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Lake Lodge Wood Shingle- Grimsby, Ontario 
Object  c. 1810  ...A wooden shingle from the barn at Lake Lodge. It has four holes in the body and curves in the centre. There is writing on the end of one side that states: "Aug. 9, 1932, shingle from barn of Lake Lodge, built 1810. Barn was used as prison for American troops in war of 1812-1814. Dismantled in 1901...
Bill of Account from Ezekiel Cudney to Mrs. Mathews- 1811 
TextComments:    ...A bill of account from Ezekiel Cudney to Mrs. Mathews for labour and sewing between January 1808 and 1811. This document provides insight into the domestic lives of individuals around the time of the War of 1812....
Vest belonging to Captain James Dick- c.1800-1820 
Object    ...This vest was fashioned from white satin and features an embroidered floral design around the borders and pockets. It was likely worn in 1812 and is believed to have been worn by Captain James Dick, however, this has not been confirmed....
The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies, of the Church- 1810 
Text  1810  A burgundy hard fiber cover with Common Prayer written in gold lettering on the spine. The inside cover has a blue/grey swirl design. The last page of the book is missing and the first 4 pages have torn bottom right corners. In script on inside front page: "The gift of the Rev. Thos. Agemon (?)...
View of Fort George, 1810 
Image  1810,   ...View of Fort George, 1810 ...
Pocket Dental Case- c. 1792-1828
Object    This is a red leather pocket dental case lined with green velvet. There are seven pieces included; an ivory handle and six tools with different heads that screw into the handle. The case, dated 1792-1828, is believed to have belonged to Rev. William Sampson. Sizes: CASE: 5.6 X 7.2 X 1CM; HANDLE:...
Coal Scuttle- c. 1800-1820 
Object    ...This tin and wood coal scuttle would have been used to carry live coals and ashes. The scuttle features a turned wooden handle joined by a tin shank. There is a small hook on the end of the handle to hang the scuttle. This item provides insight into domestic life in 1812....
Paymaster's Strongbox- c. 1800-1820 
Object    This iron strongbox was used by a military paymaster, likely for military documents. The strongbox features a hinged lid, handles on both sides and straps forming a pattern of squares with rounded knobs.
100th Regiment of Foot Button 
Object    ... to Quebec on the 21st of October, 1805. During the War of 1812 the 100th Regiment was in the fighting line at Sackett's Harbour, Plattsburg, Chippawa, Black Rock, Fort Niagara (Grenadier Company), and Fort Erie (assault). They also acted as marines on the ships "Wolfe" and "Melville" on Lake Ontario. Upon...
British Light Infantry Belt Buckle 
ObjectComments:    This is a brass belt buckle that was found in the town of Niagara. It is believed to have belonged to a member of the British light infantry or regular troops because of the lion's head decoration. Further research in 2010 suggests it may be a whistle hook.
Reflections upon the late correspondence between Mr. Secretary Smith, and Francis James Jackson, esq., Minister Plenipotentiary of His Britannic Majesty 
Text  1810,   Originally published in the Federal Republican of Baltimore. Printed by Benjamin Edes
Niagara Public Library Records 1800-1820 
Text    ... page 85 Subscribers page 86 Subscribers page 87 Subscribers page 92 1810 page 93 1811 page 94 1811 page 95 1812 page 96 1813 and 1814 page 97 1815 page 98 1815 and 1816 page 99 1816 page 100 1817 page 101 1817 and 1818 page 102 1818 page 140 Library Catalogue page 141 Library...
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