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War of 1812 Veterans at 1871 Brock Monument Picnic 
Image  1871,   ...A photo of 21 people, believed to be War of 1812 veterans, posing for a group photo in front of Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights. This was the 1871 Brock Monument picnic. Included with the photo is a listing of the people in the photo as well as the ages of 8 individuals....
General Brock's Monument. Above Queenston. By R. Wallis 
Image    After W. H. Bartlett, this is a hand coloured etching. It was engraved by Edward Radclyffe (1810-1863).
Niagara River at Queenston with Brock's Monument.  By John Herbert Caddy 
Image  c. 1850  A watercolour on paper created at Queenston.
Foundation Stone of the Brock Monument- October 13, 1853 
Text  1853  An announcement on the form of procession to be observed at the laying of the foundation stone of the Brock monument at Queenston Heights. This is for the second monument where they buried Major-General Isaac Brock and his aid-de-camp Lieut. Col. MacDonnell. The announcement is printed on off...
Brock Monument 
Image    A coloured print of Brock's Monument. At the bottom is written: "TO SIR ISAAC BROCK, K.B. ON QUEENSTON HEIGHTS, UPPER CANADA, INAUGURATED 13TH OCTOBER LAST-" Size: (framed) 46 cm l., 34 cm w
Brock's Monument (From the American Side). By Charles Richardson 
Image  1839  A hand coloured etching. Publication: American Scenery, 1839
(The History of) Brock's Monument- The Canadian Journal 
Text  1852  This is an excerpt from the Canadian Journal, September 1852, discussing how the Committee for the Erection of the Brock Monument tendered an architect competition for the design and erection of the Brock Monument. There is an etching of the monument (the one selected) at the top and the...
Telescope from the Original Brock's Monument 
Object    This is an incomplete telescope that was said to have been used in the gallery at the top of the original Brock's monument which was blown up by Benjamin Lett in 1840. The telescope is 43 cm long and is made of brass. Markings include an inscription in script that states "Silberrad Aldgate London...
Brock's Monument Print 
Image    ...A print of the first Brock's Monument erected after the War of 1812, in commemoration of his life and death at the Battle of Queenston Heights. The first monument was erected in in 1824 and was blown up in 1840 by an Irish sympathizer. This print is based on a sketch by I.F. Bouchette...
Brock Monument- 1850 
Image  1850  This is a black and white drawing of the Brock Monument by John Latshaw, architect of Drummondville. The ornate frame has an overlay of raised gold metallic leaves and flowers. Framed, this item is 10 cm x 61 cm.
Lewiston Landing and Queenston Heights, U.C. 
Image  1841  ILLUSTRATIONS FOR HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK BY JOHN W. BARBER AND HENRY HOME, Wood engravings on paper created in the United Stares of America.
Ink Sketch of the Site of Sir Isaac Brock's death 
Image  1860s,   This is a sketch, done in pen, of the site of Brock's death. It includes a sketch of the monument, details of Queenston Heights and the site of where it was believed Brock fell. The creator also mentions Wynn's Tavern and writes "where Body was taken" just beside it.
Pleasant Hours: A Paper for Young Folk, Vol. III No. 20- October 6, 1863 
Text  1863,   This issue of Pleasant Hours: a paper for young folk contains an article titled "The Story of Queenston Heights".
Queenston Heights Engraving 
Image    A black and white engraving of Brock's Monument at Queenston Heights. Size: unmounted 25x 19 cm. rounded 27.5cm x 19.9cm
Letter to Colonel MacDougall from Allan McNab concerning Sir Isaac Brock's Death- 1860 
Text  1860,   This is a handwritten letter, dated 1860, to Colonel MacDougall from Allan McNab concerning the site of Brock's death and his monument. MacDougall was a member of the committee responsible for building the monument.
Letter to Sir Allan McNabb from William Thomas, Architect of Brock's Monument- 1860 
Text  9 August 1860,   This is a handwritten letter to Sir Allan McNab from William Thomas, the architect who designed Brock's monument. The letter, dated August 9, 1860, discusses the site of Brock's death and the monument itself.
Letter from William Thomas, architect of Brock's Monument, to Sir Allan McNabb- August 1860 
Text  August 1860,   A handwritten letter, dated August 1860, from William Thomas, the architect who designed Brock's Monument, to Sir Allan McNab which discusses the site of Brock's death at Queenston.
Fuse/Cloth Fragment From Brock Monument c.1814-1840s 
Object    This is a fragment of the fuse/cloth that was said to have been used by Benjamin Lett to ignite the gun powder that blew up the first Brock Monument at Queenston on April 17, 1840. The fragment of red silk cloth is said to be a piece of the flag carried at Lundy`s Lane in 1814.
Letter to James Blott Regarding the Brock Monument- October 1859 
Text  8 Oct 1859,   A letter regarding a meeting in Dunnville to discuss the Brock Monument.
Letter to Major D. McDougal from Robert Stanton discussing where Sir Isaac Brock Fell, 1860 
Text  10 August 1860,   The letter, dated August 10, 1860, was written to Major D. McDougal from Robert Stanton concerning a meeting to discuss the place where Sir Isaac Brock fell at Queenston. Stanton also mentioned that he had discussed the design and location of the monument with William Thomas, the architect of the...
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