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The Albion, or British, Colonial and Foreign Weekly Gazette Vol. 5, No. 18- May 2, 1846.
Article on Major General Isaac Brock and the 41st Regiment on the second (reverse) page. 
Text  11 May 1846,   A weekly paper published from 1822 to 1856.
Isaac Brock 100th Anniversary Commemoration Shield 
Image  1912,   Commemoration Shield from the Isaac Brock 100th Anniversary Centennial Ceremony given by the Chiefs of Six Nations in commemoration of the efforts of the Native Allies.
The New York Weekly Museum Newspaper, Vol. I, No.26- October 31, 1812 
Text  31 Oct 1812,   A weekly paper that was published from 1805 to 1814. War related news includes: Page 103 - Weekly Retrospect: Troop movements of Captain Morgan and a company of light dragoons from Niagara to Greenbush; report on the Battle of Queenston Heights including a casualty listing and a mention of the...
Six Nation members at Brock's Centenary, Queenston Heights 
Image  October 1913,   ...Illustration from the book "Brock Centenary: 1812-1912" by Alexander Frasier showing the delegation of Six Nations representatives for the rededication cremonies of Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights. Shown are (left to right) Abram Lewis (holding silver pipe of peace), Chief Alexander Hill...
Major General Sir Isaac Brock 
TextPublication  1997,   Biographical summary of the life of Isaac Brock. Taken from unknown publication, Lundy's Lane Museum.
General Hull surrenders For Detroit 
Image  c. 1820's,   Illustration (woodcut) showing American General Hull (right) surrendering Fort Detroit to General Brock (left).
War of 1812 Series (47): Their Fame Liveth 
TextPublication  2012,  
... in action here, 13th October, 1812."...
War of 1812 Series (3): Brock Had His Doubts 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 General Brock Had His Doubts Portrait by John Wycliffe Lowes Forster Copied from a portrait owned by John Savery Carey, Channel Islands in 1897. Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1991-30-1 Sir Isaac Brock was Administrator of Upper Canada from...
Brock's Walk, Aug 7 2012: Advertisement 
Image  7 Aug 2012,   Website graphic for 'Brock's Walk' event, held Aug. 7, 2012. Six Nations actor (front left) is Travis Hill.
War of 1812 Series (35): Condolence for General Brock 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Condolence for General Brock A Council of Condolence for General Brock was held at the Indian Council House at Fort George on November 6, 1812. Kodeaneyonte (Little Cayuga) spoke, holding wampum beads like the ones shown here: We, therefore, now seeing...
War of 1812 Series (13): General Hull's Freakout 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 General Hull's Freakout 1812 "I have done what my conscience directed. I have saved Detroit and the Territory from the horrors of an Indian massacre." U.S. General William Hull who surrendered Fort Detroit to General Isaac Brock, 1812 Hull...
War of 1812 Series : 2012 Haudenosaunee War of 1812 Stories 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Haudenosaunee War of 1812 Stories Six Nations Legacy Consortium October 30, 2011 Great Man With a Red Coat Peter, a Chief of the Mohawks, described late Major General Isaac Brock, 1826 Our Great Father the King The Echo, principal Chief of the Onondagas, 1826 I now clear the road William Claus...
War of 1812 Series : Haudenosaunee and the War of 1812 - Six Nations and Isaac Brock 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Haudenosaunee and the War of 1812 Six Nations and Isaac Brock Shield made by Six Nations in honor of Isaac Brock for the 100th anniversary of the War of 1812. Why did the Haudenosaunee hold British General Isaac Brock in such high esteem? 1 ...
War of 1812 Series : Ten Themes on the War of 1812 as it relates to Six Nations 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Ten Themes on the War of 1812 as it relates to Six Nations Rick Hill Six nations Legacy Consortium I Choices with Consequences Which Side to Support? Divided Loyalties and Contrasting Covenant Chains made it difficult for our people to decide who to support. Ultimately, the Covenant Chain...
Niibaakhom: Ojibwe War Chief and Debassige
TextPublication  18 Feb 2005,  
...Kinoomaadiwag " T h e y a r e Te a c h i n g E a c h O t h e r " Niibaakhom: Ojibwe War Chief and Debassige ancestor By A. Corbiere When mention is made of the War of 1812, the two names that come immediately to mind are Tecumseh and General Isaac Brock. Although it is well known...
The Employment of Indians in the War of 1812,  the American Historical Association 
TextPublication  1896,  
...10m-My,;^%,^' ^v?^f?|!:fc^: J i^,';f;«^i;f:f *;v' w^*m:^i$myWTfm^*':f?^^!l^^ifj^ '*'*^ ,i>' A.MEI^ICAN HISTORICAL aSS0CIAT1«»> THE EMPLOYMKNT OF INDIANS IN THE WAK OF 1812, E. CBUIK8HANK, FOilT BitlK, ONTABIO. or (Prom tbeyAlu>il»l JK...
Contemporary Portraits of Isaac Brock -An Analysis 
TextPublication  Summer 1985,  
...Contemporary Porbaits of Isaac Brock: An Amlysis by LUDWIG KOSCHE One of the more intriguing facts in Canadian military and art history is that we lack an authenticated portrait of Major General Sir Isaac Brock, K.B. (1769-1812). Indeed, it is puzzling why later generatioans should have come...
Niagara Historical Society Pamphlet -No. 12 -The Battle of Fort George 
TextPublication  1913,  
..., John Maude in 1800, George Heriot in1806, Christian Schultz in 1807, John Melish in 1810 and Michael Smith in 1812 have described the town and adjacent country at considerable length from various points of view. Other accounts are to be found in the National Intelligencer newspaper published...
Niagara Historical Society Pamphlet -No. 4 -Memorials to United Empire Loyalists 
TextPublication  c. 2000,  
...It was fortunate for Upper Canada and the Empire that in 1812, when war broke out between United States and Great Britain, the civil and military government was in the hands of a man like General Brock. He was a brave, fearless soldier who never thought of danger in the face of an enemy. Brock...
Niagara Historical Society Pamphlet -No.42 -Historic Niagara Documents -1805-1811 
TextPublication  1931,  
...SURGEON'S MATE PATRICK BURK LIEUTENANT FREDERICK DOCHSTEDER CAPTAIN JOHN McKINNON By Command of His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor in Council. JOHN SMALL, Clerk of the Executive Council. (Sundries, Upper Canada, 1811) The author of the next letter was deported as an alien enemy in 1812...
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