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Red Silk Shawl 
Object    A maroon silk shawl with a fringe of 6 around the entire shawl. The fringe is an extension of two rows of tatting that is also maroon silk thread.
Single White Glove- c. 1806-1812 
Object    ...This single gloves was fashioned from white tulle and carefully embroidered. It is in the long sleeve style and shows what women of 1812 would have worn....
Lilac Silk Shawl 
Object    Ladies lilac coloured shawl measuring 160 X 56 cm. A 9 silk thread with a hand knotted net fringe of the same colour. The shawl is hand stitched along the hem and has some discolouration. It is from the Thompson Family of Whirlpool farm.
Ladies Scarf 
Object    Ladies' neck scarf measuring 65 X 65 CM. It is made of white silk and has a leaf design with a striped border design. There are also hand tied fringe around the entire edge of the scarf. It is believed to have been worn by Jennett Cooper on her wedding day. She married James Thompson on June 1,...
Floral Neck Scarf- 1810-1820 
Object    ... during the time of the War of 1812-1814....
White Embroidered Net Cap- c.1810 
Object  c. 1810,   ... during the time of the War of 1812-1814....
White Ruffled Bonnet- c. 1810-15
Object    ...This bonnet is white with ruffles on the brim and an embroidered panelet crown. The owner is unknown but it is part of the Ball Collection and is dated circa 1810-1815. This bonnet is a good example of the domestic clothing that would have been worn during the time of the War of 1812-1814....
Blue Silk Bodice- c. 1810 
Object    ...This silk bodice was likely part of an evening dress and may have had a matching skirt. The fabric is from an earlier time period and was most likely remade from an 18th century dress. The bodice features blue and white stitched flowers and gives insight into women's wear in 1812....
Pale Green Bodice 
Object  c. 1810,   This bodice, which likely had a matching skirt, is fashioned from pale green satin and features three pleats across the front.
Silk and Wool Neck Scarf- c.1800 
Object  c. 1800,   This scarf was fashioned out of silk and wool and features a green and rose floral pattern on a cream background and a tassle fringe around the edges. The scarf is thought to have belonged to Mrs. Secord Cartwright.
Cotton Ruffled Day Bonnet- c.1810-1820 
Object    ... example of domestic clothing worn during the time of the War of 1812-1814. ...
Wedding Gown Belonging to Jennett (Janet) Cooper Thompson 
ObjectComments:  c. 1817,   This is a hand sewn silk wedding gown in an old rose shade with an empire waist. There is a drawstring at the neck and under the bust with straps over the shoulders and no sleeves. There is also a band of silk in a lighter tan colour that extends around the entire bottom of the dress. This...
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