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Zig Zag Wampum, An 1812 design 
ImageMysteries:  2012,   ...A Wampum Belt with a 1812 Zig Zag pattern....
Six Indian Chiefs attend the Centenary Commemoration 
ImageMysteries:  1914,   ...Photograph of Laura Secord Monument behind the Six Indian Chiefs attending the Centenary Commemoration where the Six Nations and other Allied forces warriors were recognized for their impact on the outcome of the War of 1812....
1812 Style Turban - Possibly David Skye 
ImageMysteries:    ...Photograph of individual wearing 1812 Style Turban; Possibly David Skye....
Cayuga Style Hat with 1812 Era Musket 
ImageMysteries:  1901,   ...Photograph of individual wearing Cayuga style Hat with 1812 Era Musket....
War of 1812 Series (15): Roster of Battles of War of 1812 
TextPublicationMysteries:  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Roster of Battles of War of 1812 (Actions involving the Indian Department in bold) Battle of Tippecanoe 1811 President vs. Belvidera - 6/23/1812 Battles for Michilimackinac Island, 1812 Battle of Fort Dearborn ­ 7/17/1812 Raid on Gananoque ­ 9/21/1812...
Last surviving Six Nations Veterans of the War of 1812, Close Up, John Smoke Johnson 
ImageMysteries:  July 1882,   Photograph of John Smoke Johnson.
Last surviving Six Nations Veterans of the War of 1812, Close Up, John Tutela 
ImageMysteries:  July 1882,   Photograph of John Tutela.
Last surviving Six Nations Veterans of the War of 1812, Close Up, Young Warner 
ImageMysteries:  July 1882,  
Photo of Chief John Smoke Johnson 
ImageMysteries:  c. Late 19th century,   ...Black and White photograph of John Smoke Johnson, Mohawk chief; Veteran of the War of 1812; and elected as a "Pine Tree Chief", a non-hereditary position....
Second Welland Canal - Book 2, Survey Map 4 - Locks 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 in Grantham 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  c.1855,   Survey map of the Second Welland Canal created by the Welland Canal Company showing the Grantham Township along the outskirts of Merritton. Identified structures associated with the Canal include Locks 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15, Lock House Lot, and the towing path. The surveyors' measurements...
"Faith Vital to Native Leader" 
NewspapersPublicationMysteries:    ..."During the War of 1812 between the United States and Canada, a group of Delaware Indians who felt close ties with the British migrated from their original home territory along the Delaware River to Canada. Legend has it that they asked permission to stay in the Grand River country for one night...
Six Nations Confederacy Chiefs and members at the 1812 Centennial at Queenston Heights. 
ImageMysteries:  Oct. 13, 1913,   ...Photo illustration of "Group of Indians (Grand River Reserve) celebrating Brock's Centenary at Queenston Heights, Chief Alexander Hill in costume" form Alexander Fraiser's book "Brock Centenary: 1812-1912". Indian Contributions to the Reconstruction of Brock's Monument: in contributing to the Fund...
"Stipend to Cayugas Becomes Bi-Annual" 
NewspapersPublicationMysteries:    "Members of the Cayuga band of the Six Nations Indian will no longer receive an annual treaty payment. The payment will now be made every two years."
War of 1812 Series (14): Six Nations Killed In Action 
TextPublicationMysteries:  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Six Nations Killed In Action Queenston Heights ­ KIA: 2 Cayuga, 1 Onondaga, 2 Oneida, (7-9 wounded, one Chief was taken prisoner) Battle of Fort George, 27 May 1813 ­ KIA: 2 Mohawk; a number wounded in battle. Beaver Dams ­ KIA: 7 (20 severely wounded, 10...
"Members of Two Indian Bands are Occupying Disputed Land" 
NewspapersPublicationMysteries:  Fall 1989  ... as the site to guard against attacks by American fleet during the war of 1812."...
"Warriors Exhibit Celebrates 'The Forgotten Soldier'" 
NewspapersPublicationMysteries:  Simone, Rose, "Warriors Exhibit Celebrates 'The Forgotten Soldier'", "Warriors Exhibit Celebrates 'The Forgotten Soldier'", Brantford Expositor  "Private Burnham's purple heart is now in a glass case, along with the letter to his folks, the birthday card to his mother and the telegram she received shortly after the card arrived."
War of 1812 Series (2):Grand River War Leaders 
TextPublicationMysteries:  2012,   Second in a 62 part series, Grand River War Leaders gives a list of principle warriors who fought from Grand River and Buffalo Creek.
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