 period. The Magdalen Island only issued one coin, this is an example of this coin issued by Sir Isaac Coffin...
Half Penny Token- 1815 
Object  1815,   ...This coin is a half-penny from 1815. One Face is labelled Starr & [SH…NM…N] Halifax. This coin is an example of currency from the time of the War of 1812....
Half Penny Trade and Navigation Coin 
Object    ...This half-penny token features an image of a tall ship on one side and "trade and navigation" on the other. A good example of currency from the time of 1812....
1 Pence 1807 British, King George III coin 
Object  1807,   ...This is a 1 pence coin from 1807 British George III, Britannia. This coin was most likely still in used by people in Canada as currency during the War of 1812-1814....
Half Penny 1813 Token 
Object  1813,   ...A half-penny coin featuring an eagle on one side and liberty on the other.The eagle half penny tokens were struck over original 'Samuel Guppy' tokens from Bristol England. A Boston Merchant Named Nye settled in Phillipsburg U.S.A in 1812 and re-struck the 'Guppy' Tokens as the eagle half penny...
Half Penny 1815 Token 
ObjectComments:  1815  ...A half-penny coin featuring an eagle on one side and liberty on the other. The Eagle Half Penny Tokens were struck over original 'Samuel Guppy' Tokens from Bristol England. A Boston Merchant Named Nye settled in Phillipsburg U.S.A in 1812 and restruck the 'Guppy' Tokens as the Eagle Half Penny...
King George III 1807 Coin 
Object  1807  The one side of this copper coin has the inscription "GEORGIUS 17" AND "D.G. REX 1807" with the King's profile. The other side has "BRITANNIA" with an image of Britannia. It measures 2.5cm in diameter.
1805 Hibernia Coin 
ObjectComments:  1805,   ...This copper coin features Field Marshall Wellington on one side and an Irish harp on the other. This coin dates to 1805 and is a good example of currency from the 1812 period....
1816 Sir Isaac Brock Commemorative Coin 
ObjectComments:  1816,  
Lord Wellington and Brittania Coin 1814 
ObjectComments:  1814,   This copper coin is inscribed "Wellington" with a profile of Lord Wellington on one side. The reverse side has a laurel wreath with Britannia seated. It is a Wellington half penny, dated 1814 and is 2 cm in diameter. It was found in the Niagara-on-the-Lake/Queenston area.
Province of Upper Canada Two Dollar Army Bill- 1814 
Text  March 1814,   ... and to buy provisions during the War of 1812-1814. Following the war, these bills were redeemed in full....
American Coin 
Object  1812,   ...An American one cent coin with Liberty on the face side and identified as being from 1812....
Wilson - Jones Promissory Note, 1806 
Text  February 21, 1806,   A promise by Mr. Jones to pay Thomas Wilson 10 pounds 1/10, New York Currency, with interest. Witness was Mr. T. McCormick
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