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Fort Niagara. By Col. Alexander Cavalie Mercer 
Image    A watercolour of Fort Niagara from the Canadian side. It also shows a home directly across the river from the Fort.
American Fort, Niagara River. By John Richard Coke Smyth 
Image  1838  An ink print created in England.
View of Fort Niagara on Lake Ontario from the Lighthouse on the British Side 
Image  Oct 1812  An ink print that is believed to have come from Philadelphia.
Battle of Niagara 
Image    Battle of Niagara, originally sketched by Major Riddle. Below the image, on the right hand side, it reads: "Strickland sc."
A View of Fort George, Upper Canada, from Old Fort Niagara. 
Image  c. 1811  This is an aquatint and etching print.
A View of Niagara Fort By Sir William Johnson 
Image  1758  Ink Print of Fort Niagara. It reads: "A View of Niagara Fort, taken by Sir William Johnson, on the 25th of July 1759. Drawn on the Spot in 1758."
Fort Niagara, Taken from the British Side of the River at Newark. By Joseph Ives Pease 
Image  C. 1814  After R.H. Pease, this ink print was taken from the British side of the river. Aquatint on steel
Fort Niagara. By James Pattison Cockburn 
Image    Watercolour over pencil; gouache (white highlights) drawing. Believed to have been created in England. View is of Fort Niagara on the Canadian side of the Niagara River.
Fort Niagara taken from the British side of the River at Newark 
Image    Fort Niagara taken from the British side of the River at Newark Strickland sc.
Map of the Town of Newark in 1813 
Image    A print of a plan of Niagara in 1813 which provides a basic outline of the town of Newark, the North end of the Niagara River, Fort George, Fort Niagara and other points of interest.
Distant View of Fort Niagara 
ImageText  1841  ILLUSTRATIONS FOR HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK BY JOHN W. BARBER AND HENRY HOME. Believed to have been created in the United States of America.
"The Documentary History of the Campaign on the Niagara Frontier 1812-1814", By Lt. Col. E.A. Cruikshank 
Text    ...A collection of 9 volumes on the campaign on the Niagara frontier, edited by Lt. Col. E.A. Cruikshank. They include predominantly military correspondence to and from Niagara during the years 1812-1814. Major events discussed within the books are the capture of Fort George and Fort Niagara...
Tales of the Niagara Frontier 
Text  1851,   Pt. 1. Queenston.--Pt. 2. Fort Niagara. Printed by Steele's Press
Fort Niagara Erected 1725- Mary Shaw 
Image  c. 1860-1895  ...This image is part of a series of drawings done by Mary Shaw, the sixth daughter and 11th child of Hon. Aeneas Shaw. Aeneas Shaw was the first settler of York and participated in the War of 1812. It is a pen and ink grey wash sketch and measures (framed) 28.7 X 25 cm. Some of Mary Shaw's drawings...
The London Gazette Extraordinary No. 16672- November 27, 1812 
Text  6 Oct 1812,   ...The London Gazette issue that reports on the death of Isaac Brock at the Battle of Queenston Heights on 13 October 1812. The London Gazette, originally called The Oxford Gazette, was first published in 1665, making it the world's oldest continuously published newspaper. This government paper...
Drawing of Fort Niagara from Fort George 
Image    This is a drawing of Fort Niagara from Fort George, which is in the foreground.
Muster Roll of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia under the command of Capt. H. Nelles- May 23 to 29, 1814 
Text  23 to 29 May 1814  ... and Lundy's Lane during the War of 1812. Names included on the Muster Roll: Adair, Joseph Adair, William Awry, Daniel Beamer, John Dennis Book, George Boughner, Christopher Boughner, Martin Bridgman, William Sr. Camp, John M. Comfort, John Corson, Lawrence Corson, Robert Crosby, John Curtis, Lanson W...
The Story of Laura Secord and Canadian Reminiscences- Emma A. Currie, 1813 
Text  c1910,   ...The book focuses on a variety of themes relating to Laura Secord and her courageous trek to Beaverdams during the War of 1812. Other topics mentioned in the book include: first settlers, the Secord family, the Ingersoll family, reminiscences of 1812, the town of St. Davids, Fort Niagara, the Nelles...
Reburial of the men of the 8th Regiment of Foot from the War of 1812 at Fort Niagara in 1911 
Image  1912,   ...These photos are from Fort Niagara in 1911 of the reburial of the men of the 8th Regiment of Foot from the War of 1812. In a Niagara Historical Society publication (No. 23), dated 1911-1912, Janet Carnochan had this to say about the event: "A very interesting ceremony took place in July, 1911...
Plan of Fort's George, Mississauga, and Niagara, The Military Reserves and the Town of Newark- 1908 Copy of an 1817 Original 
Image  1908,   A plan by H.H. Willson[s] of Fort's George, Mississauga and Niagara, the Military Reserves and the Town of Newark. It is dated 2 May 1817 and has "Royal Regiment Office, Quebec". A memo above the title states the plan "shows a new proposed military reserve in red lines." This is a 1908 copy from...
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