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Plain Officer's Buttons c. 1812
Object  c. 1812  ...These are plain Officers' buttons believed to be from the War of 1812....
Bootjack c.1812 
Object  c.1812  A varnished wood bootjack that was discovered at the Lundy's Lane Battlefield.
Cannonball- C.1800 
Object    ...A cannonball believed to be from the War of 1812....
Uniform Lining- c. 1812 
Object  c.1812  This is uniform fragment is believed to be from one of Niagara's Battlefields. This item can currently be found at the Willoughby Museum.
United States Army Bayonet c. 1812
Object  c. 1812  This item can currently be found at the Willoughby Museum.
Bullet Mold 
Object  c. 1812  ...Is believed to have been handmade during the War of 1812....
Map of Historic Niagara, Showing the Principal Points of Interest in Connection with the History of the Niagara River 
Image    ...Made for Peter A. Porter. It outlines all the major historical sites for the War of 1812 in Niagara....
Horse Bridle 
Object    Bridle
Shot- c.1812 
Object  c. 1812,   ...This iron fashioned ammunition was likely created during the War of 1812 period. It gives an insight into the appearance of military munitions during the 1812 time. Diameter: 5 cm...
Horse Shoe Unearthed at Niagara Battlefield 
Object  c. 1812  A horse shoe unearthed at one of Niagara's Battlefields. This item is on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Knife Unearthed at Niagara Battlefield 
Object  c. 1812  A knife with white handle that was unearthed at one of Niagara's Battlefields. This item is on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Belt Buckle Fragment- c. 1812 
Object  c. 1812  This is believed to be a piece of a belt found at the Lundy's Lane Battlefield Site. It is currently on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
History of the War of 1812 Between Great Britain and the United States of America, By James Hannay 
Text  1905, p. 372  Hardcover book with 372 pages, which include illustrations, maps, and portraits, as well as an index.
Richardson's War of 1812: With Notes and a Life of the Author 
Text  1902, p. 320  A soft-cover book with 320 pages, which include illustrations, maps, and portraits, as well as an index and bibliography.
Leather Document Box 
Object    A white leather document box lined with an issue of The Bee newspaper.
Plain Gaiter Button c.1812-1814 
Object    Plain flat gaiter button that is made of metal and measures 1.2 cm in diameter.
Musket Action c. 1812- 1814 
Object    A musket action with "TOWER", a crown and the Royal cipher "GR" engraved on one side.
Fort Niagara. By Col. Alexander Cavalie Mercer 
Image    A watercolour of Fort Niagara from the Canadian side. It also shows a home directly across the river from the Fort.
Silhouette of William Henry Harrison 
Image    ...In the War of 1812, Harrisson commanded the American Army in the Northwest and was responsible for the U.S. victory at Moraviantown (the Battle of the Thames). His wife was Anna Harrisson....
View of Port of Buffalo on Lake Erie 
Image    View of Port of Buffalo on Lake Erie
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