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Musket Action c. 1812- 1814 
Object    A musket action with "TOWER", a crown and the Royal cipher "GR" engraved on one side.
Musket Pieces- c. 1812
Object  c. 1812  These are various pieces of a musket action that were unearthed at one of Niagara's Battlefields. These items are on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Cannon Balls c. 1812-1814 
Object    Set of cannon balls that were unearthed in one of Niagara's battlefield sites.
Musket Ball Mold 
Object    Used to create bullets for muskets.
Cannon Ball 
Object    ...This eighteen pound cannonball, which was fashioned during the War of 1812, gives insight into the ammunitions of that time....
Object  c. 1812,   ...This bayonet, dated 1812-1814, has triangular blade. It was recovered from the Niagara River in 1980....
Cavalry Sword- c.1812
Object  c.1812  This cavalry sword with a wooden handle is measured at 13 ¾ inches long. It was said to have been recovered from one of Niagara's Battlefields. This item is on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Remnant of the Tip of a Bayonet Sheath 
Object  c. 1812  This is a remnant of the tip of a bayonet sheath which can be found at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Muskets Balls 
Object    These musket balls were found at one of Niagara's battlefield sites. It appears, due to their deformation, that they have been fired from a musket.
Steel Scabbard 
Object    A curved steel scabbard that is said to have been found on the Lundy's Lane Battlefield by W. W. Woodruff.
Sword- c. 1812 
Object  c. 1812  A sword believed to have been unearthed at one of Niagara's Battlefields. Inscriptions include "HADLEY" with three circles (near the handle) and "4" with a crown on the blade. The grip of the handle is made of wood but is worn down on one side. This item is on display at the Battleground Hotel...
Bayonets- c.1812-1814 
Object  c. 1812  ...These are a few examples of steel bayonets from the War of 1812-1814. The largest bayonet's base (most likely British) measures 10cm long, 2.5cm in diameter and the blade is 41.5cm long and 2.5 cm wide at the base tapering to a sword point. It was found at the corner of Spring St. and Dorchester Rd...
Ten Pound Cannonball 
Object    ...A 10 pound cannonball that is believed to have been used by either American or British forces. It was found near Nelles Blvd, in Grimsby, on land belonging to Col. Robert Nelles at the time of the War of 1812. Nelles was a Lieutenant-colonel of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia by the end...
Cannon ball 
Object    ...This is a cannonball from the War of 1812 with a circumference of 15.2 cm and a diameter of 5 cm....
Object  c. 1812,   ...This is a fragment of a triangular bayonet blade, dated from the War of 1812-1814, that was discovered in the Niagara River. A bayonet is a steel blade that is designed to fit on the muzzle of a rifle or musket barrel, making it into a close range weapon. This would have been on arguably every...
Abraham Laing's Lead Bucket and Metal Ladle 
ObjectComments:  1797,   ... 1/2cm x 9 1/2 cm high. These items are believed to have belonged to Abraham Laing, a Quaker, as he often initialed documents with the joined A L format. Through property records he is known to have lived in Humberstone Township for a period of time. Laing did not fight in the War of 1812 due to his...
Steel Military Scabbard 
Object    A steel military scabbard that is curved with two metal bands with a ring attached to each. The metal is dull and rusty and the tip is broken off.
Light Cavalry Pattern Sword 
Object  c. 1812  ...This is a light cavalry pattern sword that is made almost entirely from iron. Only the handle and a portion of the blade is still present. It measures 33 cm long, 2.8 cm wide and 14.5 cm deep. The sword was issued in 1796 and was used during the War of 1812-1814. The previous wooden handle has...
Small Cannon Shot and Musket Balls- c. 1812 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812  These are various sizes of small cannon shot and musket balls from the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Shell Hook- 1812
Object    ...This iron shell hook is a spring or coil-like shape with a short handle. The length of the coil is 8.5 cm and the handle is 12.5 cm. It was used by the artillery to clean the barrels of cannons during the War of 1812. ...
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