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War of 1812 Series (40): Roy Buck on Battle of Stoney Creek 
TextPublication  2012,  
...Six Nations Legacy Consortium War of 1812 Roy Buck on Battle of Stoney Creek (O:gweho:weh is an Onondaga term for Native People) The Americans were moving closer to the King of England's people at Stoney Creek. The British became really scared. The Ogweho:weh were living close by. The British...
Laura Secord Bicentennial Event 
TextPublication  Jan 2012,  
...THE FRIENDS OF LAURA SECORD PRESENTS The Laura Secord Bicentennial Event and Commemorative Walk June 22, 2013 A Signature Event of the War of 1812 On the evening of June 21, 1813 Laura Secord overheard American officers, billeted at her home in Queenston, discuss plans to capture a British outpost...
Freemasonry in Upper Canada in the War of 1812, speech by Daniel J. Glenney 
TextPublication  31 May 2010,  
...Freemasonry in Upper Canada in the War of 1812 (S peech notes: DJG at Templum Fidelis, June 19, 2010) Introduction: June 18, marks a most important anniversary. On that day in 1812, the government of the United States declared war on Great Britain, and set out to conquer Upper Canada...
Lewiston History Mysteries - Lewiston Burned 
TextPublication  2008,  
...Spring 2008 Lewiston Burned to the Ground Lewiston History Mysteries December 19, 1813: Local citizens run for their lives as British and Indian troops burn Lewiston to the ground, seeking revenge for destroying Niagara-on-the-Lake The War of 1812, fought between the Americans and the British...
War of 1812 Series : 1812 Six Nations Context Queenston 
TextPublication  2012,  
.... After the British invaded Grand Island in 1812 the Senecas felt compelled to declare war on England, and did so in August 1813. The following autumn, the Grand River fighters attacked and destroyed the Tuscarora community. What remained of the legendary Great Peace that once bound the Six Nations...
War of 1812 Series (2):Grand River War Leaders 
TextPublicationMysteries:  2012,   Second in a 62 part series, Grand River War Leaders gives a list of principle warriors who fought from Grand River and Buffalo Creek.
Niibaakhom: Ojibwe War Chief and Debassige
TextPublication  18 Feb 2005,  
...Kinoomaadiwag " T h e y a r e Te a c h i n g E a c h O t h e r " Niibaakhom: Ojibwe War Chief and Debassige ancestor By A. Corbiere When mention is made of the War of 1812, the two names that come immediately to mind are Tecumseh and General Isaac Brock. Although it is well known...
War of 1812 Series : List of Widows of Indian Chiefs and Warriors who have been killed in action - list book dated July 18, 1821 
TextPublication  2012,   A list of Widows of Indian Chiefs and Warriors who have fallen in the call of duty. Researched and compiled by the Six Nations Legacy Consortium.
War of 1812 Series : Jean Baptiste, Chevalier de Lorimier 
TextPublication  2012,   A short historical biography of Jean-Baptiste, Chevalier de Lorimier one of five Lieutenants in the Indian Department who defended the interests of the Crown at Beaver Dams (De Lorimier, Charles Gedeon, Louis Langlade Gaucher, Evangeliste St.-Germain, and Isaac Lecalir).
"The Origins of Bread and Cheddar" 
TextNewspapers  Windle, Jim, "The Origins of Bread and Cheddar", "The Origins of Bread and Cheddar", Two Row Times, 14 May 2014, p.24  ... Arrows Express lacrosse game Monday afternoon at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena. Queen Victoria started the tradition of giving gifts to each member of "Her Majesty's Faithful Allies", the Haudenosaunee (aka Six Nations), in both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Initially...
War of 1812 Series : American Deception at Stoney Creek 
TextPublication  2012,  
...The American Deception at Stoney Creek A Perspective from the Six Nations Legacy Consortium Rick Hill, Chairperson November 2011 At first the Grand River Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) were hesitant to join the War of 1812. The Crown did not keep its promises after the American Revolutionary War...
The Employment of Indians in the War of 1812,  the American Historical Association 
TextPublication  1896,  
...10m-My,;^%,^' ^v?^f?|!:fc^: J i^,';f;«^i;f:f *;v' w^*m:^i$myWTfm^*':f?^^!l^^ifj^ '*'*^ ,i>' A.MEI^ICAN HISTORICAL aSS0CIAT1«»> THE EMPLOYMKNT OF INDIANS IN THE WAK OF 1812, E. CBUIK8HANK, FOilT BitlK, ONTABIO. or (Prom tbeyAlu>il»l JK...
Anishinaabe Zhimaagnishag: Veterans 
TextPublication  Nov 2006,  
... or they accepted Covenant the commencement of the War not this is true is subject to of 1812, the Anishinaabeg chain Wampum Belt" debate. However, there is were given another wampum no debating the skill, courage belt. A delegated British officer and bravery that the Native men stated in council...
Niagara Historical Society Pamphlet -No. 7 -Historic Buildings 
TextPublication  1900,  
.... Married Dec. llth, 1807, Lieut. William Proctor, brother of Col. Henry Proctor, commanding at Fort George, to Joan Crooks. Nov. 1807, John Conrad Gatman, an old German. Buried 1810, Master Taylor of the 100th Regiment, killed by lightning. Old Amen Misner, May 5th, 1812. Married, Thomas Mc...
Contemporary Portraits of Isaac Brock -An Analysis 
TextPublication  Summer 1985,  
...Contemporary Porbaits of Isaac Brock: An Amlysis by LUDWIG KOSCHE One of the more intriguing facts in Canadian military and art history is that we lack an authenticated portrait of Major General Sir Isaac Brock, K.B. (1769-1812). Indeed, it is puzzling why later generatioans should have come...
Niagara Historical Society Pamphlet -No. 12 -The Battle of Fort George 
TextPublication  1913,  
..., John Maude in 1800, George Heriot in1806, Christian Schultz in 1807, John Melish in 1810 and Michael Smith in 1812 have described the town and adjacent country at considerable length from various points of view. Other accounts are to be found in the National Intelligencer newspaper published...
Speeches delivered by Chiefs -1710-1805 
TextPublication  1812,  
Niagara Historical Society Pamphlet -No. 4 -Memorials to United Empire Loyalists 
TextPublication  c. 2000,  
...It was fortunate for Upper Canada and the Empire that in 1812, when war broke out between United States and Great Britain, the civil and military government was in the hands of a man like General Brock. He was a brave, fearless soldier who never thought of danger in the face of an enemy. Brock...
Niagara Historical Society Pamphlet -No. 25 -Laura Secord 
TextPublication  1913,  
.... In the records of the Sessions, commencing 14th July, 1812 is to be found the following: "Jan. 16th, 1813, Charles Ingersoll, son of the late Thomas Ingersoll of the River Credit, applied to the Court to be allowed, jointly with his Mother, a Tavern License for the Government House at the River Credit...
War of 1812 Series : Record of Council at Fort George with the Six Nations of Indians held on August 3rd 1826 
TextPublication  2012,   Summary of a Council meeting held at Fort George, Agust 3rd, 1826. Researched and compiled by the Six Nations Legacy Consortium.
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