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Capture of Fort George 
Image  Jun 1817  Capture of Fort George. In the upper right hand corner it reads: "Porte Folio. July. 1817"
A View of Fort George, Upper Canada, from Old Fort Niagara. 
Image  c. 1811  This is an aquatint and etching print.
Memorandum of Militia Pay Allowances and Losses due Capt. H. Nelles, 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia- 1814-1815 
Text    A memorandum of Militia Pay Allowances and losses due to Captain H. Nelles (1789-1841) of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia.
Scrapbook- War of 1812-14 and other Documents, Monuments, Cairns, tablets erected in 1923 in memory of battles in 1912-1914 
Text    ...Carried Brock off the Field Helped Care for the General When He Fell at Queenston Heights 1 Helped Care for the General When He Fell at Queenston Heights 2 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 1 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 2 Lewis McKay's Recollections of 1812 3 Lewis McKay's Recollections...
Light Cavalry Pattern Sword 
Object  c. 1812  ...This is a light cavalry pattern sword that is made almost entirely from iron. Only the handle and a portion of the blade is still present. It measures 33 cm long, 2.8 cm wide and 14.5 cm deep. The sword was issued in 1796 and was used during the War of 1812-1814. The previous wooden handle has...
Map of the Town of Newark in 1813 
Image    A print of a plan of Niagara in 1813 which provides a basic outline of the town of Newark, the North end of the Niagara River, Fort George, Fort Niagara and other points of interest.
Receipt for the Stores of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia at Fort George 
Text  22 October 1812,   ...This is a receipt claiming that the stores for the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia received muskets, bayonets, cartridge boxes and scabbards for bayonets at Fort George. The document is signed by F. Gordon and dated October 22nd, 1812....
Certificate of Achievement- John Pettit, March 26, 1825 
Text  26 March 1825, p. 2  A certificate of achievement for John Pettit, Esq. of Grimsby for undertaking the task of carrying dispatches throughout the Niagara Region on behalf of Major Glegg and the military in April 1813. Pettit came to Upper Canada following the revolutionary war and, during the war, carried dispatches...
Transcript of an Order of Retirement for George Young, Master Carpenter at Fort George- 1815 
Text  17 June 1815,   The document is a transcript of an order of retirement for George Young who worked as the Master Carpenter at Fort George.
Clay Pipe- c.1800 
Object  c. 1800  A white clay pipe with just the bowl and no markings. It measures 6 cm in length and the bowl is 1.5cm in diameter. A portion of the stem is said to have been excavated at Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Lewiston Landing and Queenston Heights, U.C. 
Image  1841  ILLUSTRATIONS FOR HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK BY JOHN W. BARBER AND HENRY HOME, Wood engravings on paper created in the United Stares of America.
"The Documentary History of the Campaign on the Niagara Frontier 1812-1814", By Lt. Col. E.A. Cruikshank 
Text    ...Niagara Frontier- 1814 Niagara Frontier- 1812-4 Vol. IX Dec to May 1814 Niagara Frontier- 1813 Part I, Jan- June Niagara Frontier-1813 Part III, Aug to Oct. Niagara Frontier- 1813 Part IV, Oct to Dec Niagara Frontier- 1812 Niagara Frontier-1812 Part II ...
Part of the Military Reserve 
Image  1810,   ... to the war and following the alterations made by the American troops as well as the American Entrenchment lines. This photograph can provide an understanding of what the military reserve looked like during the War of 1812....
Mr. President Russel's Estate- 1915 copy 
Image  1915,   A 1915 copy of Mr. President Russel's (president and acting administrator of Upper Canada from 1796-1799) estate plan in 1797. It illustrates the house and garden plans of his estate including site descriptions and dimensions.
Report by Elizabeth Campbell on her Late Husband's Military Career, Fort Major Donald Campbell - 1813
Text  1813,   ...This document, dated 1813, is a report by Elizabeth Campbell on her late husband's military career. Donald Campbell was the Fort-Major of Fort George during the War of 1812. It also states, at the beginning of the report, that he was taken prisoner with Lord Cornwallis in Yorktown in 1781....
American Piquete Round Fort George Summer 1813 
Image    ... Fort George, including Four Mile Creek. This photograph can provide an understanding of what Niagara-on-the-Lake looked like during the War of 1812....
The London Gazette Extraordinary No. 16672- November 27, 1812 
Text  6 Oct 1812,   ...The London Gazette issue that reports on the death of Isaac Brock at the Battle of Queenston Heights on 13 October 1812. The London Gazette, originally called The Oxford Gazette, was first published in 1665, making it the world's oldest continuously published newspaper. This government paper...
View of Fort George, 1810 
Image  1810,   This is a view of Fort George and Navy Hall, from Fort Niagara, in 1810 from Ackerman's Magazine.
Drawing of Fort Niagara from Fort George 
Image    This is a drawing of Fort Niagara from Fort George, which is in the foreground.
Sir Isaac Brock on Horse at Fort George- 1908 
Image  1908  This is an oil on canvas painting of Major General Sir Isaac Brock in full uniform astride a brown horse (believed to be named Alfred) exiting the gates of Fort George. There are two natives seated in the right corner. One being female with a papoose in a cradle-board. There are two soldiers...
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