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Fraktur Mennonite Birth Certificate- Abraham Neff, 1802 
Text  1802,   ..."Fraktur" Mennonite artwork which celebrates the birth of Abraham Neff. It reads: "In the year of our Lord, December 7, 1802 ". Abraham was 10 years old when Michael Graybiel made the bellows for his father Peter Neff in 1812 to begin the Neff metal-working tradition. Abraham came form a Mennonite...
Marriage Certificate Between Peter Neff and Maria Durrin 
Text  31 March 1800,   ...: Nordhamthon County Pennsylvania. Married March 31, 1800. Peter had bellows made for him by Michael Graybiel and his name can be found in the Graybiel Ledger on pages 183, February 28th, 1812 and page 184, March 24, 1812. The February 1812 entry was the first of two very important historic entries...
Abraham Neff Photograph 
ImageComments:  c.1860,   ...A photo of Abraham P. Neff (December 7, 1802- December 16, 1874) wearing traditional Mennonite clothing. He was 10 years old when Michael Graybiel made the bellows for his father Peter Neff in 1812 to begin the Neff metal-working tradition. Abraham came form a Mennonite family of strong faith who...
German Bible- c. 1736 
Text  1736  German Bible
Bible Belonging to Abraham Moyer- 1801 
Text  1829  Bible belonging to Abraham Moyer.
Religious Book- 1805 
Text  1814  Religious book belonging to the Moyer Family
Religious Book- 1805 
Text  1805  Religious Book
Mennonite Exemption Certificate- John Graybiel,1812 
Text  31 Aug 1812,   ...An original hand-written certificate dated August 31, 1812 declaring that John Graybiel of the Township of Wainfleet, County of Lincoln was a "manonist" and a son of a "Manonist" (meaning a Mennonite). This certificate, which the Militia Act required to be signed by three members...
Bible (German)- 1742 
Text  1742  ...A bible written in German from the year 1742. This bible might also have been used during the War of 1812....
Eve Neff (nee Sherk) photograph 
Image  1898,   ...", discusses how she was only 10 years of age during Drummonds siege at Fort Erie. She spoke about "indians" in the area coming to visit her home on Sherk road. Eva cam from a Mennonite family of strong faith who did not take an active part in the War of 1812. For more information, read "'Scruples...
Fraktur Writing Exercise- 1811 
Text  1811  Fraktur Writing Exercise by the Wills Family.
Fraktur Songbook- 1811 
Text  1811  Fraktur songbook belonging to Jacob Moyer.
Fraktur Writing Exercise- 1790 
Text  1790  A Fraktur writing exercise belonging to Samuel Moyer.
Fraktur Artwork- 1780 
Image  1780  Fraktur artwork created by Jacob Moyer. It is believed to be the oldest of its kind in Canada.
Moyer Family Bible- 1776 
Text  1776  Moyer Family Bible. Includes genealogical information.
Cider Press- c. 1815 
Object  1815  Cider press created by Jacob Fry in 1815.
Jacob Fry House- 1815 
Object  1815  This house was built by Jacob Fry and is based on the medieval architectural style.
Hanging Corner Cupboard- 1815 
Object  c. 1815  A cupboard within the Jacob Fry home. This cupboard was most likely used for storage of the bible and other religious items.
Martyr's Mirror Book- 1814 
Text  1814  This book was owned by the Ball Family. The Martyr's Mirror chronicles the lives of Christian martyrs, beginning with Christ's apostles. This book would be as common, and as important, in a Mennonite home as the bible.
German Bible that Belonged to Salomon Moyer- 1799 
Text  1799,   Bible written in German that belonged to Salomon Moyer. 385 pages
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