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Cannonball- C.1800 
Object    ...A cannonball believed to be from the War of 1812....
Lake Lodge Barn 
Image    ...A black and white photograph of the original barn at Lake Lodge, built in 1801, as it was being demolished. Written in ink on the photograph is : "The original barn at Lake Lodge built in 1801. It was used for American prisoners during War of 1812"....
Chessboard- c.1800 
Object  c.1800  ... was used by Officers at Niagara when the War of 1812 was declared...
General Burgoyne Addressing the Indians at their War Feast in Canada. By J. Taylor 
Image  7 Jan 1804  An ink print published on January 7, 1804.
Fraktur Mennonite Birth Certificate- Abraham Neff, 1802 
Text  1802,   ..."Fraktur" Mennonite artwork which celebrates the birth of Abraham Neff. It reads: "In the year of our Lord, December 7, 1802 ". Abraham was 10 years old when Michael Graybiel made the bellows for his father Peter Neff in 1812 to begin the Neff metal-working tradition. Abraham came form a Mennonite...
41st Regiment of Foot Buttons- c. 1812
Object    ...This is a button from the 41st Regiment of Foot that served in the Canada during the War of 1812. The design is a "41" raised in the center of an eight point star. This item can be found at the Battlefield Hotel Museum....
Religious Book- 1805 
Text  1805  Religious Book
Object  18th century-19th century  ...A cannonball of this type would have been used during the War of 1812. This brown, iron cannonball is 16 inches in circumference and approximately 5 inches in diameter. The surface is of the cannonball is pitted. There is a band that goes around the entire circumference of the cannonball...
Stove Pipe Shako Plate c.1803-1812 
Object    ...This is a regulation issue plate for a stove pipe shako that was supplied to infantry regulars between 1803 and 1812. There is a Hanoverian crown on the crest with the "GR" cipher of George III surrounded by a Garter containing the motto of the Royal family. The motto is "Honi soit qui mal y pense...
Military Commission of Robert Nelles- June 25, 1802 
Text  25 June 1802  A certificate of Commission for Robert Nelles (1761-1842), Esquire, as Deputy Lieutenant. It is signed by Robert Hamilton, Lieutenant, County Lincoln, and Francis Goring, his secretary, in Queenston.
Powder Horn- Dr. Cyrus Sumner 
Object  C. 1800  .... Cyrus Sumner (1772-1834) who served as a surgeon in Niagara during the War of 1812. It is also known that Dr. Sumner was requested by Major-General Brock to accompany him to Detroit during the war. He was also known to have become the commissioned Surgeon to the 4th Lincoln Regiment Militia in 1822...
Cannonball- Engagement at Forty Mile Creek 
Object    A round solid iron cannonball, pitted. It is most likely from the Engagement at Forty Mile Creek on June 8, 1813.
Object  18th century-19th century  ...This type of cannon ball was used during the War of 1812. This round, black ball of iron has a pitted surface and is 14 1/2 inches in circumference and 5 inches in diameter. There is a 4 mm wide and a 10.5 cm long gouge in the surface of the cannonball. This type of cannon ball is considered...
Single White Glove- c. 1806-1812 
Object    ...This single gloves was fashioned from white tulle and carefully embroidered. It is in the long sleeve style and shows what women of 1812 would have worn....
Serving Tray- c. 1790-1810 
Object    ...This tin serving tray is oval shaped and decorated with a gallery rail trim. The tray has been painted black and may have been laquered. It dates from about 1810 and gives insight into what domestic life was like in 1812....
Sword and Scabbard- Dr. Cyrus Sumner 
Object    The origin of the sword is unknown and there are no distinct markings on it. It is believed however, that the sword would have been carried by the Light Cavalry (Light Dragoons and the Hussars). The sword has a steel blade and a wooden grip wrapped in leather and bounded by wire. Both the hilt and...
Cross Belt Plate- Royal Newfoundland Regiment 
Object    ...This is an oblong, convex brass plate for a soldier's cross belt from 1803-1812. It is stamped with the cipher "GR" and "Royal Newfoundland Regiment". This regiment served in Niagara during the War of 1812 and were present for the attack on Fort George in May 1813. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment...
Military Commission- Jonathan Pettit, January 3, 1809 
Text  3 January 1809  A commission appointing Jonathon Pettit from Ensign to Lieutenant in the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia. It is dated January 3, 1809 and is signed by Francis Gore, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada. This Regiment is known to have participated in the Battles of Queenston...
Twelve Pound Cannonball- Engagement at Fort Mile Creek 
Object    A 12 pound cannon ball that is believed by some to have been one of the shots lobbed ashore by the schooners of the British Fleet during the Engagement of Forty Mile Creek, June 8, 1813. It may also have been the property of American troops and was left behind in the retreat. The cannonball was...
D. Servos Ledger- 1797 to 1816 
Text    ...John Grant 1810-1812 William Powers 1811- 1812 Pickard 1811-1812 John Budd July 1815 John Budd Aug to Oct 1815 D. Servos Ledger- Title Page ...
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