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View of Fort Niagara on Lake Ontario from the Lighthouse on the British Side 
Image  Oct 1812  An ink print that is believed to have come from Philadelphia.
Medical Discharge Certificate- Isaac Smith, November 4, 1812 
Text  4 November 1812  ...A medical discharge from military duty for Isaac Smith. Confirmed by Dr. Robert Kerr and John [J]. Taylor, attest by Lieut. Jonathon Pettit and signed by [G. Fairbel]. Smith was discharged from military duty during the War of 1812 because he had lost his right eye....
Pay Record for Lieut. Henry Nelles, 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia- December 25th,1812 to January 20th, 1813 
Text    ...A record of pay for Lieut. Henry Nelles (1789-1841) of the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia from December 25, 1812 to January 20, 1813. The pay was for his duty at Fort Erie under the command of Lt. Colonel Bishop....
Musket ball 
Object  circa 1812  ...This type ammunition was used in a musket during the War of 1812. A small round silver ball of lead, this musket ball is 2 1/8 inches in circumference. The surface is shiny and smooth with a visible cast mark is on the surface. The bottom of the musket ball has a small circular base of 1/4 inch...
Columbian Centinel, 27 June 1812, no. 2945 
Text  27 Jun 1812,   ...Volumes of interest were published between 1812 and 1815 with articles about the War of 1812. Issue for June 27, 1812 includes "A proclamation" issued by President James Madison confirming the declaration of war against Great Britain and other War of 1812 reports....
Handwritten agreement between John Beamer of Grimsby and Lewis Gerau of Grimsby- July 9, 1812, 
Text  9 July 1812  ...A handwritten agreement, dated July 9, 1812, between John Beamer of Grimsby and Lewis Gerau of Grimsby (Labourer and Frenchman). Gerau had agreed to complete his duty as militia man in the Flank Company stationed at Niagara. In consideration of this, John Beamer would pay Gerau fifty dollars, part...
The Widow of an Indian Chief, watching the arms of her deceased Husband. By John Raphael Smith 
Image  12 Mar 1812  Mezzotint. Undated. Printed by J. Wright
Militia Payroll- 1812 
Text  c. 1812  ...A militia paylist believed to be dated 1812. The militia name is unknown but the list is signed by a William Lyons. The names included on the pay list are: Book, Joseph Camp, John M. Clark, James Dean, Andrew Gee, David Johnson, Jeremiah Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Morris Lane, Gilbert Lane...
Object  circa 1812  ...This is an example of ammunition used in artillery during the War of 1812. Commonly termed a grapeshot, this round grayish ball of lead has a circumference of 3 3/4 inches. The surface is not smooth and ranges in color from gray, brown to rust. Grapeshot was made up of canvas bags that held a...
The Weekly Messenger, 26 June 1812 (vol. 1, no.36) 
Text  26 Jun 1812,   ...Volumes of interest were published between 1812 and 1815 with articles about the War of 1812. Issue for June 26, 1812 includes a proclamation issued by President James Madison confirming the Congress declaration of war against Great Britain....
Powder Flask 
Object  circa 1812  ...A powder flask of the type used during the War of 1812. A pear shaped container carved from horn in two halves which are riveted together around the flattened edges. The horn has a smooth, shiny surface and ranges in colour from yellow-green to dark green. The measuring spout on top is made...
The American Mercury Newspaper- November 11, 1812 
Text  12 Nov 1812  On the front page there are 2 ½ columns regarding copies of letters from Major General Van Rensselaer of the New York Militia to Major General Henry Dearborn. Dearborn. There is also information regarding the Battle of Queenston Heights. Size: 53 X 31.5 cm
York Gazette Newspaper- October 17, 1812 
Text  17 Oct 1812  This original copy of the newspaper includes an article with a short description of the victory attained at Queenston. (an account of the Battle of Queenston Heights). Size (Framed): 41.2 X 55.2 CM
Property plan Near Queenston Village, 1812 
Text  1812,   ...A plan of property believed to be near Queenston Village, Niagara Township #1. The document is hand drawn. The document is undated but does have a paper water mark dated 1812....
Dr. Cyrus Sumner's Medical Supply Trunk 
Object    ...This wooden trunk, stained reddish brown, is believed to have contained the medical and surgical supplies of Dr. Cyrus Sumner (1772-1834). Sumner served as a surgeon in Niagara during the War of 1812 and was requested by Major-General Brock to accompany him to Detroit. He was also known to have...
Bible circa 1812-1825 
Text  1812  This Bible belonged to the Stewart Family, which included the following family members: Margaret Stewart, Agnes Jane Stewart in 1824, and Thomas A. Stewart, who was the First Mate on the schooner, the 'Antelope'. The Bible is small and rectangular. The cover is leather with a leather closing...
ObjectComments:  circa 1812  ...This type of ammunition, known as a grapeshot, was used in artillery during the War of 1812. A round black ball of iron with a pitted surface, this grapeshot has a circumference of 4 1/8 inches. Grapeshot was made up of canvas bags that held a large number of iron balls similar to a shot gun...
Royal Sappers and Miners Button 
ObjectComments:    ...A Royal Sappers and Miners button believed to be from the War of 1812 era. There was no overall commanding officer but there was a battalion from July 1812 to February 1815. It is believed that they at the following locations: Oswego Fort Erie Bladensburg Washington Godley Wood Plattsburg New...
The Independent Chronicle, 22 October 1812, no. 3280 
Text  22 Oct 1812,   ...Volumes of interest were published between 1812 and 1815 with articles about the War of 1812. Issue for Oct. 22, 1812 includes a Proclamation issued by the President of the United States offering a full pardon to ...a number of individuals who have deserted from the Army... signed in type: James...
The Military Monitor and American Register- 31 August 1812 
Text  31 Aug 1812,   ...The Military Monitor was a weekly periodical that was published every Monday. The first issue was printed for August 17, 1812 and is believed to have ceased in 1814, as the last issue located was April 2, 1814. The periodical was suspended with the November 23, 1812 issue and resumed...
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