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Cavalry Sword- c.1812
Object  c.1812  This cavalry sword with a wooden handle is measured at 13 ¾ inches long. It was said to have been recovered from one of Niagara's Battlefields. This item is on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Black Leather Sword Belt c. 1812-1814 
Object    This is a sword belt made of black leather with five large brass lion heads and four smaller lion heads on the buckles.
Sword- c. 1812 
Object  c. 1812  A sword believed to have been unearthed at one of Niagara's Battlefields. Inscriptions include "HADLEY" with three circles (near the handle) and "4" with a crown on the blade. The grip of the handle is made of wood but is worn down on one side. This item is on display at the Battleground Hotel...
White Leather Sword Belt 
Object    A military sword belt that is made of white leather with a brass buckle. The buckle has an inscription which states " E.B. Tupper" in script.
Light Cavalry Pattern Sword 
Object  c. 1812  ...This is a light cavalry pattern sword that is made almost entirely from iron. Only the handle and a portion of the blade is still present. It measures 33 cm long, 2.8 cm wide and 14.5 cm deep. The sword was issued in 1796 and was used during the War of 1812-1814. The previous wooden handle has...
Sabre- c. 1812 
Object    ...A steel sabre, with a wooden grip, that is cavalry issue dated during the War of 1812. It was found on the banks of the Niagara river....
Sword and Scabbard- Dr. Cyrus Sumner 
Object    The origin of the sword is unknown and there are no distinct markings on it. It is believed however, that the sword would have been carried by the Light Cavalry (Light Dragoons and the Hussars). The sword has a steel blade and a wooden grip wrapped in leather and bounded by wire. Both the hilt and...
Infantry Sword and Leather Scabbard
Object    A British Officer's sword and scabbard. The scabbard is black leather with a brass tip and collar with a ring. The sword has an urn hilted pommel with a fixed guard and the hilt is wrapped with wire. The hilt also has a few ornate designs. The blade is blued and has ornate markings that are...
Infantry Officer's Sword and Scabbard 
Object    ...The blade is 80.5 cm long x 2.5 cm wide and tapers to a spear point. The pattern is common to that of 1769 but was most likely still used by the War of 1812. The sword has an urn hilted pommel with a fixed guard and the hilt is wrapped with wire. The hilt also has a few ornate designs. The blade...
Infantry Officer's Sword Blade 
Object    This is the tip of a straight bladed metal sword. (missing the handle). It is from a 1796 Infantry officer's sword.Further research in 2010 suggests that it is a dagger tip with a diamond profile.
1796 Pattern Officer Field Sword 
Object  1796,   ... that the blade was made by J.J. Runkel, Solingen, Germany. This sword, and others like it, would have been used during the War of 1812....
Military Sword of Capt. Thomas MacMicking (McMicken) 1812-1814 
Object    .... The steel blade has fine scroll engraving and text down the blade. "Sword used by Capt. Thomas MacMicking (McMicken) of the 1812-14, 2nd Lincoln Militia". This is a British Army Officer's sword pattern 1796. According to the Clothing Act of 1768, all Officers of his Majesty's army were to wear the same...
Winchester Sword 
ObjectComments:    This Winchester sword has a steel blade and a leather scooped handle with twined leather.
Steel Sabre and Scabbard 
ObjectComments:    The sabre and scabbard are curved steel that has since rusted. The scabbard has two steel bands with two rings attached and a rounded tip. It has "OSBORNE & GUNBY, BIRM." inscribed on the base. The sword looks as though it used to have leather wrapped around the wood handle but it has been...
US Army Sword- 1812-1814 
ObjectComments:    ...View 2 Handle Blade Close up Blade Close up 2 Blade Close up 3 US Army Sword- 1812-1814 ...
British Regulation Issue Sword- c. 1796-1820 
Object    ...This sword is made of metal and ivory with the blade measuring 81 cm and the handle 13 cm. It is a British regulation issue sword, circa 1796-1820, that could have been used by local militia troops during the War of 1812. This sword was found in 1903 in the attic of the McFarland House in Niagara...
Sword and Scabbard Belonging to the Musician in Captain Raunchey's Volunteers (Coloured Corps) 
Object    ...The sword, which is made of brass and steel, has a lion's head pommel and a curved blade. Along with its scabbard, it is believed to have belonged to the Musician in Captain Raunchey's Volunteers (Coloured Corps) in the War of 1812-1814. It is unknown when this provenance was attached...
Sabre and Scabbard Created by Woolley, Deakin, Dutton, & Johnson 
Object    This sabre is made of metal, leather and wood. Along with its scabbard, the sabre was made by Woolley, Deakin, Dutton, & Johnson, as it is inscribed on one end of the scabbard. This scabbard is made of metal with two rings attached. Further research in 2010 suggests it is a British 1796 light...
American Regulation Issue Cavalry Sabre- c.1812 
Object    This is an American regulation issue cavalry sabre that has a "US" inscription on one side of the curved blade and an "N. Ward" inscription on the other. The sword is made of forged steel and features a leather covered handle. It was reported to have been taken from an American Officer and...
Capt. James Muirhead's Sword and Scabbard 
Object    ...This sword belonged to Capt. James Muirhead during the War of 1812-1814. The hilt of the sword is made of brass with a sharkskin grip and a lion's head pommel. The guard of the hilt is also made up of the royal cipher "GR" and a part that has a light infantry horn imprinted. The blade is made...
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