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Horn Snuffbox- c.1800 
Object  c. 1800,   ...This horn-shaped snuffbox is made of polished animal horn and was used by George Ball in and around 1800. It is an example of the type of snuffbox that would have been used in the 1812 period....
Col. John C. Ball's Officer's Blanket- c. 1812 
Object  c. 1812,   ...This is an officer's blanket that was owned by Col. John C. Ball during the War of 1812. It is also believed to have been used by Ball and Col. Merritt to carry and hide British ammunition underground near St. Davids. It was common, during the American occupation of Niagara, for people to hid...
Martyr's Mirror Book- 1814 
Text  1814  This book was owned by the Ball Family. The Martyr's Mirror chronicles the lives of Christian martyrs, beginning with Christ's apostles. This book would be as common, and as important, in a Mennonite home as the bible.
Porcelain Teapot- c. 1815 
Object  c. 1815,   ... in 1812....
George Ball Coffeepot- c. 1815 
Object  c. 1815,   ...This coffeepot was fashioned from pewter with a wooden base. The coffeepot features a hinged lid, a swan neck and an embossed grape pattern circling the pot. It belonged to George Ball who was a Lieutenant in the Lincoln Militia during the War of 1812....
Receipt to Thomas Leonard from Henry Smith Regarding the Administration for the [Ball] Estate- 1813 
Text  15 February 1813,   This document is a portion of a receipt to Thomas Leonard from Henry Smith regarding the administration for the estate of [Ball]. Leonard was from the 104th New Brunswick Regiment that was raised in 1803 and sent to Upper Canada where they participated in the battles of Sackets Harbor, Beaver...
Letter  to Mr. Ball & Mr. Nelles, Grimsby, from Forsyth, Richardson Company 
Text  August 1819,   This letter was written to Mr. Ball & Mr. Nelles, in Grimsby, from Forsyth, Richardson Company, in Montreal, regarding the payment of items ordered as soon as possible in order to avoid paying interest. Forsyth, Richardson Company was a major importer of merchandise for Upper and Lower Canadian...
Black Felt Men's Dress Coat- c.1800 
Object    ... the War of 1812 by individuals who were older, as the general population would not keep up with newer styles, or those of lower economic means that could not afford to keep up with changing styles....
Breeches Belonging to George Ball- c. 1800 
Object  c. 1800,   ...These breeches belonged to George Ball who was born in Schoharie, N.Y. in 1765, and moved to Upper Canada as a United Empire Loyalist. He served in the War of 1812, was a partner in the establishment of Ball's Mills, and was the original recipient of General Sir Isaac Brock's cocked hat. In his...
Land Indenture between Jacob A. Ball and Peter Ball- August 13, 1818 
Text  13 August 1818,   An indenture for the Town of Niagara, dated August 13, 1818, between Jacob A. Ball and Peter Ball, Esquire for one acre of land for 25 pounds 10 shillings.. At the bottom are the signatures of Adam Ball (witness), William M. Ball (witness) and those of Jacob Ball and Peter Ball. On the reverse...
Ball Family History- Manuscript by Francis R. Ball 
Text    An account of the Ball family history by Francis Ramsay Ball. Blue type on onion skin paper. Page one is missing. Size: 35.3cm x 21.2cm
Niagara Public Library Records 1800-1820 
Text    ... page 85 Subscribers page 86 Subscribers page 87 Subscribers page 92 1810 page 93 1811 page 94 1811 page 95 1812 page 96 1813 and 1814 page 97 1815 page 98 1815 and 1816 page 99 1816 page 100 1817 page 101 1817 and 1818 page 102 1818 page 140 Library Catalogue page 141 Library...
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