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King George III 1812 Half Penny Coin 
ObjectComments:  1812,   ...This half penny coin dates from 1812 and depicts Liberty on the front side. On the reverse is the portrait of King George III and a Laurel Wreath. and is the type of currency that would have been used during the War of 1812....
Abraham Neff Photograph 
ImageComments:  c.1860,   ...A photo of Abraham P. Neff (December 7, 1802- December 16, 1874) wearing traditional Mennonite clothing. He was 10 years old when Michael Graybiel made the bellows for his father Peter Neff in 1812 to begin the Neff metal-working tradition. Abraham came form a Mennonite family of strong faith who...
Cross Belt Plate Fragment- c. 1812 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812  This is a piece of a cross belt plate which can be found at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Abraham Laing's Lead Bucket and Metal Ladle 
ObjectComments:  1797,   ... 1/2cm x 9 1/2 cm high. These items are believed to have belonged to Abraham Laing, a Quaker, as he often initialed documents with the joined A L format. Through property records he is known to have lived in Humberstone Township for a period of time. Laing did not fight in the War of 1812 due to his...
ObjectComments:  circa 1812  ...This type of ammunition, known as a grapeshot, was used in artillery during the War of 1812. A round black ball of iron with a pitted surface, this grapeshot has a circumference of 4 1/8 inches. Grapeshot was made up of canvas bags that held a large number of iron balls similar to a shot gun...
Royal Sappers and Miners Button 
ObjectComments:    ...A Royal Sappers and Miners button believed to be from the War of 1812 era. There was no overall commanding officer but there was a battalion from July 1812 to February 1815. It is believed that they at the following locations: Oswego Fort Erie Bladensburg Washington Godley Wood Plattsburg New...
Small Cannon Shot and Musket Balls- c. 1812 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812  These are various sizes of small cannon shot and musket balls from the Battleground Hotel Museum.
United States Infantry (general service) Button- c.1812 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812  This is a United States Infantry (general service) button. The letters "US" are raised in the center and this metal button measures 2 cm in diameter. This item is on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Bayonet from an Officer's Fusil Musket 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812,   ...This bayonet is of an officer's fusil musket design. It has a triangular blade and is date circa 1812. A bayonet is a steel blade that is designed to fit on the muzzle of a rifle or musket barrel, making it into a close range weapon. This would have been on arguably every soldier's firearm during...
Uniform Fragments- c. 1812 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812  These are uniform fragments that are believed to have been unearthed at one of Niagara's Battlefields. These items are on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Brown Bess Bayonet c.1812-1814 
ObjectComments:    This is a bayonet that would have been designed to fit on the muzzle of a Brown Bess musket. There is an inscription on the base of the stock that looks to be an underlined "A" with "33" below.
Musket Action Piece 
ObjectComments:  c. 1812  This is a musket action piece that has ornate markings on one side. This item is currently on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
Horse Shoes and Spur Unearthed from Niagara's Battlefields 
ObjectComments:  c. 1800,   Horse shoes and spur that were found during an archeological dig at one of Niagara's Battlefields.
British Shako Plate- c. 1811 
ObjectComments:  1811,   This is a shako plate for an 1811 model or stovepipe shako. It is broken in five places so it is fastened together with straight pins to a piece of cardboard. It has the GR cipher of George III in the center with a raised outer edge.
King George III 1812 Coin 
ObjectComments:  1812,   ...This copper coin features a laurel wreath with an etching of George III. This is an example of what currency looked like at the time of the War of 1812....
Commodore MacDonough Victory, Plate 
ObjectComments:    Enoch Wood & Sons Makers Mark
ObjectComments:  c. 1812,   ...This triangular bayonet is dated circa 1812 and has the distinctive markings "S. Chambers" and "46 (Crown)" on the blade. A bayonet was designed to fit on the muzzle of a rifle or musket barrel, making it into a close range weapon. This would have been on arguably every soldier's firearm during...
Half Penny 1815 Token 
ObjectComments:  1815  ...A half-penny coin featuring an eagle on one side and liberty on the other. The Eagle Half Penny Tokens were struck over original 'Samuel Guppy' Tokens from Bristol England. A Boston Merchant Named Nye settled in Phillipsburg U.S.A in 1812 and restruck the 'Guppy' Tokens as the Eagle Half Penny...
Graybiel Blacksmith Ledger - 1791 to the mid 1800s 
TextComments:    ... and society of the settlement during the War of 1812. For more information, read "'Scruples of Conscience': The War of 1812 in the Sugarloaf Settlement" by Donald G. Anger, the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum. This ledger was donated in memory of Mrs. Margaret Matthews (Scott) Fear. ...
Musket Action Piece 
ObjectComments:  1812  This is a musket action piece that has ornate markings on one side. This item is currently on display at the Battleground Hotel Museum.
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