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Mennonite Exemption Certificate- John Graybiel,1812 
Text  31 Aug 1812,   ...An original hand-written certificate dated August 31, 1812 declaring that John Graybiel of the Township of Wainfleet, County of Lincoln was a "manonist" and a son of a "Manonist" (meaning a Mennonite). This certificate, which the Militia Act required to be signed by three members...
Memorandum of Militia Pay due for July, 1815- Captain Henry Nelles 
Text  July 1815  A memorandum of Militia Pay due for July 1815. Men's names and amounts due are handwritten on paper. It can be assumed that these men belong to the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia as Henry Nelles (1789-1841) was a Captain in this Regiment. The 4th Lincoln were known to have participated in the...
Militia General Orders, December 2, 1814 
Text  2 Dec 1814,   ...Militia General Orders dated December 2, 1814, disbanding the militia at the conclusion of the War of 1812. The orders were authorized by C.Foster, Adjutant General of Militia, Upper Canada....
Military Warrant for Elisha Smith, 33rd Regiment of the Connecticut Militia- 1811 
Text  6 May 1811  This is the military warrant issued to Elisha Smith, 2nd Company, appointing him to the rank of Sergeant in the 2nd Company of the 33rd Regiment, Connecticut Militia. It is printed and signed in black ink by William Sterling, Lieutenant Colonel, Commandant of the 33rd Regiment, Connecticut...
Private C.J. Tip Photograph- Veteran of War of 1812 
ImageComments:    This is an oval photo of C.J. Tip, seated, and mounted on a beige card. The writing on the card reads "Private C.J. Tip was at battle of Queenston Heights". It is believed that this is Private Cornelius Tips of the 1st Flank Company of the 2nd York Militia Regiment who was involved at Queenston...
Military commission of George Ridout in the York Militia, June 1812 
Text  30 Jun 1812,   ... 29, 1812. It is signed by Brock in the lower right corner and includes a red wax seal in the upper left corner. The Flank Company was composed of selected volunteers who could be fully outfitted with muskets and ammunition. In a letter to his brother Thomas, George wrote of his impending promotion...
Report of the Committee on Military Affairs, on the differences that exist, between the United States and some of the individual States, respecting the relative powers of the general and state governments over the militia 
Text  28 Feb 1815,   February 28, 1815. Printed by order of the Senate of the United States. Printed be Roger C. Weightman
Authorization from MacDonnell to Daniel MacDougal to Raise a Corps of Militia- March, 1813 
Text  26 March 1813,   This document, dated March 1813, is from Macdonnell to General Daniel McDougal authorizing the formation of a militia under his command.
Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles Junior Officer Coatee Believed to have Belonged to Donald McDougald- 1795-1830 
ObjectComments:    ... and cuffs has been removed and the wings are missing from the shoulder. Theory states that this jacket belonged to Ensign Donald McDougald who served in the militia unit on the Niagara frontier during the War of 1812 (987.5.464). He was also in the 2nd Regiment of the Glengarry Militia as a Lieutenant...
Upper Canadian British Militia Officer's Coatee and Red Sash 
Object    This is an Upper Canadian British militia officer's coatee of the sedentary militia. It conforms to the regulations of 21 June, 1814, which specifies that all officers on duty shall appear in a scarlet jacket with dark blue facings, yellow buttons, gold lace around the collar and cuffs only, and...
Muster Roll  of Captain John D. Servos' Company of the First Lincoln Regiment Militia- December 22, 1812 
Text  22 December 1812,   ...This document is a list of members of Captain John D. Servos' company of the First Lincoln Regiment Militia. It lists each soldier's name, and sometimes age, present or absent during roll call on December 22, 1812. This regiment is known to have participated in the Battle of Queenston Heights...
The annual volunteer and service militia list of Canada, 1st March, 1867 
Text  1867,   At head of title: By Authority
Pay Roll for Captain Servos' Company of the Lincoln Militia- 1814 
Text  1814,   ... the War of 1812....
Notice Regarding Land Grants for Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates of the Militia- January 21, 1820 
Text  21 January 1820,   The notice, dated January 21, 1820, was sent by the Adjutant General's office to inform all officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of the militia that they could apply for land grants from the government. The notice explained when and how to submit these applications to the Adjutant...
Notice Regarding Land Grants for Militia- January 19, 1820 
Text    A notice announcing land grant opportunities for those who served in the First Flank Companies, the Provincial Artillery, the Incorporated Regiment, the Corps of Artillery Drivers, the Provincial Dragoons, the Marine and the general staff of the militia. It stated that upon receiving approval from...
Military Ledger of Captain John D. Servos' company of the First Lincoln Regiment Militia- 1812-1813 
Text    ...This document is the military ledger of Captain John D. Servos' company of the First Lincoln Regiment Militia. It lists each soldier's name, and sometimes age, present or absent during role call approximately between July 1812 and April 1813. This regiment is known to have participated...
Daniel D. Tompkins letter to General Dearborn, June 28, 1812 
Text  28 June 1812,   ...A letter written by Daniel D. Tompkins in response to a letter he received from Major General Dearborn. The letter is dated June 28, 1812 and describes the great need for arms and supplies for the American militia....
Letter from Lt.Col. Chewett to Ensign Kuck- 6 Sept 1814 
Text  6 September 1814,   Letter from Lt.Col. Chewett to Ensign Kuck.
Muster Roll of Captain Servos' Company of the 1st Regiment of the Lincoln Militia- April 25 to May 24, 1813 
Text  April 1813,   This document is the muster roll of Captain Servos Company of the 1st Regiment of the Lincoln militia from April 25, 1813 to May 24, 1813. The following are some of the names included: John D. Servos, Captain, Wm. Powers, Lieut. , Portland Secord, Ensign, James Bunting, Sergeant, John Cain,...
Payroll Ledger for John D. Servos' Company in the Lincoln Militia, April 24 to May 24 1813 
Text  1813,   ... October 1812 to May 1813. It also includes: a letter appealing for pay to a widow of a private, a list of soldiers who were killed in action as well as the names of their wives and children, and a list of the Officers of the 1st Regiment Lincoln Militia, Companies 1 to 10. John D. Servos was a Captain...
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